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Orientation Day @ Sri Indu

By Pearl Rive On September - 19 - 2009 1 COMMENT
Orientation day sriindu 01

Monday dawned on a high note for all the freshers and was quite a lazy one for the seniors of Sri Indu. It was the freshers’ first day of college and the lot was quite excited. “The juniors are a lucky lot. They even have Volvo buses now to travel like princes and princesses. We have absolutely no access to them”, exclaimed the jealous seniors. Many seniors thronged the college buses just to have a glimpse of juniors but the management played spoilsport by allocating separate buses for them. “Damn! I had come to college just to rag a few juniors but my wish has not been fulfilled today”, sighed Santosh, a 3rd Year student. The orientation day, which was supposed to be held on Sunday, was cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances and was held on Monday. Juniors were escorted to the auditorium as soon as they landed in the college. All the lecturers took guard and monitored the juniors.

The program was not a big affair unlike previous years. After the prayer, our Humanities HOD, Mr Khader gladly welcomed the parents and students to the campus and explained the life at Sri Indu with his peppy speech. The Chairman of the Institution Mr R.Venkat Rao gave his address and told about the achievements of the students and highlights about the institution. He stressed that discipline was the most important aspect to be followed on the campus by all. He told how meritorious students get medals and the topper from each branch would get Rs.50,000 every year and a merit certificate. All the parents applauded loudly and the faces of some students shone on hearing this. “We have absolutely no ragging in our college and are taking all measures to eradicate ragging”, he said much to the relief of parents and students.

Auditorium filled with students and parents. Credit: Pearl Rive

Auditorium filled with students and parents. Credit: Pearl Rive

Then, two students from 3rd year CSC were selected to give their views about the college. They spoke about discipline, faculty, security for girl students, excellent placement facilities, collaboration with foreign universities etc. This was followed by an invigorating speech by our Principal Mr. Mallesham Garu. He even quoted some well known Telugu sonnets much to everyone’s delight and covered all aspects of the college. Everyone was enlivened by his speech. Mr. Khader gave the Vote of Thanks and everyone departed for Lunch, which was a very simple affair. The program ended in about 2 hours time. The students were then whisked away to their respective classes and parents meanwhile got a chance to see the sprawling campus. “I am very happy to have admitted my daughter in this prestigious college. I am awed by the architecture of the building. I am sure my daughter will be happy to be here”, says Mr. Uday Shankar, a parent.

Meanwhile, the senior students were battling with their classes and were not even allowed to come near the auditorium hall. “Our AO sir and other lecturers stood guard outside the hall like hawks and we were very unsuccessful in slithering inside to catch a glimpse. We heard that the girls were very cute”, joked Varun and his gang, all 3rd year students.

Juniors' buses. Credit: Pearl Rive

Juniors' buses. Credit: Pearl Rive

There is an addition of 60 seats for EEE branch and Civil is the newly added group this year. The college was placed in the 1st counseling and has been declared a Christian minority college.  All the students are paying up to Rs.90,000 per year and ECE group has to pay an extra Rs.1 lakh as donation. “I pity our juniors for paying so much and joining here. It is not worth at all”, says Varsha, a 4th year student.

“Congrats to the new students, who have successfully joined the institution and we senior students wish them all the very best. They will have a good future here”, wish all the students of Sri Indu.

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