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How many students are still planning to go abroad for higher studies? How many are still burning the midnight oil for the preparation of GRE, TOEFL or GMAT. Above all, how many are still unclear, unprepared and LOT confused about choosing a career path. All those, who fit in any of these read on…

They say at IMPEL Overseas “Stop Dreaming, Start Searching”. On 11th of August 2009 at MRCET – Malla Reddy Engineering College, Kompally; a seminar was organized especially for the final year students of engineering stream across the Malla Reddy Groups of Institutions, pursuing their engineering in the Aeronautical Branch. A team from Impel Overseas Consultants Limited came down to guide the students and acquaint them with the attributes required for joining in higher study courses abroad.

This event is organized by “Aero Traxs” – Aerospace Training and eXperimentation Society; a students chapter of Department of Aeronautics of MRCET. Kalyan, the man behind the moment, led the organizing team. The team spearheaded the complete event by going to all Aeronautical colleges in the twin cities to invite students from across all the colleges to make this event a success. And as it was noticed, a large number of students registered themselves for the seminar and the crowd comprised mainly of students from, MRCET, CMEC, MLR Institute of Technology and IARE.

The “Aero Traxs” committee is chaired by Prof. B. Subbaratnam, HOD, Aeronautical Department of MRCET and Kalyan Goparaju is the president, with other core team members including Kunal of 3rd year aeronautics and Padmaraju of 2nd year aeronautics, who are the secretary and the treasurer respectively. They have an executive committee consisting of around 20 members from across all the years. The committee was inaugurated very recently, on August 19th.

Mr. Srinivas Goparaju and Kalyan on the dias. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Mr. Srinivas Goparaju and Kalyan on the dias. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Through this students charter they plan to conduct various seminars, educational lecturers, awareness campaigns and many other innovative and informative
sessions in the field of aeronautics, which help in developing the knowledge and the
approach of a student towards the field of aeronautics and aerospace.

As there has always been a lack of information pertaining to further studies and courses related to the aeronautics field, this organization was started in order to provide a clearer understanding for the students and to enlighten them. The latest event was a conference about the Job opportunities and higher educational prospects in the field of Aeronautics.

This seminar was delivered by Mr. Srinivas Goparaju, Senior Director, Impel consultants limited.

As the team from IMPEL was constantly reminding the students, that its only advisable for everyone to opt for higher studies and ‘if and only if’ they were willing to cope up with high amount of stress and completely varied lifestyle; one can take up further studies abroad. Mr. Srinivas quoted an example of a student, who happened to top JNTU exams but during his 1st year of study in the United States of America he opted to change from MS Aerospace to Masters in Computers Sciences, as he found it very difficult to adapt to the practical teaching environment of his University.

Audience at the event. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Audience at the event. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Many of the participating audiences were not happy with the way the event was started as the speaker put a question to them, “How many of you would like to fly an Aeroplane” and as still many of them raised their hands in favour of yes, the speaker continued by saying they have taken a wrong path by stepping into B Tech Aeronautics and wasted their 4 years of studies by pursuing an engineering degree. Ashok, a 4th year student commented on the same issue, “We know an engineering degree is different from pilot course, but what the speaker should have said was about the options of how to still join a pilot course and rather not discourage the students by telling they have wasted 4yrs”

All this happening in the initial moments of the seminar played spoil sport in the mood of the students and adding to the trouble were the constant technical snags developed in the Public Addressal system leading to a lot of disturbance.

One gesture, which was surely appreciated by all the students was the free distribution of a cool college bag containing pamphlets and CD about the courses offered and other facilities offered by the consultants. A good way of publicity admitted by the students as Rahul Gupte, a 3rd student from MLR commented, “Atleast after looking at the bag many of my classmates would ask me more about this Impel Consultants and probably attend their next seminar too”.

Audience at the seminar

Audience at the seminar

The complete seminar revolved around how and when to apply for MS courses in Aeronautics and mainly, which country to choose; for what kind of interest. Mr. Srinivas pointed out that Fall is the best season to join courses abroad as more number of universities allocates funds and concerning to the United States of America especially he mentioned that the course would be for 2 years as compared to 1 year in the United Kingdom and 18 months in Australia.

The key reason behind taking up courses in United States of America is better settlement opportunities and the ‘earn while you learn’ programs, which take care of other expenses such as living, food etc. Unlike United States, the United Kingdom doesn’t offer many scholarships and also the cost of living is very high. The only comforting factor being the fast completion of the courses.

Lastly he spoke about the other European countries such as Germany, France, Sweden etc., which together form members of the European Union comprising of other countries as well. He pointed out that any student, who is really serious to carry out research work in the field of aeronautic should opt for universities in the Germany, France or Sweden as these countries part off with 20% of their funding only for research. A figure, which surpasses even the Universities of United States, the glitch here being non availability of funds and also the need to learn the local language for a job and settlement.

All in all a very informative event for the student fraternity and with the motive of Aero Traxs – ‘To educate the students about the field of aeronautics and to provide help and guidance to all’, it truly turned out to be a successful event with such great intention of mentoring others.


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