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At the end of a hectic day in college, one thing which is very common among all the students is that their stomach yearns for yummy and savory food. After spending six to seven hours at the academe, the taste buds do crave for some lip smacking food. In a place like Mehdipatnam, which is a hub for various educational institutions such as St. Ann’s college for women, Intermediate colleges like Sri Chaitanya Junior college, Narayana Junior college and a few schools, a fast food center is definitely a crowd puller! To the delight of many, a new fast food center has adorned the area, which was started two months ago. The place is flocked with teenagers every morning and evening and the store keepers make most of their money thanks to these youngsters! It is called ‘Chatorie’s – Zayaka street food ka’. As the name suggests, it has all the food items everyone would be glad to grab.

The menu comprises of chat items like aloo tikki, ragda samosa, dahi papdi, dahi puri, vada pav, pav bhaji, etc. This sounds every bit like the normal road side ‘bandi’s menu’ right!? But the specialty of this place is that it is extremely hygienic, where food is cooked in a clean kitchen, which does not serve mosquitoes or cockroaches along with food (unlike most of the road side restaurants!). It also offers tangy pani puri and unlike the other ‘chat bandis’ that we see on the streets, this pani puri is a blend of the authentic cooking skills of Punjabi and Gujarati cooks!

The Juice centre. Credits: Aura Unleashed

The Juice centre. Credits: Aura Unleashed

For all the ‘health and hygiene’ freaks, Chatorie’s would be one of the best places to eat out. To add to the list of delicacies, they also have aloo paratha, paneer paratha, palak paratha, etc. One might expect the prices to touch the sky going by the exquisiteness of the taste. But here, just the desire to come back to this place and hog, touches the sky, not the prices! A plate of any ‘paratha’ costs Rs.40 and that serves two people. Most of the luscious chat items cost just sixteen bucks! They make the authentic Gujarati dish, ‘dhokla’. They also have Andhra dishes like poori ,dosa ,vada, etc again at nominal prices.

When the center owner was asked what their specialty was, he boasted of quality food at conventional prices. The owner, who is a very warm person, welcomes all the customers with a pleasant smile. The interiors of this place have a blend of the modern furnishings with an ethnic touch. Though the place is not very big, it can accommodate good number of people. Embellished with a yellow theme, the place looks vibrant and colorful. The owner of Chatorie’s exclaims, “Koi bhi yaha pe aye, khush hoke ki jaata hai” (Anybody, who comes here, goes back satisfied). He also tried to convey that Chatorie’s is a place, which will entice the visitors to a guaranteed second visit!

The Parcel section. Credits: Aura Unleashed

The Parcel section. Credits: Aura Unleashed

Just beside the entrance, there is a juice center, which again has different varieties of juices on offer. Anusha, a student of Narayana junior college, Mehdipatnam says, “This place is the best for people like us, we stay at college till five o clock and the moment we come out of the gate, our stomachs grumble and we go to Chatorie’s with friends”. Ajit, a resident of Mehdipatnam says, “Place accha hai, khana toh masth hai” (It is a good place and the food is awesome). This place is a hub for all the junk food lovers. When asked about what the best thing about Chatorie’s was, Ashish, an intermediate student says, “I love the aloo paratha. The paratha, with rich butter dripping is the best food any hungry stomach can take!” Aparna says, “Dahi puri is awesome, sweet, sour and spicy”. Teju, an ex-resident of Mehdipatnam says, “I want to come back to this place at least for eating there!”

As rosy as the place seems to be, few people have some complaints about the place. Bhargavi, a student of St. Ann’s says, “The food is pretty fine but I feel it’s kinda small place. It should have been a bit bigger”. Pramod, her friend says, “Yes, the ambience could’ve been better but nothing to beat the taste”. Srinath, an employee of Cognizant says, “The menu they serve tastes good but they can cook a wider variety”. As it  is a place that claims to serve street food, it can probably accommodate a dozen people and the other hungry lot get their blissful food in a parcel.

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