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In the busy world of today where every morning starts with an espresso and continues with the same boring yet engaging study schedule; it is only a few people, who have managed to keep their soul alive. Studying at college for hours together can get really brain numbing. The energy that a student is left with after such a hectic day is just enough to help him reach his bed on which, he immediately crashes and falls asleep. This never ending process brings with itself one’s need for expressing unsaid emotions, which can be best done with a little help from art.

Music and dance have always been appreciated to a much greater extent in India than painting or sketching. But lately painting has been drawing a lot of attention from the Indian people. It has slowly started achieving acclaim throughout our country and not just because of it being trendy. It is because of the intense emotion and originality that constitutes every painting. This is how painting becomes a terrific mode of expression.

Dancing girls. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

Dancing girls. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

And this art can often be nurtured. There are a few painting institutes in Hyderabad that encourage painters of every age group. Siri Institute of Drawing and Painting at Himayathnagar run by the well known artist Shri Swamy is one of them. His unique style of painting and use of color has made him an icon and inspiration for many budding artists in Hyderabad.

Miss Jaya, one of the art instructors at Siri says, “Art is all about creativity and imagination. Lately I’ve seen that people are somehow being drawn to it. Even at the art exhibitions that are held by us, we see a very good response from the people and they really appreciate our work. The response of people from Hyderabad especially has been very good. But if considered as a profession, then nothing is guaranteed in the field of art. A person may be extremely talented but without the required financial back-up he may never get the name that he deserves”.  When asked what her favorite style of painting is she says, “I like paintings of the realistic (as it is) and abstract (simple) kind. Raja Ravi Varma is my favorite painter”.

“Art is emotion portrayed through colors. It is the outcome of emotion and it helps us connect to our inner-self”, says Nikita Shah a student at Siri. “I’ve seen people of Hyderabad enjoy the art exhibitions held here. But painting something requires a lot of patience and a person’s painting talks about his character”, she says. “My favorite painter is Jaya ma’am. I jus’ love the finishing that she gives to every painting of hers”, she adds.

Painting of a lady dreaming. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

Painting of a lady dreaming. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

Another student at Siri, Vijay Singh (name changed) says, “I love painting. It’s my passion. Education is definitely important but so is passion. Actually I think everything else is boring. I’ve seen that not many people are keen about painting. Though I’ve been to only one art exhibition in Hyderabad , I have not seen many people there. My favorite painters are Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo”, says Vijay.

For those, who want to learn painting but don’t know where to go, here is the address:

Siri Painting Institute
Opposite Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam
Liberty Road
Phone Number – 919849419642

Scenic painting. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

Scenic painting. Credit: Immortal Impressionist

Branch address:
Siri Painting Institute
Near Lotus Pond
Road No. 12, M.L.A Colony Banjara Hills
Phone Number – 919949887211

Courses offered:
Oil painting – Seniors (above 20) Rs. 6000 per course
Oil painting – Juniors (20 and below) Rs. 5000 per course
Drawing – Above 5 yrs Rs. 2500 – Rs. 3000

Though painting has still not achieved as much glory and appreciation as it is destined to, it definitely has started leaving footprints for people to follow. And may we all live to see the day when it is universally acclaimed.

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3 Responses to “Art – Opening Windows to the heart”

  1. Painless Predator says:

    Any form of art is definitely a delight to the heart! It is Divine and Immortal too:)
    Good job Immortal!

  2. Immortal Impressionist says:

    THANQ!! :D

  3. rachana says:

    The article is very good. Now, even i want to join an art institution. It really inspired me to do what i really wanted to do, but could’nt due to lack of information.

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