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Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned educationist had once quoted, “The students always deserve more than what they usually get because they are the real patrons of  young India.” Similar quotes like this one are losing their ground in today’s times, where education has become a monopolistic scheme. A student joins a professional college by paying hefty sum of money, hoping for an independent future, hoping that there would be some aid for his / her talent, some monetary benefit from the college, which will relieve his / her parents’ burden by a bit. When that doesn’t happen, it is very discouraging and disappointing for a student. If one is still wondering what the above lines are referring to, the answer is the scholarship woes that the students are facing today. (Picture – Scholar’s Ship Sinking? Credits: Painless Predator)

At Bharat Institute Of Engineering and Technology (BIET), the situation is no different as the students are going through a tough time in order to obtain their respective scholarships. Students have been waiting for their scholarships for the past one and a half months, but this wait resulted in agony and despair for them and their parents alike. Generally, these scholarships are given to the meritorious students, who come under the reservation quota (BC, SC, ST, OBC) and also to the students, who belong to the religious Minorities (Muslims and Christians). The delay is worsening the already bleak situation for these students, who form a major chunk of BIET.

The fee dues being checked. Credits: Painless Predator

The fee dues being checked. Credits: Painless Predator

When asked why the aforementioned delay is taking place, an administrative official of BIET says, “Nothing can be done by the college until the student deposits all the required documents such as the caste details, the marks memo, signature of the respective Mandal Officer and an undertaking of a high ranked Tehsildar.” He further says, “Only if all the mentioned requirements are provided by the student to the college, the fee is reimbursed in the form of a scholarship. Otherwise, the student has to pay the complete fee.”

Regarding the authenticity of the above mentioned details, most of the students feel that rules are there just for the ‘heck of it’. When asked, Ravinder shares his experiences of trying to obtain a scholarship, “When I first approached the AO (Administrative Office) to apply for a scholarship under the reservation quota, I was told to deposit all the required documents and only after that would my application be accepted.” He further adds, “After struggling for days to obtain those documents, they told me that my application had been rejected as I had previous fee dues. I feel I am cheated.”

Another student Sumana says, “I was seeking a merit scholarship and when I approached the office, they told me that the application forms were unavailable. I had to wait for 3 weeks to fill my application form. I was constantly shuttling between the AO office and the Mandal office during this period. In the end, I had to take the support of my uncle’s influence to get my scholarship.” The sheer negligence and unwillingness of the college to provide the scholarships is compelling a larger number of students to fetch recommendations from highly influential people like the MPs and MLAs. For the students, who can have access to the influence, the task becomes considerably easier than before. But for the other set of students, who cannot afford such influences, the ‘Scholarship delay’ saga is a major point of concern.

The students waiting outside the office in despair! Credits: Painless Predator

The students waiting outside the office in despair! Credits: Painless Predator

Mr. Bhargav, a parent, whose son is studying in BIET says, “It’s quite a troubling sight to see that we are still unable to obtain our rights. Although the Government of Andhra Pradesh has passed a GO (Government Order) in order to make this important ‘scholarship scheme’ mandatory in all the professional educational institutes, it is seemingly of no applicative use.” On being asked why scholarships hold an important position in professional studies as of today, Darsha, a student says, “Scholarships are the means to encourage students to study better and also to create a base for their safe future.” She further adds, “Though I don’t have a problem if a candidate belonging to the reservation quota obtains a scholarship, but I believe that it should only be given to the students, who deserve it.”

In spite of the delays, the students of BIET are hell bent on getting their right. However, in order to solve the problem of ‘delay’, a separate Scholarship Cell can be established within the college. This will make up for the time already lost and create a better rapport with the students hereafter.

With the sudden outburst of the students to obtain the boon of ‘Scholarship’ at a state-wide level, there is certainly no doubt that the youth, at this point in time are leaving no stone unturned to get their right back. This is certainly what the great thinkers of our country like Swami Vivekananda and Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan would have had expected from today’s youth, i.e, to stand up for what is theirs!

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