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Vibrant student branch award SNIST IEEE 01

“Some like to follow, but very few like to lead.”

Sumeet Kumar Barua, a fourth year student from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology falls in the clan of those very few, who not only led his team but went beyond fringes of his country to represent his team at the International Congress held in Singapore by IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, to mark its 125th anniversary held a congress 2009  held from July 16th to 19th at the National University of Singapore. Aimed at finding a new set of student leaders, who will contribute immensely, both to IEEE and to its stated objective of technological advancements in the years to come, it was also a platform where one could learn from one another and utilize the congress as a platform for exposure to new ideas, practices, discourse and relationships.

(Picture: International IEEE Congress 2009 celebrating it’s 125th anniversary! Credit: Sumeet Kumar)

Almost 150 delegates came from various countries – Korea, India, Pakistan, Australia, China, Japan, Portugal, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and also the Directors of all the 10 regions had come. The  dignitaries in the congress from the IEEE Bench, Lewis Terman – IEEE Fellow and Chairman, Joseph Lillie – former Director of IEEE, Richard Gowen – President of the IEEE Foundation, Yong Jin Park – Director of IEEE Region 10, Mini S. Thomas – R10 SAC (Student Activities Committee) Chair.

SNIST's IEEE student branch activites displayed. Credits: Swarm Swain

SNIST's IEEE student branch activites displayed. Credits: Sumeet Kumar

The celebration  started with a cake cut, which was followed by 3 Best Student Idea Presentations. This was concluded with a Q&A session by the student members. During the formal dinner, there was a Guitar performance, an Indian instrumental ensemble, a Chinese orchestra and finally, the much awaited presentation ceremony.

In any technical symposium, the two things, which usually hold the utmost importance are the ’Project Presentation’ and the ‘Poster Presentation’. All the Project and Poster Presentations were shortlisted after which the most-awaited ‘Leadership Talk’ by Joseph Lillie and a seminar on ’Humanitarian Technology Challenge’ by Amarnath Raja were conducted – Region10 HTC (Humanitarian Technology Challenge) Chair. After all the hard work, the students were taken on a tour to Singapore for some recreation.

The most exciting thing about any conference is it’s activities. On the 3rd day, there was a display by the student branches about their sections and the events that took place. Every student section was given a stall to put up their charts and posters to publicize their student branches and let people know about how active they are.

“All the projects and posters were presented on that day and to be frank, we did our very best”, says Sumeet, the president of IEEE student branch of SNIST. There were two competitions conducted by the IEEE Power & Energy Society. One was the ’Innovative Idea Competition’ and the other was a ’Poster Presentation Competition’ on Rural and Urban Sustainability. There was also a discussion forum on the future of IEEE Student Branches co-ordinated by Marko Delimar and a workshop on Mechatronics, which was followed by a multicultural exhibition.

Sumeet, explaining to President of IEEE, Joseph Lille about Student activities in SNIST. Credits: Swarm Swain

Sumeet, explaining to President of IEEE, Joseph Lille about Student activities in SNIST. Credits: Sumeet Kumar

The final day of any symposium saw an IEEE@2020 discussion, a Q&A Session by the student panel in the IEEE Dignitaries Forum, a IEEE GINI(Global Integrated Network of IEEE) expansion and the closing ceremony with a gift exchange.

Attending an international congress, organized by IEEE, may be a dream to many but not anymore to Sumeet , who is student IEEE – Chairperson for year 2009 for the IEEE Student branch of SNIST. He, on behalf of his fellow IEEE members, has set a different objective unlike others, who only spoke but never executed any of the plans. Though more than 100 students  from various countries attended the congress, what raises him aloft are the achievements and appreciations he fetched for the IEEE student branch of SNIST. “The happiest moment was when I won SGD100 (100 Singaporean dollars) for my Poster Presentation and SNIST won the Vibrant Student Branch Award. It was like a dream come true”, he says with enthusiasm.

Ask him about how all of it happened and he’s more than eager to share his experiences. Below are few excerpts of the conversation Vidyouth had with Sumeet Kumar Barua.

Sumeet : IEEE-SNIST, though an active student branch, needed some colour. It needed some kind of motivation, a driving force that would inspire all the other members to do their best and get recognized. None of our former Board members had attended an International Congress (not a Conference), that too, a big one like this – a gathering to celebrate 125 years of IEEE. So, being the IEEE – SNIST Chairperson, my idea was to go there and get people to know how active a Student Branch we are. Of course, there’s an added bonus of making a lot of contacts this way!

Sumeet kumar Barua received Vibrant Student Branch Award at National University of Singapore. Credit: Swarm Swain

Sumeet Kumar Barua received Vibrant Student Branch Award at National University of Singapore. Credit: Sumeet Kumar

VY : What was the poster about?
Sumeet : The Poster was about Urban Sustainability–Energy Harvesting–Conserving for the future. It was a simple poster, clearly emphasizing the need for Sustainable Development and offered solutions to all the small, but significant, problems in urban localities. It was designed in Photoshop and I managed to get it printed in Singapore just before the day of presentation. It was a thrilling experience to give a PP (Poster Presentation) on an international level.

VY: How did you manage to win?
Sumeet: It wasn’t a cakewalk. Trying to explain to everyone about all the activities IEEE-SNIST does, especially since I’d lost the 3 charts that I’d prepared back at home to be put up on display at the stall at the Singapore airport. With whatever little I had, I managed to convince the dignitaries about how we function as a student branch, how active we are, how often we conduct our sessions, workshops, tech-fests and the like.

VY: What next?
Sumeet: If things go as planned, which I’m sure they will, we’ll be looking at an IEEE Newsletter, a website www.ieee-snist.org, exclusively for IEEE-SNIST developed and maintained by our own members and a one of its kind Digital Publication. We’re also planning to hold the next IEEE International Student Congress at SNIST, in collaboration with other student branches from Hyderabad, knowing how big the event must be and the amount of hard work that must go into making it grand.

Other students at IEEE congress. Credits: Swarm Swain

Other students at IEEE congress. Credits: Sumeet Kumar

VY: Whom would you give the credits for all this?
Sumeet: I have a lot of people to thank. My family and my team, who’ve supported me through this and I would also like to thank all those, who had kept extreme faith in me.

What remains a dream to many a student is what Sumeet Kumar Barua has achieved with perseverance, determination and courage, inspite of the odds he faced amid the tour. He definitely deserves kudos from everyone for achieving so much. When one of us has been able to do it, why not the others? So gear up to make a student branch’s presence felt at various international conferences/congresses held by IEEE throughout the year on several occasions.

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