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Helmet or HELL Mate

By Pearl Rive On October - 2 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Helmet or Hell Mate 01

‘My dad is the best, he wears a Helmet’, ever heard this before? Yes! One gets to see this on our own busy traffic infested Hyderabad roads. The slogan caught everyone’s fancy. The compulsory helmet rule, imposed in 2005 is still only on paper but not imposed in reality. The irony of the situation is that nobody cares for our laws and still go about disobeying rules. “We travel triples to college everyday. We usually carry the helmet along and put it on only when we spot the policeman doing routine checks. The third guy has to get down and walk a bit. We then move on. Rarely fines are imposed”, says Aditya, an Engineering Student. This is what most of the boys say.

Coming to girls, they rarely wear helmet as they are more beauty conscious and believe that excess heat damages their hair. Hyderabadi girls are too conscious about their new looks and they end up paying exorbitant rates for beauty parlours rather than spending the same for a lowly helmet. They wear gloves, bandanas or scarves and usually avoid the helmet. Even the traffic police go easy on them and they are never fined. “I always travel by my Activa and I don’t even have a helmet. Recently I bought one and use it sparingly and is handy to hold stuff when I go shopping”, giggles Sravani, a techie. The helmet has lost its original purpose and has turned out to be a joke to youngsters.

East or West, Helmet is the best! Credit: Pearl Rive

East or West, Helmet is the best! Credit: Pearl Rive

The middle aged however are more particular about wearing helmets. Mr. Venkateswaran, a banker says, “I am a staunch believer in wearing the helmet and I can say that I owe my life to the Helmet. I’ve been wearing it for 2 decades and I wear it even if I travel half a kilometer. On many occasions I was hit by other two wheeler riders, who drove rashly and I’ve been lucky enough all the time. Surely it is a life saver.” He also says that we can get spare parts for all other parts of the body except for our head. Another enthusiast, Mr. Ramesh adds, “It is better to wear a helmet than go into coma and suffer the rest of our lives due to mishaps.”

Here goes a popular SMS circulated during the festival time, “Better wear the helmet. Not everyone gets a replacement like me”, as told by Lord Ganesha. An orthopaedist, Dr. Shankar adds sarcastically, “During the period of compulsory implementation of helmets I was getting lesser patients with head injuries. Now with the police giving up, the number has gone up. My hospital is bustling with patients mostly in the age group of 16-30. They are the most reckless.”

The traffic police alone cannot be blamed for the improper implementation. Adolescents, especially boys, with their raging hormones tend to forget the basic fact that life is more precious than “thrill”. This “thrill” often kills people or handicaps them for life with nothing left to live upon. 2009 has itself seen more than 500 accidents involving 2 wheelers and many deaths according to the statistics from Times of India newspaper. The traffic constables are letting off people, who grease their palms with money and hardly notice the damage done to the society by doing this. Most of the boys turn violent and unruly when questioned about not wearing helmets. The stunts, which they carry out on roads, especially during late nights has been a headache to the police department. They rarely get caught, as they speed away. Many bikers wear the helmet only on the main roads, where the traffic police are stationed, to avoid being “challanned”(fined).

Bill Board. Credit: Pearl Rive

Bill Board. Credit: Pearl Rive

Thus, youngsters should have proper traffic sense and wear the helmet always. good ones can be found at Ramkoti, Hyderabad. Go for branded ones rather than the ones sold at the road side. Road side ones end up breaking too early as they are made up of cheap material unlike branded varieties. Cheaper helmets do more damage than save heads. Why bargain for that little amount when it involves a precious head? Right?

Drive carefully with proper head gear and come home safely. All parents want their children to look after them in their later years. They do not want to see their wards in ‘wards’.

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3 Responses to “Helmet or HELL Mate”

  1. srikyreddy says:

    wow good to see candy writing an article over the transport department…i’m happy coz me belong to the same feild…article helps in road awarness good points are covered in the article…
    helmets are the priniciple countermeaures for crash related head injuries..we are responsible to save tthe worlds fastest working computer [brain]..
    countries like india ,australia ,austria,ireland..etc where helmet law is in implimentation though its road safety syllaabus not from rules and regulations syllabus…just coz of increse in head injuries by motorcyclist…
    my opinion regarding helmet is helmet usage should be like a cultural change….we will always forget to carry helme`t but` not mobile phones…wearing helmets is purely from road safety syllabus ….as soon as we puchase a mobile phone we will be puchasing mobile cover so that we can avoid panel scathes….lol but when it comes to helmet we take lite
    cops can’t catch every one their is lot of population .lol..it should come out from us its..coz its for the safety…
    it should be like when we go late for the college we wont be allowed inside in the same way in every college the rule should be passed ki students commoing on motarcycles sould carry a helmet orelse they wont be allwed inside …the same thing in working places [companies]…..if this happens there willl be increse in helmet users…
    insted of comment i’m writing an essay kya i’ll stop..
    good work from candy floss

  2. Co-Editor says:

    Srikyreddy – Thanks for the elaborate comment. Just FYI, the credit belongs to ‘Pearl Rive’ for this article and not ‘Candy Floss’. Thank you once again.

  3. srikyreddy says:

    opps i thought its candy floss …good to hear this is from pear rive
    good job by pearl rive..

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