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What can be bought for 1 paisa in today’s times? Well, “isn’t the denomination of paisa extinct?” would be the most common reply. But, when the same question is put to a student, he would say, “The value of one paisa is ONE priceless message.” Many of the service providers are cashing in on the now-extinct currency denomination in the Indian history i.e. the paisa. Messages can be sent at a rate of just 1 paisa per message or 2 paisa per message, depending on the service provider, thereby encouraging the users to send more number of messages without giving a second’s thought to any change in the balance amount. (Picture – Boon for the mobile users. Credits: Insanity Personified)

One such service provider, which brought back smiles to the students faces is TATA DOCOMO. At a time, when popular network providers like AIRTEL, VODAFONE and BSNL have increased their tariffs, TATA DOCOMO has come to the rescue of students. By offering the users SMS offers at attractive rates and also revolutionizing the call rates, it has become an instant hit among the students. Unlike other networks, which charge one rupee per call, DOCOMO only charges the amount of time one speaks, i.e. for other networks like AIRTEL, VODAFONE etc, people end up paying one rupee even if a call is made for 10 seconds only. Whereas DOCOMO charges 10 paisa for the 10 seconds one speaks, which became an instant hit among the users. “The call tariffs are the main reason I switched loyalties from AIRTEL to DOCOMO,” says Anita, a newly-inducted DOCOMO user, who ditched her AIRTEL connection as soon as she heard of the subsidized rates in DOCOMO.

Wreckers in chief. Credits: Insanity Personified

Wreckers in chief. Credits: Insanity Personified

Anita is not the only person to have changed her cellular network to TATA DOCOMO. Many students have in fact purchased DOCOMO SIMS in ‘black’ when there was a shortage of the SIMS in the market due to an unprecedented increase in the demand. Says Sidharth, a 3rd year student of Ace Engineering College, “My friends and I bought the TATA SIMS for 250 rupees, paying Rs.150 more than what the original SIM costs. But we have no regrets though. We actually have saved more than what the SIM had cost us in the first place”. Even the regular ‘chatters’ have got a reason to rejoice as the DOCOMO services provides 150 free SMSes per day with a charge of 60 paisa for the first three sent SMSes. On an average, it can be seen that 150 SMS cost 1.80 rupees which can be approximated as 1 paisa per SMS. “It’s been 1 week since I haven’t recharged my balance, and I had to recharge it for every 2-3 days when I was using my previous service,” says a delighted Apoorva who swears by TATA DOCOMO.

The main cause for this sensation is, this service has come at a time when almost all the popular service providers had hiked their service charges by at least 5 times their original rates. For instance, the AIRTEL users were in for a rude shock when all of a sudden it was announced that every SMS costed 11 paisa as opposed to the 2 paisa per message earlier. This almost paralyzed the messaging activities in Airtel as not many users were keen on messaging others at a cost of 11 paisa per message, which seemed like spending a fortune when compared to the ultra cheap 2 paisa per SMS.

At such a time, came along TATA DOCOMO, which didn’t need much advertising to sell itself. Its tariff plans were more than enough for people to switch to them. However, many users experienced a problem in the connectivity during the initial stages of their connection. With the increase in the number of service towers in the past few days, this problem seemed to have been resolved to a large extent. “I was exasperated with the kind of service and reception I had during the first 2 weeks of my connection. The customer service really sucked big time and the executive speaking over there had no clue as to what I was talking about, when I called up the customer care regarding a problem I faced,” says Vivek Chavan, who experienced quite a lot of problems during his initial days of acquiring the DOCOMO service. “But the service has improved a lot of late and the connectivity too remains good throughout the day after the addition of extra towers,” says Sai Pavan, a 3rd year B.Tech student.

Message away to glory. Credits: Insanity Personified

Message away to glory. Credits: Insanity Personified

IDEA is another cellular company, which has registered a more than significant growth in the number of users, as this network too provides good packages in terms of SMS and call tariffs. IDEA has a unique offer where a group of 5 people can pay a nominal amount of 75 rupees each and can make unlimited number of calls within their group. Anup Raj, an IDEA user says, “This rocks dude! Five of us have taken this scheme and we call each other almost every 5min. It’s like being in the same room together. We also have conferences over the phone from time to time.” With not many connectivity problems arising in IDEA as it’s been in the market for a long time, many users are drifting towards IDEA for the want of a better connectivity and good packages in terms of tariffs. Also, IDEA has got a chain of offices throughout the city making it easy to apply for the SIM and also makes it easy for the public to access the authorities in case of any problem which arises.

Subsidized call rates are a hit anywhere among the students as they want the luxury of sending/receiving messages and making calls at the most negligible rates. DOCOMO and IDEA are the prominent companies/providers, which have cashed in on the lack of proper offers in the market, by providing offers to the customers way beyond their expectations and they have reaped quite well so far.

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