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The cricket season is back 03

The cricket season’s back in the circuit bringing back the smiles on the faces of all the sport lovers. Yes, the euphoria surrounding cricket is back, not just in our nation but it has captured the imagination of every sports lover across the globe. The season has already begun with a bang with the ‘ASHES’ involving the traditional rivals Australia and England, which extended further with a 7 match ODI series played between the two teams. India got back to business by winning the ‘COMPAQ’ Cup Tri-series which incidentally saw team India’s rankings shift places to and fro till they ended up in the 3rd place. (Picture – Come on India… We are rooting for you! Credits: Insanity Personified)

“Man… I’m gonna have fun this time with a minimum of two months of unlimited cricket,” squeals Srikanth, a B.Tech student with delight. The same feeling of having achieved something can be found on the face of every college goer and sports lovers alike, as this is probably the most common passion shared among the students other than the strong dislike towards studying. With not many exams around the corner, there shouldn’t be any problem for students in religiously following the ongoing cricket tournaments. The 6th edition of the Champion’s Trophy has already been kick started on 22nd September, 2009 with a bang; thanks to the high scoring game involving two of the best sides in the competition in the inaugural game. It was a high scoring game much to the spectators’ delight, involving some big hits and wonderful fielding performances. And when one thought it wouldn’t get any better than that, it became worse.

View of a stadium from the outside. Credits: Insanity Personified

View of a stadium from the outside. Credits: Insanity Personified

The skies opened up much to the agony of everyone, and it had to be called off, the winner being decided on the basis of Duckworth Lewis system which is yet to be fathomed as to how it works by the cricketers and the audience alike. “Whoever said that the 50 over game is dying out? I’m all for it. That’s actual cricket for you,” says Vivek Chavan, in support of the 50 over game which has been under the radar for quite some time now as it’s not gathering the kind of interest it used to, prior to the introduction of the T-20 format. “Who cares if the game is dying out or not? I love cricket as long as there are quite a lot of sixers and fours,” declares Pavan Kumar in a nonchalant way, making it clear that not many people are bothered by the rampaging debate regarding the 50 over cricket. Many of the students have already started subscribing to their respective networks which gives cricket updates. “Just love the innovations of these cellular companies mate. Imagine getting over by over updates for just 15-30 bucks a month,” exclaims Anirudh, a 2nd year student of Ace Engineering College. Popular cellular networks like Airtlel, TATA, and Vodafone have already started out these services by subsidizing the rates by a considerable amount.

The presence or rather, the recall of cricketing greats like Rahul Dravid, Brett Lee, Mohd.Yusuf have generated a lot of expectations and a viewership even before the tournament has gotten underway providing a perfect platform for the ‘Champions Trophy’ to make an impact. There’s also another ‘CHAMPION’ in the making. Yes, the ‘CHAMPIONS LEAGUE’ is all set to debut this season, it being cancelled the previous year on security grounds. This is something of a cause to celebrate as this involves 12 teams from all over the world, where all the teams involved in the tournament are winners. It’s being held in India and involves four teams from the IPL. To add icing to the cake for the Hyderabadis, more than 2 matches are expected to be played in the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium at Hyderabad, which is more than a cause for the sport lovers to rejoice. “Come what may! You’ll see me on the T.V on the day of the match,” is the solemn promise of Krishna Mohan, a 3rd year B.tech student who plans to make every match being played here count.

Champions Trophy underway in South Africa. Credits: Insanity Personified

Champions Trophy underway in South Africa. Credits: Insanity Personified

The tournament has come like a boon to the Hyderabadi cricket lovers where they are going to get to witness an international cricket match after a long hiatus. “I’m ready to bunk even an exam to go and see the match in the stadium,” says Kaushik, a 2nd year B.tech student. Such is the never-say-die attitude of the students that there’s bound to be a lot of hustle and bustle when the booking counters are finally opened for the general public. Most of the students are checking out the official website each day just to check if the tickets have been put up on sale. Even the girls are rooting for the home team i.e. the Deccan Chargers. “I just hope Gilly rocks this time too, he’s a treat to the eye,” is the enthusiastic answer of Archana, a 2nd year B.Tech student. While the students may have something in store for them, the faculty seems to be an unhappy lot, not that they don’t enjoy cricket, but attendance levels are bound to drop whenever a match is played in Hyderabad. “Gotta bunk the classes in an intelligent manner this time,” says Pavan Kumar, a 3rd year student of Ace Engineering College.

The cricket season is definitely back and is back with a bang. After a drought of cricket for more than two months, everyone’s up and excited to witness some fantastic cricket in both the 50 over and the 20-20 format. There’s a lot of hype and expectation surrounding these two mega championships and all the cricket lovers earnestly hope that nothing goes amiss this time like last year, and India finally gets to host the biggest T-20 championship ever – The Champion’s League.

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