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Ban the word BAN GNITS 02

11th September, 2009 had been the most awaited day the year, for most of the GNITS girls. The juniors had arrived. And what more could the mighty 2nd years ask for? The orientation day seemed to have changed their mindset. Stepping into the college, with a lot of expectations, but everything goes upside down because of the tag “girls’ college”. A first year student, Arshi of ETM says, “Initially I had a lot of expectations before coming to this college. But, things seem to have changed drastically”. The so-called eloquent speeches by the faculty members, especially by the head of the college have made a huge impact on the freshers’ minds. The speeches mostly emphasized on ragging and cell phones. Anything new about it? ‘NO’ is the answer.

According to the Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedia Dictionary, “Ragging means a noisy disorderly conduct, annual parade of students in fancy dress to collect money for charity, playing rough jokes, or throwing into wild disorder a person’s room etc“. In spite of all the powerful definitions made by various boards, ragging still exists! When asked, a batch of super seniors Samyuktha, Harshini, Sowjanya of ETM, they retorted back saying, “Ragging is all about having fun in the right way. F*** those, who give speeches which are meaningless and worthless. Why impose these silly stupid restrictions on us? The more they’re imposed on us, the more we try to break them”.

The efficacy of the enjoyment is enhanced, when the lecturers are a part of this. Mr. Ram Chander, an associate prof.of ICE dept, encourages the 2nd years and the 3rd years. He says, “I would encourage the seniors to rag for a good rapport is created between the seniors and juniors”. But, the posters stuck on the walls as well as in the buses, with the writing, “RAGGING IS PROHIBITED” have become increasingly unsuitable for the youth of today. Especially in colleges like GNITS, ragging is not to be called as ragging.

Board in the college reading cell phone prohibition. Credits: Candid Eves

Board in the college reading cell phone prohibition. Credits: Candid Eves

The upcoming technology, such as mobiles have revolutionized the present youth of today. Right from a vegetable vendor to a servant maid, who hail from a poor background, own one. With the FM radio service, almost all students have headphones plugged in their ears all the time. But, the usage of mobiles has again been a forbidden fruit in the colleges. A student of GNITS has a few words to say about this. Amrita, a 3 rd year student recalls, “It’s amusing to see posters in the college walls warning students of dire consequences if they are found carrying a cell phone. The management keeps complaining about this. If it is supposed to be a ban, then why do they sell recharge cards at college?”

Rashmi, a final year student, narrates her experience, “It was my bad luck on the day the college re-opened. There is supposed to be an anti-mobile squad existing in every college and I didn’t know that. One of the persons from the squad came up to me and took my mobile instantly. To get it back, I had to pay a fine of 500 bucks. The worst part is that we are fined according to the mobile phone  model. For a basic model such as Nokia 1100, the fine would be around 350 bucks and for a Sony Ericsson model (say walkman), the fine would be 1000 bucks. This is highly disgusting”. When the principal was asked about this, he suggested the idea of having “lockers” for mobiles in each class so as to avoid “distraction”.

As the famous saying goes,”Promises are meant to be kept and not broken”; in a similar fashion, a rule is a rule to be followed for all right from a student to a lecturer. With the funny and stupid thoughts that the management implements, it is worth a hearty laugh for all. “Suspension isn’t the solution for this”, says Shruti, a final year student of ECE dept. Instead, the better option would be to have different timings allotted for the juniors suggest GNITians.

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