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Poster Show at GRIET 01

It has been a tradition since the past two years in GRIET to showcase the mini project work done during the summer break in a flexi poster form. This is done by all the branches of the college.  The objective behind it is to give a platform for students to explain their industrial experience and even come up with the working models. The department of computer science and IT have a road show, where in they present their programs on their laptops and exhibit their innovative work. On 18th of September, 2009, there was a poster show conducted by the mechanical department. Nearly 45 posters were exhibited by the final year students of the department on that day.

The poster presentation enables the students to have a casual interaction with the faculty about the study and work done during the summer break unlike the usual seminars. All the faculty members interact with the group, which consists of 3 students and pose questions pertaining to various aspects of the project, which help them get an idea of the project to a larger extent and the knowledge gained by the students in the group is also brought into light.

Posters fixed. Ready for the show. Credit: Schon Jianna

Posters fixed. Ready for the show. Credit: Schon Jianna

There were posters covering almost every field of mechanical engineering like manufacturing, heat transfer, mechatronics, production techniques, new technologies used in machining etc. The projects were on surface condensers, pumps, relay network, cyclone separators, design of turbine blades, gear hobbing, CNC machining ,to as minute as design of screws etc.  Many of the students had done their projects in BHEL, CITD, HAL and few local industries.

“We had a great experience going to the industries and gaining practical knowledge. We in fact even knew what were the real problems faced. We even hobbed a gear in the industry which we learnt in theory”, says Swathi, who had done her project on gear hobbing.  “This poster show was judged by the professors of the department who had their own ways of asking questions which were mind boggling. Yet we managed to impress the  judges”, says another student.

“Firstly, we get a break from our classes for an entire session which is a huge relief for most of us. Secondly, we get to know the various fields in which mechanical engineers can work on and most importantly , we ask our seniors questions and they have to answer them patiently for a change”, says Raju , a third year student.

Everyone busy during the show. Credit: Schon Jianna

Everyone busy during the show. Credit: Schon Jianna

Mr.Jandhyala Murthy, the principal and P.S.Raju, the director of the college participated in this event. Mr. Jandhyala Murthy, who also is a mechanical engineer took keen interest in knowing about every project and spent quality time with the students asking questions and interacting with them. The Principal said that a few of the projects could be looked into and implemented too as they were innovative and good which instilled a zeal into the students to really work on their projects.  All the department heads were also present during the presentation and students of third year of the same department were given a chance to attend it so that they would acquire the knowledge and correlate the bookish stuff into practical applications.

Such events enable the students to showcase their work and allow them to interact with lecturers and share their knowledge with juniors.

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