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Project contest in SWEC 01

On 19th of September 2009 a Project Contest was held at Sri Devi Women’s Engg College. It was an in house project contest conducted for the students of SWEC. The regular classes for the students of SWEC were suspended on the account of this project contest in the college. All the software and hardware labs were teeming with students participating in the project contest.

This contest started off at 10 o’ clock in the morning when all the students were asked to assemble in their respective labs. The students were given around half an hour of time to get ready with their project to be exhibited. All the Computer Science and Information Technology students were allotted a single lab and the students of Electronics were allotted two different labs. All the teams, which participated in the contest were ready for exhibiting their respective projects by 10:30 am.

About 67 teams participated in the project contest. Mrs. Rajasree, the Deputy General Manager of BHEL was invited as the judge for the project contest. She judged every project and rated them on a scale of 10. The top three teams, whose projects obtained highest rating were declared as the winners. Software and Electronic projects were judged and the winners were declared separately.

Students explaining their projects to the judge. Credit: Kryptic Mind

Students explaining their projects to the judge. Credit: Kryptic Mind

Software projects such as the Online Banking Application, Enterprise Collaboration Tool, Maze Games, and Voice Detection Mechanisms were exhibited in the contest. Electronic projects such as Grip scopes, Fire Alarms, Musical LED’s, Beetle Robot, Class Monitory Systems, and Distance Estimators etc were exhibited. The eye catcher among all the software projects was “The Mind Reader”, an interesting game which was made by 3rd year CSE students. Among the electronic projects, the most impressive one was “Lie Detector”, exhibited by 3rd year EEE students. A griposcope circuit was used and a lie detector was constructed. The lie detector also attracted many students. “The lie detector was pretty cool! It was a lot of fun when we made our friends answer several questions and caught them whenever they lied,” says Manisha, a 3rd year CSE student. Miniature robots were also made by few final year electronics students. Though they did not satisfy all the requirements of a complex robot, they were very interesting and fascinating to look at.

All the juniors were asked to have a look at the projects so that they would know what kind of projects that can be put in the future. “Seeing the projects and getting to know about them was quite helpful. Since we are juniors and new to these technical competitions, it gave as an idea of how and what kind off projects are to be made,” said Akhila an IT junior in the college.

Griposcope - Lie Detector. Credit: Kryptic Mind

Griposcope - Lie Detector. Credit: Kryptic Mind

The first prize in software projects was won by 3rd year CSE students team, who exhibited a project titled ‘Enterprise Collaboration Tool’, which was about synchronizing the information and work between the administrator and the employees in the network. The second prize was given away again to a team from CSE students, who exhibited a JAVA program, which was a maze puzzle, where a maze was constructed with mouse at the top left corner and cheese placed somewhere in the right bottom corner. The program was able to detect the path to the cheese with quite a many obstacles in between the maze. The third prize also was given away to another team from 3rd year CSE students, who developed a Sudoku game using Graphics.

The first prize in electronic projects was awarded to a team from 3rd year EEE students, who were successful in making a Beetle Robot, which would detect the obstacles in its path and find its way out of the obstacles. The second prize went to a team from EIE 3rd years that made a 4 Tone Siren circuit. The third prize was given to a team from ECE 3rd years that exhibited a Class Monitory System. The 3rd years of all the branches swept the prizes in the project contest.

All the students, who participated in the project contest were awarded a participation certificate. All the students, who emerged as the winners of the contest were given merit certificates as an appreciation for their work.

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