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Unique Celebrations at MRIT 01

We always hear the saying, ‘Colleges are temples of knowledge’. If they really are temples how come we don’t have any prayers or pujas in the college; sounds weird right! But this time around, the fervor shown by MRITS – Malla Reddy Institute of Technology Sciences was pretty unusual. To the surprise of many students from the near by colleges, chanting of slokas and mantras were heard from the college campus.

It’s the time of Dussera celebrations and MRITS Principal Dr. Ravindra and the college management and staff celebrated this occasion with full fervor and zeal; now one must ponder how and why the celebrations of Dussera took place in college.

Saraswati puja was carried out in the college and what better could there be for students than to pray to the goddess of knowledge before exams. Priests were adjourned to perform the rituals and the principal actively participated in all the proceedings. The students and other lecturers were also present and the whole happening took place in the college auditorium. Principals of adjoining colleges of the Malla Reddy Groups of Institutions were also invited. Many of them were completely amused to see all the preparations, which went into carrying out such an event.

Dr. Ravindra - Principal MRITS during the prayers. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Dr. Ravindra - Principal MRITS during the prayers. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Dr. Kommaraih, Director of Malla Reddy College Education and Technology, praised the efforts of the MRIT Principal and his staff members and students to have come up with a traditional and sensible event like this one, in times of modern western influences. He even joined the Principal along with other faculty members in the Bhog organized after the prayers were completed.

Students seeked the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati and the priests. Anurag a 3rd year student in the college told, “Its something really different I observed in our college. We usually don’t attend Pujas at our home and here along with other students we ended up being a part of it, eventually it was all peaceful and soothing to the mind.”

Not everyone had the same opinion as Anurag. As Srikanth pointed out that the Havan – the scared fire and the smoke out of it darkened the roofs of their Auditorium and was sure that nothing would be done to clean it or re paint the portion. But as opinions differ, Lakshmi said she thoroughly liked the Pujas and was very glad that their Principal had come up with such an idea. She was sure that with prayers to goddess of knowledge her exams would go really well this semester and also the college results overall would be good too.

Students Participating in Rituals. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Students Participating in Rituals. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Well may be the Staff really had a personal motive of increasing the colleges percentage but the devotion with which all the prayers were carried out, it surely affected the students perception of God and Studies, as many students believed it was a appreciable gesture on part of the management to come up with such an idea.

Not only worshipping the gods and goddesses but after the prayers were finished there was food as Prasad for everyone and also the lecturers were each asked to cook and get different offerings from their home and serve them together at college. A great way to teach the students about Spirituality, Education and above all an opportunity to get to taste yummy and tasty food, what else could one ask for!

Miss. Srivani, a lecturer at the college had cooked Sour Rice, more commonly known as Pulihara as a part of the event, where all the lecturers and other staff members were required to cook offerings for the Prayers; it was a very nice gesture as every staff member had prepared different offerings, coconut sweets, groundnut sweets and several other delicacies, which were a grand treat for the those, who have sweet tooth.

Lecturers praying to Gods for better results!!!!

Lecturers praying to Gods for better results!!!!

Ramya, a student from the same college (MRITS) was very particular in mentioning about the Homam or the Havan proceedings as she felt that the ingredients used for the scared fire had an impressive aroma, which really purified the air or atleast gave a unique essence to the surroundings.

All in all, a unique experience for the 1st year students, who witnessed this type of event for the first time and for the new staff members too, though due to some reasons this event was not carried out last year but it took place regularly all the years before that.

Inspiring many and living up to the age old traditions of our nation, such events give us a reason to hold back to our roots and succeed in life remembering the almighty and thanking for the strength and wisdom.

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