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Orientation Day at KMIT 01

The Orientation day at KMIT was undoubtedly the most awaited day for freshers. It was a day for which the management and even the seniors had been waiting eagerly. It was held on 14th of September in the KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology) auditorium. The management was well prepared for the day. Many changes took place; the first year block labs were set up properly, everything was well cleaned up, posters were put up, welcoming the juniors and also not to forget the anti-ragging posters. The day before the orientation day must have been one of the toughest days as the cleaners had to clean the entire ‘audi’.

The article deals with the way orientation day was held and organized. Parents and freshers share about their opinion about the college and the orientation day. The auditorium was cleaned, decorated, chairs were arranged and the dais was set up. Like someone said, “First impression is the best impression”  – the management took all care that the parents and future KMIT-ians form a very good impression of the college on the first day. The seniors were not left out of the pre-preparations. Seniors were asked to schedule and organize the entire session. The second year students got together and made up plans and schedules by having discussions with the director, principal and the lecturers. Seniors had requested the director for some entertainment even, so that the freshers do not get bored by the speeches. So, songs and prayers were planned to be sung. Later, it was even decided that from every branch one of the senior would come onto the stage and share his/her experience with the freshers so that they had a better idea about what KMIT is all about and that KMIT prepares all-round engineers.

Posters by the doorway. Credit: Coherent Cody

Posters by the doorway. Credit: Coherent Cody

Posters by the doorway. Credit: Coherent Cody

Posters by the doorway. Credit: Coherent Cody

When the clock struck 10 in the morning, the orientation day session began with a prayer sung by a group of girls from ECE. Archana was the lead singer of the choir. They sung  melodious prayers at the commencement and at the end of the program. The entire session was well planned and anchored by Mr. Sudhakar. The director, Mr. Neil Gogte, presided over the session. The audience was fully engrossed in his speech. He promised a lot of changes and additions in the college campus. He promised to build a cricket pitch and basket-ball court. When it came to the infrastructure, labs and faculty, he says, “KMIT and I, assure you one thing, the infrastructure and labs we have are the best. Apart from this, our faculty is well chosen and every faculty member is well trained and each one of them has an immense knowledge of their subject. So, students, your parents have brought you to this ocean of knowledge. Now it’s up to you to take as much of it as possible.”

Students and parents were pleased with the assurance given by the director and the principal. After all the speeches, there was an interaction round where the parents could ask any questions, queries or doubts to the director. They could give any suggestions too. It went on for about 40 minutes and the director was successful in clearing all the doubts that parents had. The end of the session was quite amusing as seniors were prepared to share their experiences about the college.

Shreya and Gowtami, from CSE,  gave their speech which was very helpful to the freshers and it mainly stressed on academics and faculty. Amruta, from IT, also gave a speech on the same lines. The most interactive speech was given by Mihir, from IT. His speech concentrated on all the different aspects of engineering life like friends; bunking classes, cultural fests, parties and along with all this how he balances between enjoyment, fun, studies and projects.

More posters for a hearty Welcome. Credit: Coherent Cody

More posters for a hearty Welcome. Credit: Coherent Cody

The program ended with a prayer. Snacks and cool drinks were provided at the end. Students and parents were request to move about in the college and get themselves acquainted with the place. Parents were more interested in the lab facilities and hence had requested the director to assign a person, who could show them labs. Undoubtedly, students were more interested in the play ground, sports places, which to a certain extent brought their spirits down but they expect that the promises given by the director are soon fulfilled. We found some curious parents having a chat with the seniors on the different perspectives of the college.

Everyone was pleased with the proceedings and one could find the parents and freshers  satisfied with the college they got admission into. Juniors  had a very warm welcome from both the college management and the seniors. They wish them all the best and hope to see their lives rock at KMIT!

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