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Valentine’s day has just gone by and certainly has left its after effects which compel so many people (especially the one’s who think it’s a pure waste of time) to “think” about certain things like, ‘Why do people have to show so much affection on this particular day?’ And ‘Why do they have to show their affection publicly? ’Aren’t there better places to do it?’ and so on and so forth. While there are some who think this day should be a national holiday to express their love and affection to their loved one /“ones” (did anyone say nothing is impossible in the 21st century?). SO! On being asked for their opinions on PDA (public display of affection), this was what Hyderabad’s youth had to say.

PDA – good or bad? : “It’s like asking whether a chocolate is good or bad,” says Krushita Adhia from Villa Marie College. “It’s good!” agrees Gunjan Ashtaputre, an applied arts student from JNA&FAU. While some think of it in a little different way. “Its good, but only to a certain extent,” says Priyanka Pereira, a student from Medicity Institute of Medical Sciences.  “Its good, if two people are comfortable enough to express their affection for each other without pissing any one off,” says Ajit Newton a student from JNA&FAU. Where as Charan Panchawati from C.V.R College of Engineering says, “It depends on how one perceives it. When we talk of public display of affection, we usually visualize a couple getting cozy. And we do that with a grey-haired mindset. How is ‘public display of affection’ between a mother and her baby any different than what we scorn about?”

Comfort level while showing PDA: “Personally, I wouldn’t go too public with display of affection,” says Fatima Hasan of JNA&FAU. “I’m pretty comfortable wit PDA, but I do need to keep in mind the sensitivities of the people around. We live in a multi cultural conservative society. I’ll definitely keep it in a limit,” says Ajit Newton. “My comfort level would depend on the crowd and surroundings,” says Sucharita Rao, a photography student from JNA&FAU. “I would be uncomfortable if I am in the picture,” says Gunjan.”

Caught in the act! Credits: Whacked out Brain

Caught in the act! Credits: Whacked out Brain

Reactions towards others showing PDA: “Live and let live,” says Fatima with a smirk. “If it makes me uncomfortable, I walk away,” she continues. ”There’s a couple in my friend circle. They do a lot of PDA, but after a certain extent, we do get suffocated,” quips Priyanka a fine arts students from JNTU.  “Well, I feel it should be a private affair. Why do people have to display their affections publicly when this is something so personal between two people?” says Divya Gupta, a student from St.Francis College for Women. “It jus shows that they are close. I would mind my own business,” says Ajit a JNTU Arts College student. “I’m not ok with random strangers indulging in PDA on roads or parks and shady cinema halls for that matter. I feel everyone should have a cultural and an aesthetic sense of displaying their attentions to someone else in public,” says Anshul Jain from Villa Marie College with a hint of distaste!

Where to draw the line? : “Hugging and pecks are okay. Rest can be branded as outrageous!” says Charan with a grin. “A person, who indulges in PDA, doesn’t give a damn about the culture and social tolerance. He\she is a bird minded person, so I don’t think there are any lines to draw,” says Gunjan. “Whatever one does, the most important aspect is decency that one has to maintain when in public, things should not get indecent,” says Vivek Durgam, a graphic design student from IACG.

Are political fanatics over reacting? : “Yes, I believe that political fanatics are going a bit overboard with this. They are attacking the couples even if they are spending quality time with each other,” says Vivek. “These so called ‘moral policemen’, who claim that PDA demoralizes the society and traditions, are nothing but goons who can’t tackle real social problems. I think there are bigger moral and social issues apart from PDA to be taken care of,” says Ajit. “Yes, they are over reacting pretty much about this issue. Isn’t this a free nation for God’s sake?” says Charan.

Is there any such thing as an appropriate place or an inappropriate place? : “Of course there is! You cannot compare Jubilee Hills and Lad Bazaar!” says Priyanka with a rush! “Yes there are, because you can’t change the popular disapproval for PDA” says Sucharita in agreement. “All the places where general crowd (especially families and children) come are absolutely inappropriate for PDA. Appropriate places would be where only couples are allowed,” says Vivek. A few people do think otherwise though. “Affection is something which comes from heart. There is no appropriate or inappropriate place to express it,” says Krushita.

Made for each other. Credits: Whacked out Brain

Made for each other. Credits: Whacked out Brain

Personal opinions about PDA : “Let everybody do what they want to, there are times in life that won’t come back (EVER),” says Gunjan. “I’ll say when in Rome do as the Romans do! I can show my affection in ‘n’ numbers of ways, public display of affection is just one!” gushes Sucharita. “It wouldn’t be smart to kiss your boyfriend in front of your Dad! Or anyone else for that matter! Cultural limits should be followed. Our society is conservative and hence, if elders do not approve of certain things, it isn’t necessary to do it in front of them in the name of being forward or modernizing!” rushes Fatima! “It’s how you define and perceive it. Somewhere deep down, everyone likes displaying their love. And by everyone, I mean to say it’s even the grey-haired. After all, it was their generation which made movies where the hero and the heroine run into each other’s embrace in the climax!” concludes Charan.

Tormenting for those who show it and irksome for those who see it, PDA is something which happens everywhere. It’s an expression of love by a mother to a child or by a Romeo to his Juliet (there are Tarzans and Janes too!). However big the generation gap may be, affection means the very same to all the people, be it the grey haired or the streaked red! Express your love, but don’t get too excited while doing it was the unanimous opinion of Hyderabad’s youth.

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