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His thoughts impress, his words inspire, his deeds galvanize our ways and his ideas lay lanes to success. Primarily his simple attire might not be a reason to be influenced but surely his orations contribute loads of wisdom and have a lot to do with today. He might not be a man among us but the legacy he left behind for us shows and says a lot about a man who led an ascetic life- a life that takes generations to a different contemplative level. The man who led his life on a mission, a mission to educate people is SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.

It’s rather easy saying than doing. One can guide you through tough times suggesting you, help you to live with the ills and odds that life keeps in store for you, teach you the difference between good and bad to go a long way up, but very few personalities can go to an extent of molding their life as an example to their inheritors. One such phenomenal person is our reverent Swami Vivekananda. No wonder the competence behind his conceptions has driven today’s youth to celebrate his birthday, the 12th of January, 148th anniversary this year!

“I am a viscid admirer of Swami Vivekananda. Every year I make it sure to spend time in Rama Krishna Math on his birthday which is now being celebrated as National Youth day. I find no other way to express my gratitude to this legend, for his words showed me a right route when I was almost balled up”, shares Naureen Tabassum, a medical student from Gandhi, while Sirisha Rathod from NIFT chunks, “I very often forget my incumbency as a civilian, just like any other young selfish fella. This place here (Rama Krishan Math) succors me in dipping myself into the holy feeling of being bounded.”

Commemorations are generally celebrated to remember a person, who is no more but is still loved. But few like him are memorized for their outstanding service to Indian ideas whose yearly observance deserves a lot more. Many ideas of his have only been confined to sayings and were hardly ever followed. On an average most of the students say they adore the words of Vivekananda, how far is that true, is indeed a personal question.  “Swami Vivekananda is my role model. His preachings are worth admiration but the application part is the real question. Motivation he induced is afresh. I thought giving them a try but failed to shadow them because somewhere they involve pluck which is a social issue all over again”, regrets Nishita Taduri from BVRIT.

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence. Credit: Divina Eileen

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence. Credit: Divina Eileen

Few Populace have experienced the facts that have been out through Vivekananda long before but the hesitation to jab them and moralize them is quite vivid today. “Society plays a vital role directly and indirectly in a person’s life. Even if one stabs to take a positive direction, efforts to moralize themselves, they fail to sustain optimism due to the society. ‘Be good, the rest just follows’ is an old saying. Live with the society, walk in the path it walks in, else you’ll not even know that you are lost the moment you started to take a different path, all alone. Swami Vivekananda’s propaganda’s are ideal but are hardly valid to the society at present” remorses Karthik Shah an adherent of Vivekananda, when surveyed why people defer to comply his sermons after knowing they are right.

He was a man who went across nations spreading knowledge. He was a man who was more respected around the world than here in India. The Vivekananda Vedanta society of Chicago which was set up to real the twin ideals of realizing god within and serving god in man holds one of the examples for the following Swami Vivekananda has. It’s an irony that people are honored better after their loss rather than when they are around us. Divine souls always have their place reserved in history irrespective of others visions and perceptions.

He was the first to define the essence of education. It was he who made the stand of youth powerful, in fact a meaningful one. Educational Institutions today are named after Vivekananda in reverence but none really knows if they are precisely following his ideas.  ‘Education with knowledge is important; Strive for Excellence, success becomes your trademark before you even think of it’  is what he deemed in and now the very institutions train students to compete for marks in the name of success though they put up a distinct mask in public, of course for public. “People respect him, they love his teachings, they accept the fact that his thoughts make one a perfect person, yet they fail to inculcate them, its sad that simple things seem to be so complicated these days”, mumbles Gaddam Puneet from TRR.

Rama Krishna Math. Credit: Raghu

Rama Krishna Math. Credit: Raghu

“I have seen 13 batches from our school in my experience. 10th standard has been the last platform where the students give a serious thought about their liability towards nation, as we motivate them to the best where Swami Vivekananda’s preachings play a vital role. Once they step out from here they say, they hardly have time for themselves and so anticipating dedication towards nation must be a bigger expectation” recounts Rev. Sister John Paul the Ex-Principal of St. Anthony’s Girls High School. It’s not easy to suddenly start following the teachings of the great man, but surely the desire to change can initiate it. Out of hours and hours of surfing in the internet dedicating a few minutes to sites like http://www.vedantasociety-chicago.org can help a lot in ones development , proving the fact that there are people walking in the light the man left behind.

“His ideas were simple, but true. They initiate success in life. They were all about love, knowledge, truth. He believed that purity, patience, and perseverance are three essentials to success. His views about a religion were different; it is oneness, unlike today’s religion which has become a point of fight. Many social organizations have been started to keep his preaches and principles alive.  http://www.sevalaya.org/ in Chennai and http://www.spiritualbangalore.com/spiritual-organizations/vivekananda-kendra-yoga-research-foundation/ in Bangalore are the few sites of the social organizations committed to Swami Vivekananda’s sermons.

When youth say they respect his ideas, why is there no room for patriotism? Why is this generation dreaming of life abroad? Why not India?

“When it comes to beliefs and orations, patriotism and stuff sound diplomatic, good. But they are too tedious in everyday life. All of us like boasting in public about patriotism, progress, oneness, keeping them in practice is impractical. Unless their financial position doesn’t support them, why would anyone prefer to strive in India when there are several other options offering us better lives abroad?” question’s Amay Setty from DVR.

“Its fortunate for him that Swami Vivekananda is not between us today. This world would have changed him literally, or even otherwise, we would have his ideas, his teachings and philosophy confined only to writings on the walls”, opines Roobella Subash from SVIT.

Vedanta Literature House. Credit: Raghu

Vedanta Literature House. Credit: Raghu

This is a wireless generation. Western culture has not only influenced youngsters but has become an essential part of their life. Rather than passion for progress, its love for non-yielding sophistication we witness at present. But was this Vivekananda had striven for? Selfish at times, has been associated with today’s generation, but isn’t that totally different from the wise man’s ideas which said about helping others? In his words ‘They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.’  “I heard a lot about this man. His love for nation will be remembered till India survives on the world map. I adore him, respect him but his preaches cannot be practiced today the way they were expected to. Remembering him is all a man can do for now, to be precise” says Sindhu Machanna from Gitams.

If youngsters owe respect to the ideas of Vivekananda then let his birthday not be, only the birth anniversary of him but be a day of reckoning. If not, all the questions put across will go answer less, it does not go as a loss to the man but a casualty of youth today. After all its love and love alone that he preached, is missing today!

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