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“The forbidden fruit is sweet. But the ones you order here are better. So come along with the apple of your eye and have the time of your life. Deep down you know that love is the fruit of marriage. You place the order and you learn patience might be bitter but the fruits are delicious. Take a sip and leave the world behind. You know it is only the tasty fruits that attract the wasps. The fruits refresh you and you are your sunny self again. What you give to others bears fruit for yourself. You walk out with a smile and a song. The philosophy of life from a fruit. Come be a FRUITOHOLIC!”, says the menu card of the fresh fruit juice joint Fruitoholic !

Amidst all the pollution, unrest, price rise and all the pandemonium gripping the city of late, if there is one respite for the common man, where he can enjoy nature like it used to be – it’s in a glass of freshly prepared juice at Fruitoholic! With moderately priced juices and smoothies, it’s a popular hangout amongst the young and the old alike. It has three different joints at three corners of the city at Himayatnagar, Kharkhana and SVM Mall. Apart from the regular fresh fruit juices, this place also serves Yogurt smoothies, Milk shakes, Mighties, Vegetable blends and Coolers. Recently the store has included sandwiches, salads and desserts in their carte du jour.

Moses Edla of Badruka Degree College, a regular at Fruitoholic says, “It’s nature served chilled in a recycled paper glass at Fruitoholic. I am quite a regular at its Himayatnagar joint beside The Clove restaurant. When I have had a rough day I go to this place and have my favorite banana-orange smoothie which livens me up instantaneously! My friends and I turned the place into our regular hangout and the modestly priced menu goes easy with our pockets too.”

Fresh fuits! Credits: Spinal Tap

Fresh fuits! Credits: Spinal Tap

Swati Reddy of VCE, another known face at their Kharkhana joint says, “This place is such a relief from the other popular overcrowded and overpriced places in the city. I first got to know about this place through a friend of mine and I have been a regular from then. My favorite is the jumbo sized apple-orange milkshake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. I even skip my meals to enjoy it. I sometimes go for a quick sip to this place before I rush to catch my college bus. This place is ideal for a quick bite with your partner when you don’t have much time. My mom and I have a drink every Saturday, it’s like a weekly ritual for us. Fruitoholic! Rocks!” she says.

Ideal for morning joggers, fitness addicts and health freaks, this place provides the required nutrients and vitamins, all in the different array of fruits and vegetables. The place first opened up in Himayatnagar but to a very ordinary response. The place was considered to be like any other fruit stall and had to face stiff competition from the neighboring Café Coffee Day and Pure ’o’ Naturals . But as the place began to have more customers it became popular and in no time it became one of the busiest fruit juice cafés in the city. It started to grow and opened new stands at Karkhana and very recently at the SVM Mall. The recipes for their favorite fruit juices can also be known on request says a stall employee at Himayatnagar.

Fruitoholic! - SVM mall. Credits: Spinal Tap

Fruitoholic! - SVM mall. Credits: Spinal Tap

B.K.K.Anurag of VCE, who is a regular at their SVM mall joint says – “It was when we went to the SVM to celebrate a friend’s birthday that I first checked out this place and I must say it was love at first sip. It was a very hot day and the cold blackcurrant smoothie was just nirvana. Since then I have enjoyed all their fruit juices and we also order them home when there is a party. The home delivery is free and brisk unlike other hi-fi eateries.”

As full of life and nature this place may seem, there are a few complaints by the customers. Akshay of MREC laments, “The place is very small to hang out for long hours. The SVM outlet has only one table and is almost considered a place for take-away. The Himayatnagar joint is better with outdoor seating but it still lacks the ambiance one expects.”

“Sure the place lacks space and the hi-fi ambience but nothing can beat the smell and taste of fresh fruit in every thing you order here at fruitoholic,” says Ramesh Babu, a Cognizant employee.

The storekeeper at the Himaythnagar stall Kishore is more than happy to talk about the response and the attention the store is getting. He adds, ” It has been nice to see many people being supportive and we have been welcomed warm heartedly. We are working on the complaints we are getting about our store and  are working on it. I am sure we’ll soon get to cater to a wide range of customers and try and satisfy all of them. ”

So next time when one feels the blues of the frantic urban life they know where to head for, to hold nature in one’s palm and sip life through it.

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