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Pharmacy Building Credit: Receptive Saturn

Sree Dattha Institutions has commendable credentials in the field of Education by producing more than 1000 quality professionals every year under the auspices of Mr. G. Panduranga Reddy, Founder Secretary with his dynamism, cosmopolitan thinking, and probably the only possible chairman who had taken great deal of risk in changing the college from Narayanpet to Ibrahimpatnam (Hyderabad), previously known as Narayanpet Institutions of Technology and Science (NITS) for the sake of students’ well being. His success can be attributed to the fact... Read→

Brand History : Story behind Logos of World’s biggest Brand 01

What are brands? This question always haunts people, who buy branded clothes, accessories etc in malls. So what is a brand exactly?  A brand is something, which  is a name used to identify a product , service etc . From the  watches to the laptops, food , dresses, cosmetics everything a Youngistani wants in today’s world should be branded. It has become a fashion and passion of youth to adopt branded products. What is the story behind the various logos of the world’s biggest brands that we use in our day to day life?  As said often, first... Read→

An appetizing cuisine- a potable drink- a dessert- a sophisticated place- pleasant atmosphere… What more does anyone require to say with gusto – ‘Joy de Vivre’! One plate scrumptious Hyderabad’s Biryani for a satiate meal – wouldn’t anyone engulf to satisfy their appétit? Now-a-days, the food courts draw crowds in multitude and it’s not that peculiar to find a group of students enjoying themselves while hanging around these food courts. One would love to gorge, if oneself finds his/her  food item interesting... Read→

Education seems to play a key role influencing student migration in the developing countries. Advertisement in newspapers, credit-sunshine recruiter However, when one nation becomes a substantial net exporter of academic talent, a “brain drain” condition is said to occur. High level educated individuals from poor countries to the rich ones causing the so called “Brain Drain”. Unemployment is the main reason for it because students do not finds jobs soon after their studies and money could be the most important criteria. After completing... Read→

Cathy has voiced her views. Have you?! Credit: Shaila On the 2nd of July, 2009, India witnessed a completely new dimension with respect to law. That which actually gave a totally new meaning to “Equality”, as per defined by Article 14 of the Constitution. For some it was a bitter surprise, while for some, it was a break free movement. It was that day that the Indian Law defined the legality of HOMOSEXUALITY. “Until a few years back, Homosexuality was considered a stigma in our country. Any affinity towards the same sex seemed glaringly unusual... Read→

Feel the morning sunlight credits:Libran Dranzer Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise-this is one of the lessons that we learn in our kindergarten moral science text-books. Of course, while we were children, we didn’t really take that into consideration. It was only meant for mugging up and scribbling the same on the exam paper. Even after we grew up, we heard it either from the radio jockeys who pronounce it while wishing us goodnight or from the textbooks of our younger siblings. Yet, our attitude towards the valuable... Read→

Immutable Uniform 01

Everyone has a different perspective as to what to achieve in life and adolescence is the best stage to foresee your destiny. It is at this level when a student struggles to grab as many opportunities as possible to get him selected to a workplace of his choice. With majority of the professional colleges switching to uniforms for their students, one of the hottest topics of discussion now a days among the youngsters is their dress code, its necessity and whether they should have such a code for dressing in the first place! “Hmm… Kya pehnu?... Read→

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