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Travelling in RTC bus is no joke. credits : Libran Dranzer Pushing and pulling, hell lot of people, fights over petty issues, foot-boarding and common man’s cheapest means of transport is called R.T.C (Road transport corporation) BUS! A journey for a little while in this bus takes one to an entirely different world. Methods of dealing with co-passengers and conductors are simply not normal, they are something very peculiar. A bus, which although has a definite schedule never arrives on time and is most often crowded, very rarely empty and... Read→

As soon as the engineering students step into the college and start taking the feel of the college life they are flooded with questions and immense pressure. Recalling the first day in CM Engineering college  Meera Nair says, “I still remember the first day of my college where in all the classes there was one common question asked by all the lecturers who entered and that was ‘WHAT’S AFTER B-TECH?’ and I was left with nothing except of saying that I want to become an Engineer and do job in a software company.” Similarly, majority of the... Read→

Celebrations In The City Credits: Engel Tatiana “Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargaadipi Garyiyasi” goes a famous Sanskrit saying which derives itself from a strong emotion of pride which says “Mother and motherland are the most prominent of the known.” Sixty years back, a salute of twenty one guns and unfurling of the Indian National flag by Dr. Rajendra Prasad heralded the historic birth of ‘The Indian Republic’, on 26th January 1950 i.e. 894 days after the country became dominion following the withdrawal of ‘the British Rule’. Since... Read→

Enjoy life! Credit: T. Anusha “Life is like an ice-cream.. Enjoy it before it melts!” Human life is the most blessed thing in the universe. Human beings can think, possess an ability to explore the universe, and have a never-ending zeal to overtake the world! There are emotions of all sorts, namely, happy, sad, angry, puzzled, astonished, mesmerized and so on. Each of these emotions have a reason behind them. Happiness is one such feeling that lifts up the spirits of the defeated, the resentful and the sulking. “Being happy is... Read→

It was like a heart-wrenching break-up. When she was around, every little thing seemed beautiful. All those moments of juvenile elation, her feel, her fragrance, and the new life that sprouted out of it all this romance seemed like it’d last forever. But now, it’s nothing but a forgotten dream. All it took Little Johnny was four phrases; just four phrases and she was gone. That darned nursery rhyme! “Rain, rain go away, Come again another day; Little Johnny wants to play Rain, rain go away!” And Laila never came back. Bad bad Johnny;... Read→

Party Invite. Credits; Poker Face It was not what could be called an ideal day for partying. The sun was hot outside; the room was sultry inside… But who cares!! It was a day to remember throughout their life for the juniors. After all it was their fresher’s party!! The second years in Sri Devi Women’s Engineering College came together to host the fresher’s party for the first years, welcoming them into their family. ‘‘After a lot of arguments and discussions with the Principal, we finally agreed on separate parties for each... Read→

On the eve of Annual day Credits:Rabble Rouser Beginning from school, college and university or almost all educational institutions have incorporated the Annual Day function as a compulsory celebration in their curriculum.  These institutes choose this an opportunity to exhibit the the talents in their possession, catering to different walks of life  and encouraging them to be an asset to the nation. The beam of laughter, the tears of sorrow, the hard work, appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown begins for the most awaited day. On... Read→

10 pm after the family supper everyone goes back to sleep. Mom sets the bed for Rohan already in the room, shuts the door behind her wishing him good night. Late night at 12 am she wakes up for a glass of water and finds light flashing under Rohan’s blanket. She moves to him to discover that her son is busy deleting the messages in his inbox. Yes! This is what today’s youth are on. Music, chatting, calls, games and what not does a cell phone today offers. It’s true that students are expected to find new ways over the older ones. Well, the... Read→

‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players‘ is from a well known ballad by Shakespeare. The great dramatist categorizes in a mere few lines the different phases of a man’s life, and life takes a sharp turn where the ambitious, but carefree youth is transformed into a responsible individual. At this point of time, be it man or woman, the person often recalls the reminiscences of the past…cherishes some and sometimes may even repent for what the person could have potentially become instead of what he or she... Read→

Simple, Beautiful and yet Eloquent Credits: Pens Eve “Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common-sense”-Helen Rowland Into February and the entire world is decked up in the hues of red. As a new tradition, new days like Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Bear Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss day are being celebrated beginning from the 7th February and culminating on the 14th February with Valentine’s Day to mark the end of the coveted ‘love week’.   The status messages cloud the walls... Read→

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