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I promise to fulfill all the aims and aspirations of my people. I will not spare anyone who tries to disrupt the peace in the society.” No! This is not a power-packed dialogue of our very own Balakrishna but, this heavy-worded script is of a very ‘concerned’ politician. It is widely believed that cricket and Bollywood are the 2 greatest passions of India. But, since every other cricketer & movie star is now a politician, why not merge the two and say politics is the greatest passion our country has ever witnessed? Politicians & their maelstrom of expressions have often made people wonder which school of acting they have been to. Be it either Bollywood or Hollywood, our politicians are no match where acting is concerned.

The political atmosphere in the state is heated up and is refusing to die down. Considering this, it is quite obvious that coffee-tables, canteens, class-rooms are housing serious discussions on politics & politicians. Students who generally evade such topics are seen forming groups and openly voicing their opinions. Their views express the clarity of their thoughts. Each one is trying hard to define what politics means in India. “Corruption is the barometer if you want to evaluate the performance of a politico. That, I think will perfectly define a politician” says Amulya, an engineering student.

The only criterion that should be met by any aspiring politician seems to be the ability to rough up a group of individuals single-handed and, if they can afford a handful of knife-wielding goons, it is well and good. With a multitude of new political parties cropping up every now and then, there appears to be a survival crisis among the already established well-corrupted ones. But, they need not worry as they very well know how to hog the limelight. “Our leaders are experts at making a hill out of a mole. So, at every drop of a hat, we get to see some live WWF matches going on in the name of dharnas, rallies, rasta-rokos over issues no one knows” says Shruti as a matter-of-fact.

These days the producers of reality shows are complaining a lot and why won’t they? “There has been a steep fall in the TRP ratings as it is the politicians and their gimmicks that the whole nation is watching. The fall in the viewership is thus, very obvious” says Sumairan, a B.Com student. When there is a lot more interesting stuff going on in the Parliament, who would ever bother to save the contestants from elimination?

As Sairam puts in, “Our so-called national leaders have no qualms and we don’t complain.” While this is the general opinion of a majority of students, there is another group which still hopes that things are going to change for the better what with many young politicos making their way to the Parliament desks. Youth today is slowly but surely considering politics as a profession. It is good news if this is any indicator of the good voter turnout of youngsters. The present cabinet has many young people holding key portfolios. Much can be expected of them.  Shreya does some prediction when she says “The young politicos can bring about the necessary change and can probably be the change. They may also propagate the much needed but less attained communal harmony.” Abhijeet shares similar views. “We can look forward to some logic & reason driven scientific arguments during the Parliament sessions and unlike earlier days we can also be sure of bills getting passed which cater to the needs of the common-man” he says.

This is just the beginning. We may, in near future witness some drastic changes arising out of the increased involvement of youth in politics. But, whether they will live up to the expectations of people, only time will tell.

All in all, youth has a very long pivotal role to play in shaping the future of our country. So, all ones with young hot, boiling blood, fold up your sleeves and gear up to move the nation towards real progress.

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