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Rendezvous with nature. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

Rendezvous with nature. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

The dark clouds of the exams season are about to eclipse the joy and happiness from the students life, the lucky few are trying are to escape and go places before they get buried under the tension of books and projects.

As Ashok Jhajhria, a final year student from CMEC says, “We planned a trip to Rishikesh for hiking and trekking for a week to relax ourselves before our final exams, and with all the Telangana holidays and no classes it was easy to convince our folks at home to let us go too, though the fact was we mentioned we were going for the Maha Kumb at Haridwar which is only 30 kilometers from Rishikesh.”

Like Ashok others who accompanied him one among whom was Abhishek Gupta who felt it was like living a dream when they arrived at Rishikesh, a picturesque land situated between mountains filled with lush green forests on both sides, and amid such wonderful natural beauty the pure river Ganges ran through cutting the mountains.

Holy river - The Ganges. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

Holy river - The Ganges. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

The place Rishikesh though known to be famous among the religious travelogues and being on top of the list for Temple Tourism in India, because of the famous Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula, but today’s youth is largely known for its disbelief of religious values and this particular group was more excited to visit and explore the unseen and naturally intact places Rishikesh had to offer.

Well the road to adventure took them to a place called “Neelpuda” which was situated about 5 kilometers ahead of the Lakshman Jhula. It’s about to be Uttarakhand Goverment’s undertaking and a tourist adventure resort is about to be developed at the same location, so there were 4-5 construction workers carrying out primary building activity.

As the group of amateur hikers asked people around about the place, they were told about 2-3 kilometers off the road there was a waterfall worth a watch, so they decided to get off their bikes and hit the road by foot, only to realize that after about 200 mts they found themselves completely exhausted and worn off by the hike which was an uphill task and then they realized it was not going to be an all-fun trip to the waterfall but would involve loads of sweat and heavy breathing.

The important point which Nitin Manhotra said was, “The only thing which motivated us to carry on the hike was the desire to see the waterfall, because none of us had ever seen one and believe me the moment when we heard the sound of running water we were terribly excited to catch a glimpse of the falling water.”

Step cultivation - Go Green. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

Step cultivation - Go Green. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

But when they reached the place they found themselves looking at a small distributary running through the thick forest and the actual waterfall itself, which reminded them that they had to hike even further and higher but now they had started enjoying the climb and with high spirits they sprinted to find the much awaited waterfall of Neelpuda.

Once again the sound of heavy water gushing through the rocks and falling from a height made them all excited and run towards the sound and they gazed and found themselves among the pure wilderness of nature and the sight of pure water and the sound of nature forced them to jump right into the flowing water.

But the adventure had just begun as when they spent more than two hours enjoying what they thought was the Neelpuda Waterfall, one of the workers asked them to hurry up and hike till the REAL waterfall. It took them a while to come to senses to realize that what they assumed to be the water fall was not the one NEELPUDA was famous for and that it meant to see what they really came for, they had to hike even further.

The complete trip was getting exciting but also tiring at the same time and also since the time the group entered Neelpur area they lost Cell phone signals and could not inform their folks back home, that they skipped their plan to visit Har – Ki – Paudi at Haridwar and rather preferred going on a off road adventure which was taking their toil now.

Sincere hard work always pays off, proving the statement to be true was the very fact that when the group reached the summit of the hike and found themselves amidst the real NEELPUDA waterfall they were elated beyond the expression of words and all the fatigue vanished the moment they set their legs in the cold water.

What was more fascinating was that a very narrow path lead even further higher in the hill and these guys where in no mood to leave that path untrodden so after a brief pause they made up their mind to check where the water was flowing from, so started the dangerous trek on the hill and the adventure quotient rose to infinity as boulders of rock they were trekking on started to roll down.

Still managing to grasp few branches of tree and continuing their trip further higher they went on, just when Nitin was completely exhausted and opted to stay back and wait for the rest of them to return.

After about two kilometers of strenuous trek uphill on uneven mountainous terrain, they reached a place from where they observed two small huts and step terrain cultivated land, and realized it was the “Neelpur Gaun” and they were amazed to find a boy around 8 years old playing there. When Ashok spoke to the boy, he was told that all the kids from the village trek down daily for attending school and come back in the evening, it was astonishing to believe that small kids of age 5-12 years daily travel on such difficult terrain about 7km one side.

But above all the astounding scenery which surrounded the place was mesmerizing, and thus ended the beautiful journey into the laps of nature and one of the most amazing hiking place in India beyond any doubt it could be titled as Hiker’s Paradise or Heaven.

So next time one of us has plans to go to the Swiss Alps, Hawaii to Beaches of Mauritius, why not visit places like Lakshadweep, Car Nicobar Islands, or even Neelpuda?

Happy Holidaying and Happy Preparations.

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