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With V’day approaching, all the guys and gals, both college and school goers, are getting geared up to set the perfect date for their special someone. While guys are busy planning out the perfect place for the date, the gals are spending hours in front of the mirror to get the right ‘look’. Hotels, gift shops and pubs too make a great business by organizing special dinners for couples, theme nights, etc in the name of love. Are the youngsters today in a hurry to get into relationships? Is this love? Or is it the love with being in love?

Rose day organised by college students Credit: Alternate Self

Rose day organised by college students Credit: Alternate Self

Love ‘aaj kal’ is no more veer-zaara types. One changing his/her partner is as normal as changing their cell phone model. One moment a person logs into social networking sites like facebook, myspace or orkut, he/she finds that his/her friend is in a relationship. But the very next moment that person gets the shocking news of his/her fallout. All of us are living fast track lives, all are in a hurry to just hook-up with someone, no matter how that person is, not realizing if he/she is actually made for us or not. Is that the insecurity of ending up single, that forces us to get into a relationship?

Let’s find out what do the youngsters within the age group of 15-23 years have to say about relationships. How important is being in a relationship? Aarti Sharma, a medical student says,The feeling of being in a relationship is unique. Who doesn’t want to be pampered? But yeah! It has become a trend of ‘on and off relationships’ these days”. Hadiya Majid, a BDS final year student says, ”Well, it’s not very important to have someone in your life. There is a certain age at which you can think of getting into a relationship. Breaking up and making up is a sign of immaturity. When you are not sure about your relationship, then why get into one?” Sakshi Singh, an intermediate student says, “It’s very fine for any two people in love, to be in a relationship. It’s standing up and saying to the world, ‘Hey that’s my love!’ It’s all about being there for each other, no matter what the world says”. Rahul, a Mass Communication student says, “I always had a girlfriend since my seventh grade. In fact I always waited for a new girlfriend before breaking up with the old one. For the past eight months I have been single and I am having a blast right now. You don’t need a girlfriend to stay happy”. Kalyani. A says, “Relationships are special moments together. You share your secrets, laugh together, cry together, make promises and say ’sorry’ a million times. These moments bring up smile on one’s face and make one feel loved”.

Single Ladies Credit: Alternate Self

Single Ladies Credit: Alternate Self

Alisha Merchant, a BDS 3rd year, says, “Commitment is very important in a relationship. Few people get into relationships just because they think it’s cool to be in one.”
“Being single is all the more fun. You have all the freedom, and you can always hangout and have fun with your girl friends. Being in a relationship gives you a secure feeling and makes you feel loved and cared, and makes you more confident as an individual. Personally I do not like break-ups, nobody does. One can always handle the relationship with maturity instead of ending it there”, says Adhiraj Singh, a B.Tech multimedia student. Balaji says, “Relationships change your perspective towards the world. They make you feel special and everything around you more beautiful”. Here is what Akhila Sagar, a dental student, has to say, “A relationship means loving your partner. Some people just love the whole idea of being in love.  If two people understand each other, then they should go ahead and be in a relationship. It’s ‘hip’ to be in a relationship. Break-ups are sad, but it’s okay if there is no love and respect left for each other in the relationship.”

In today’s fast paced life, what one needs is a stable relationship, a reliable partner to fall back upon. But because of lack of time, one does not give enough attention to working on the relationship. It’s very common for youngsters to get into a relationship, be it a serious one or not. Everybody likes it initially, as it is exciting, but with time the excitement fades away and reality comes into play. That’s where one gets to know if their partner really loves them or not.

Our hectic schedules also play a major role in hampering our relationships. One becomes more frustrated and vents out his/her anger on his/her partner. Mood swings, low tolerance levels, fast paced lives and the desire of trying out newer things are the reasons for most of the break-ups. Its cool to tell others how many ex’s one has had. A person gets into a relationship when he/she feels the need for the special care and concern and once their partner fails to give the same amount of love and importance, they decide to end it there. Sometimes youngsters are so indecisive that they make up after breaking up. There is a rise in the number of ‘on and off relationships’ these days. Such relationships are termed ‘unhealthy’. Love isn’t a switch that one switches on when they want to enjoy the beauty of the relationship and switches off when he/she thinks it’s just not the same feeling anymore.

Gang of girls having a good time Credit: Bhagyashree Deoda

Gang of girls having a good time Credit: Bhagyashree Deoda

Why can’t one face one’s status of being single? Is it peer pressure? Events like rose day and prom nights organized in colleges mainly for couples build up pressure in college goers to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, because all their friends have a boyfriend/girlfriend except them. Break-ups are saddening and depressing. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to let go as certain memories stay longer, even after the relationship has ended. Break-ups remind an individual of his/her shortcomings, make one feel uncertain about future and give him/her a ‘loser’ kind of a feeling for failing to maintain the relationship. Sometimes it’s no control upon oneself or rather, getting attracted to every new person you meet, that makes one head towards a break-up and switch their partners.

Every relation has its ups and downs. Relationships are a roller coaster ride of emotions. All of us like being in love. It’s always nice to have someone who loves you, cares for you and believes in you. Believing in fairytales isn’t wrong, but expecting your life to turn out into one is. What matters is whether you are commited or single, enjoy the moment and life will surely rock!

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