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On the eve of Annual day Credits:Rabble Rouser

On the eve of Annual day Credits:Rabble Rouser

Beginning from school, college and university or almost all educational institutions have incorporated the Annual Day function as a compulsory celebration in their curriculum.  These institutes choose this an opportunity to exhibit the the talents in their possession, catering to different walks of life  and encouraging them to be an asset to the nation.

The beam of laughter, the tears of sorrow, the hard work, appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown begins for the most awaited day.

On the 12th of April, 2010 C.M Engineering College  crossed another milestone – it was its Annual day celebration –Triumph 2010(The feel of joy).

“Triumph” is not just a name,but a brand in itself which relates to hard work, enthusiasm, high

spirits & above all the meaning to achieve a sense of victory,  not just as an individual but being as a team & be a victor throughout our life.


“The people carry the kind of warmth that’s wonderful & unique, a bright & happy outlook that’s such a joy to share. The carry their own sunshine with them everywhere the go, it makes them very special and extra nice to know. That is the specialty of CMECians” stated one of the anchors G.Keerthi Sharma of ECE 4th year from CM Engineering College.

Dignitaries of  the Eve

The evening was initiated by calling Shri CH Malla Reddy,chairman of Malla Reddy Group of Institutions;  Chief guest : Mr.G Bala Kishore, director of factories of Andhra Pradesh;  Guest of honour: Mr.K Prbhakar Rao, director of capital IQ Information Systems Pvt. Ltd;  Prof. R. Madan Mohan & Dr. Konaraih, director of Academics MRGI;  G. Ram Reddy, director of administration;  Principal Dr.Talla Siva Prasad & AO Retd.Col. Sita Rama Rao on to the dias.

The lighting of the lamp by the  dignitaries on the dias marked the beginning of the evening program.

Throw Ball Team being awarded by the chief guest

Throw Ball Team being awarded by the chief guest

Classical Dance Group Credits:Sourav Das

Classical Dance Group Credits:Sourav Das

Prize Distribution

The students were honored with prizes for various academic activities  such as the toppers of every branch of the year were given certificates. Also trophies were given for non academic activities (sports) – Throw ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, etc. The chairman enlightened the gathering with his valuable words. The Chief Guest and other dignitaries too shared their thoughts and spoke about the overall development of  a student that can be achieved not just by being excellent in academics but also in other cultural activities and encouraged the students with their  challenging words for the coming up final exams.


There were 2 projectors kept in locations so that people in the middle and back rows could see the plays unhindered. The projections also helped close-up shots that caught the emotions of actors and dancers very well.

A fluid narration was another hall-mark of the event. The text of narration before each story was well written. The anchoring of the evening was done by Keerti Sharma from ECE 4th year, Gaurav Kaushal from ANE 4th year, Preetham Raghu from ANE 3rd year & Shashank  Avvaru from 1st year.

“They did it so clearly with expressions that beat many masters of ceremonies you would see on many other award ceremonies”, says  Sonali Verma, a 3rd year student from CM Engineering College. The narration filled up the gaps in the story. Also before every play or dance started, there was a narration explaining it.

The arrangements for the function were from A to Z .

Folk Dance group Credits:Sourav Das

Folk Dance group Credits:Sourav Das

Students showing traditional wear on Ramp Walk Credits:Rabble Rouser

Students showing traditional wear on Ramp Walk Credits:Rabble Rouser


  • Welcoming Performance

The first performance was a classical dance by Sri Vidya and  group of seven girls . “Our dance will be  portraying different forms of Lord Ganesha by students of various streams like ANE, CSE & MBA”,  says Sri Vidya of CM Engineering College.

The choreography of this dance was par excellence.  It was a flamboyant, flowing and full-filling performance.  The first dance  exceeded all expectations and just went through the roof.  It set a very high level of expectation for all other plays and dances that followed.

The program continued with the second performance done by Alikheya & group. “We are gonna do Bollywood salsa & freestyle on medley of 3 songs”,  says Nisarg Shah of

CSE 3rd year, who choreographed one of the song Zoobie Doobie for his group.  “It took us three days to practise. College provided the choreographers from outside.  It was Raju sir who helped to choreograph most of the dances for tonight”,  says Durga Aduri of CSE 3rd year from CM Engineering College.

  • Skit

It was followed by a skit –“Em Maya Chesave” by IT group which took the audience through four years of B-tech life in just 4 minutes. The hallmark of the story was the characters. They were made up so well, spoke so well, and depicted their emotions so well. Dialogues were also very good.The play made everybody hold their stomach.

  • Tribute to Michael Jackson

Then there was the highlight of the event, the dance performance by six students giving a tribute to MJ.  “We love MJ” chorused everyone in the group. “He is still living in our hearts”,  says P.S Pavan. “Its  gonna be the best performance of the evening”, says the lead of the group Srinivas Pradeep confidently. He also says, “MJ is my true inspiration. We are going to give the deadly dangerous performance including stunts. It took us 10-15 days to practice it all.”

The performance was truly worth of a standing ovation. Every step left the audience in awe. Each step needs to be seen to be enjoyed. Words will just be limiting to describe about this group.

After the breath taking performance there was again a group dance by ten students of ECE & CSE.  “Its all about B tech life and at the ending we’ll show how much we care and love our parents ”,  says  Anurag Agarwal from ECE of CM Engineering College.  Raju sir choreographed the performance in three days.

  • Solo Performances

There were also few solo dance performances by Vimesh on “Upananta ni prema”. “My  love is gone “ by Vishwanath of IT 4th year. Anil kumar studying MBA also did a solo performance imitating various stars from tollywood. G.Harish from IT 3rd year says, ” I’m going to give a solo dance performance on 200 watts which will be very stylish and western style which I self choreographed.”

  • Folk Dance Performance

Then there was a folk dance “Thayyum Thattayi” as well. “We are a group of ten students including five girls and five boys. It is choreographed by Srinivas sir”. Uszhama & S.Hamroz say, ”It  a lambadi village dance, a mass kinda” when asked to present their view for their dance. While D.Sumalata describes the dance  by saying, ”here the boys tease girls in a town but still the girls who are wearing all types of accessories are bold enough to take care of themselves”. “It is not only done by B-tech students but our group also includes students from MBA , MCA and CSE”, informs P. Anil Kumar of CM Engineering College.

Tribute to MJ Credits:Sourav Das

Tribute to MJ Credits:Sourav Das

Welcoming performance Credits:Rabble Rouser

Welcoming performance Credits:Rabble Rouser

  • Rock Band  Performance

The most awaited performance of the evening was the performance by the Rock Band THROBB…having Samual, a student of ANE 3rd year as the lead guitarist; Thakur Vinay Kumar from ANE 3rd year, playing the base guitar; Jitin from I.T 4th year playin the rhythm in his

electric guitar, Apurba Mandal from I.T. 3rd year on Jazz drums and Pritham Raghu of ANE 3rd year, Nithish Bandri and Sourav Das from I.T. 3rd year as vocalist.

The cheering was audible from east to west and north to south. Students applauded in the sync. of the songs. It was the performance enjoyed by everyone present. The cacophony of “ONCE MORE” was only heard at the end of this performance. It was truly a rocking band performance by the students of CMEC.

  • Ramp Walk

The evening ended with Ramp Walk . Students of CMEC with different attires were seen walking on the ramp.  “I’m  going to show the traditional culture of India”,  says Suman Chandra from CMEC.  Same was said by K.Diksha, R.Rajesh, Saif Ulla Khaan when asked for their form of attire. Whereas there was also western culture shown by the students like  Md. Alha Ulhah, T.Hemanth. T.Hemanth says,  “I’m in first year mechanical and since its my first time so I’m very excited. The  evening and arrangements are really cool so I’m just looking forward for the eve”. R.Sujeet says,  “I’m going to be different from all showing off my Hip –hop style, I like the DJ and will be doing Yo-YO style on ramp” . The show stealer for the ramp were all the participants who participated in ramp walk.

Astonishing Performance Credits:Rabble Rouser

Astonishing Performance Credits:Rabble Rouser

End of the Celebration

”The time flew so fast. Alas it is not from my DVD player.

I cannot rewind it and watch it again” quips  Sonali Verma of IT 3rd year from CM Engineering College.

The students, teachers, principal, staff who provided the concepts, all need to be congratulated for such a splendid show. True to the Principal’s words, everybody in the college has been constantly learning,  as otherwise such a show is not possible.

The program was highly appreciated by every single person and indeed everyone who is a part of  C.M Engineering College are proud to have another feather added to their cap of success.

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