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Party Invite. Credits; Poker Face

Party Invite. Credits; Poker Face

It was not what could be called an ideal day for partying. The sun was hot outside; the room was sultry inside… But who cares!! It was a day to remember throughout their life for the juniors. After all it was their fresher’s party!! The second years in Sri Devi Women’s Engineering College came together to host the fresher’s party for the first years, welcoming them into their family.

‘‘After a lot of arguments and discussions with the Principal, we finally agreed on separate parties for each branch”, says Kehkasha Khanam, the representative of CSE, SWEC.

Each branch was allotted a seminar hall in the college for the party.

The college came alive with colors over the weekend as ECEA, EIE and IT hosted their party on Sunday, the 4th of April while CSE, EEE , ECE gave it on the 5th.

”The party preparations started about 2-3 weeks prior to it. Organizing the whole event was tiring as well as fun”, says Sindhu Swarna of  CSEA, SWEC.

The campus bustled with activity as party posters were put up all over the campus. Invitations were drawn and banners hanged as the D-day drew near.

Esperanza- The Party Venue. Credits; Poker Face

Esperanza- The Party Venue. Credits; Poker Face

Venue. Credits; Poker Face

Venue. Credits; Poker Face

Banners around the campus. Credits; Poker Face

Banners around the campus. Credits; Poker Face

‘‘The cost of the entire party was borne by us. We didn’t have any help from the college management. Even the setting up of tents, the hall’s decorations, all had to be taken care by us”, says Shravanthi Kovur of EIE, SWEC.

The day finally came when all the CSE juniors got traditional by draping themselves in a sari and dropped into Esperanza, the CSEA’s fresher’s party!

”Many juniors and seniors were against the dress code, but it had to be followed, being the college’s tradition!!”, says Sujatha Burigen of  SWEC.

”It was nice to see all the girls in saris that day. Nowadays saris have become a rarity among women, we wanted all the girls to go down to our traditional roots at least on this day”, says Mrs. Y. Rajashree, Principal of Sri Devi women’s college.

The CSE party started at 11:00 in the morning. The start of the party was marked by the cutting of cake by the department head. Later, as the party progressed the juniors had a great time walking on the ramp.

‘‘We wanted it to be their day entirely. All the games, Dances were for and done by the juniors”, says Nanditha Reddy, CSEA, SWEC.

Each of the junior was given a candy, which was supposed to be given to their favorite senior. The senior with maximum number of candies was adjudged as the best senior at the end.

Dress code for the party-Saree. Credits; Poker Face

Dress code for the party-Saree. Credits; Poker Face

CANDIES!!!! Credits; Poker Face

CANDIES!!!! Credits; Poker Face

Best dance group-swamp. Credits; Poker Face

Best dance group-swamp. Credits; Poker Face

Games like fast texting, find your partner were held for the juniors. All these events set aside; the main attraction in the party was the jukebox!

The seniors and juniors forgot all their differences as they danced to the mixes of DJ Ankit Sharma.

“It was nice to see such an enthusiastic crowd! The level of Euphoria amongst the girls was pretty infectious “, quips Ankit Sharma.

”We had an awesome time! Best was the jukebox, but we just felt bad that it lasted only for an hour or so”, says Amulya Nayar, a junior of CSE, SWEC.

The end of the jukebox saw the girls breaking up for lunch.

”The food was delicious. Added to it, all of us were starving, because of all the dancing. So, we literally hogged the food”, says Priyanka Reddy, a First year, SWEC.

All the branches hosting their party on Monday were provided with tents by the college management for lunch.

The girls reassembled in the party venue once again for few more rounds of ramp walk and games. About 12 girls were short listed from the juniors who were made to walk the ramp once again. These 12 girls were given a situation to enact on. The best 6 amongst them were finalized for the titles.

‘‘The situations were pretty funny. I had to propose to one of my senior and have her convinced to accept it”, says Pranathi Reddy.

‘‘We judged them based on their performance and behavior today. We had an introductory session with the juniors a few days prior to the party, wherein we got to know how talented each junior was”, says Nikitha Merrylene, one of the judges.

The titles were finally announced to a lot of cheering from the juniors. Some of the titles were Miss. Esperanza, Miss Congeniality, Miss. Panache, Miss Showstopper and Miss Rapunzel.

”I was Miss Hair the last year, in my fresher’s party. So, I gave away the award to my junior this time”, beams Srinidhi Bhandaru, a second yearer.

‘‘The gifts given to us were awesome!! I was adjudged Miss. Talent for which I was given a cute stuffed toy! I love it”, gushes Sujitha Rao, one of the title winners.

The 6 finalists of the day. Credits; Poker Face

The 6 finalists of the day. Credits; Poker Face

Proposing the vote of thanks on behalf of all the juniors, Prasanna C, the first year’s representative gushes,’ I never had a proper interaction with my seniors. I just knew a few of them. But now, I feel all my seniors are my good friends. I would love to thank all my seniors for such an awesome party, which would be forever cherished by each and every junior, here. We promise to give you an equally enthralling farewell! Thank you seniors! Love you all”.

The party ended on a happy note as all the juniors went home with a complimentary gift.

‘‘We didn’t want any of them to go home unsatisfied. The happiness was evident in their faces when they opened their goody bags”, says Monica May.

‘‘We had many differences at the time of organizing, many words were exchanged! But today, going by the juniors reaction, we feel all the pain we took was worth it’’, says a happy but tired Sindhu Swarna.

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