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A sense of uncertainty hovers in the minds of the students who are on the verge of completing their graduation this April/May. The students are almost in a race against time with time almost invariably winning. To select any particular career option from a pool of options available to them is something which makes every student ill-at-ease. No career option seems right to them and there’s no option which doesn’t appeal to them. There’s not a single career option which they could safely cross out from their list, and ironically, not a single... Read→

Welcome to Fakeville! 01

If ‘Farmville’ and ‘Fishville’ are making rounds on ‘Facebook’ of the virtual world, ‘Fakeville’ is making rounds in most places of the real world. We’ve been taught enough about adulteration and also, camouflage of products in the market in our primary classes back at school. But we might not have found enough examples of these then… it is now that we find plentiful of them all around. Welcome to ‘Fakeville’ Fakeville – the place where a great many articles and products ape and dupe the originals to boost their... Read→

One of the most inseparable pairs ever is the young guys and their prized possessions i.e their bikes or cars. It brings great pride and joy when a youngster gets himself a bike, car or even a bicycle, either gifted or earned by self. Owning a vehicle of his/her own is what teenagers qualify as freedom from their dependency on parent’s rides and public transport. Youngsters are not content when given a ride by their parents or friends when compared to their attitude of owning and flaunting their own ride.The penchant for keeping the owned... Read→

There is one thing that most of the youth is crazy about these days, it is ‘hookah’. People are making business worth thousands in the city hangouts out of the craze earned by this ancient remodeled smoking device. To start with, hookah is probably one of the biggest hit trends among the teenagers in the city for the past few seasons. There are countless number of coffee shops and hookah parlours with teenagers pouring into them once they are opened. With such dedicated hookah smokers and well attended newcomers, one doesn’t expect... Read→

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