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There is one thing that most of the youth is crazy about these days, it is ‘hookah’. People are making business worth thousands in the city hangouts out of the craze earned by this ancient remodeled smoking device. To start with, hookah is probably one of the biggest hit trends among the teenagers in the city for the past few seasons. There are countless number of coffee shops and hookah parlours with teenagers pouring into them once they are opened. With such dedicated hookah smokers and well attended newcomers, one doesn’t expect the name ‘hookah’ to be unnoticed.

The origins of the ‘water pipe’ smoking device date back to around the 16th century. It was invented in India during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar. However, smoking tobacco was not a widespread activity in India even after it’s introduction by the Europeans. The equipment was essentially designed in order to filter the smoke from tobacco using water. This ancient smoking equipment was then famous among ambassadors and aristocrats. The Arabs call  it the ’shisha’ and are the world’s largest smokers in number, for they use it for social smoking. The Arabs have most number of cafes offering hookah in the whole world according to statistics. This smoking trend is the most happening style these days in the Hyderabad city hangouts.

There are a lot of places in the city where most of the teenagers are most expected to smoke hookah. Busiest places in the city like Himayathnagar, Sr Nagar, Jubillee hills, Vidyanagar etc. which are always full with students on the streets are one of the hot spots for hookah parlours. Hookah, in the past few months, has overthrown the craze for hangout places like gaming centers, movies theatres and even restaurants. This new trend has been very rapidly evolving in improving the tastes and flavours offered and the fun loving youth is fast accepting the changes in habits.

There are many hookah smokers who think smoking hookah does not cause as much harm as cigarettes or cigars. This makes only a few of the hookah smokers aware of the fact that it is equally harmful as smoking cigarettes and even potentially more harmful when consumed in higher amounts. The very design upon which the device is designed, smoke purification using water, is not much effective as it is thought to be by the teenagers. Due to this lack of wealthy information and hype of unhealthy fashion the young are definitely not on the right path.

“I don’t think hookah is a very harmful habit and I also feel it is much better than cigarettes.” says Kaushik, one of the frequent hookah smokers and a student from Pixelloid animation school, Hyderabad. “I actually don’t bother about the health part over the fun part.” says Shashank Maganti, another hookah smoker and student from Narayana junior college, Hyderabad. There are opinions among the youth regarding the ill effects of smoking hookah which actually convince a lot of their peers to start smoking it.However there is some resistance among the non smoking youth, who simply cut off the very thought of hookah as a fashion. “Who said hookah is fashionable.?Its bullshit and is not worth the money” says Subrahmanyam a student from GITAM university Vizag. Vijeyendra Vallam a student from CVSR college of engineering says “i dont advice the prevalent smokers but would ask the new comers to think as of what is the very purpose of smoking hookah”.Our country apart from offering wide diversity in traditions and cultures also has a very diversified bunch of opinions and attitudes among the same age group. There are a lot of places in world which use hookahs made and exported from India. Contradictorily there are reports on raids and bans on hookah smoking in a few parts of the country, especially Gujarat. The government is not so amused with the widespread popularity of hookah smoking in such places.

Several hookah parlours and cafes have been banned and their licenses have been canceled in the western countries like the U.S.A and Canada in the past, which now have been revived due to the increase in the popularity globally. The main crowd targeted for these parlour owners is reportedly the young-adult age group and people from middle eastern countries and communities. The rate of increase of the popularity has triggered many scientific research institutes to perform and analyze tests on hookah smoking. The results are not very pleasing. Doctors and scientists have confirmed the effect of smoking hookah is as genuine and as good as smoking cigarettes. Scientists say that the moisture from the water used for purification may make the smokers less irritated which falsely interprets them about its true ill effects.

So it would be very wise if every teenager smoking hookah thinks over issues relating to health and even wiser  if they make decisions which not only bring a change in their habits, but also among the others.


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