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One of the most inseparable pairs ever is the young guys and their prized possessions i.e their bikes or cars. It brings great pride and joy when a youngster gets himself a bike, car or even a bicycle, either gifted or earned by self. Owning a vehicle of his/her own is what teenagers qualify as freedom from their dependency on parent’s rides and public transport. Youngsters are not content when given a ride by their parents or friends when compared to their attitude of owning and flaunting their own ride.The penchant for keeping the owned vehicles clean and usable also makes them fit to be used in the most stylish way possible. That is when radium stickers, neon lights, spoilers and hoods come into play, making the vehicle competent among the others ruling the roads. Such vehicles accompanied with loads of art work on them are a common sight on the city roads these days. These vehicles are found easily at popular hangouts and thus, make it easy to identify that the driver is a young guy with overwhelming energy.the thing with stickers 01

With so many cars to choose from and so many designs to pick from,there has a been quiet a number of cars which seem to impress admirers on the roads.It is not the same, what an owner of a well modified vehicle thinks and what a passerby thinks. “It is a great thing when someone turns their head around to see my bike passing through my lane.” says Sairam, a medicine student from Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.”The flame stickers on the car make half the college crowd turn heads.!” says Rohith, a students from CVSR college of engineering. With such growing popularity for well finished vehicle ’sticker’ing and add on’s ( God only knows what they mean), there is a busy market for such service providers. City roads at places like Ramkote, Begumpet, ESI and Abids are well known for finding workshops which give such extra, added looks to your bike or car. A wide range of designs in number plates and radium sticker writings are much commonly known accessories used apart from numerous others.The large vehicle population in the city also is fuelling this trend of show business.

the thing with stickers 02

Spoiler and stickers enhance the good looks of the car. Credits:Abhishek

More and more number of vehicles are being registered in the city and the statistics place the state as fourth biggest in vehicle population. The city has denser vehicle crowd than human population in a few places of the globe. This huge number obviously would not allow the vehicle owners to let their vehicle be same as many others in the city. “My kids just wont leave the car as it used to be when bought.” says Ravi Prakash, an employee who owns a four wheeler and is a resident of Hyderabad. Hemanth reddy a student of CVSR college of engineering says  “What is the point in bringing the same old car to college without atleast changing its appearance every month?” ”changing the outlook of my car every now and then is much better than buying a new one after a long time” says Karthik, a student of CVSR college of engineering. With so much of interest poured in by the youngsters in camouflaging their year old cars as brand new ones, there definitely is some competition for spraying latest looks onto your car or bike.

People barely know what stuff they inscribe on their bikes and cars. But, they never step back if the particular sign is supposed to be in fashion. ‘Predators’, ‘haunted’, ‘wanted’, ‘black birds’, ‘royals’ and ’screamers’ for starters, people even have phrases and poems on their bikes and cars! Gone are those days when people spent lots of money over the car’s interiors, music players and surround sound systems. Youngsters are now investing in changing the finishing looks rather than their unseen interiors. Most of the cars which are modified or stickered are the smaller economy cars or the luxury sedans but not the SUVs which usually, are not driven by the youngsters.

the thing with stickers 03

A stickered maruti swift. Credits:hemanth

Similar is the case with bikes that youngsters ride. These bikes don’t look like the ones parked outside busy offices and workplaces. They could be found easily parked at, or closer to a popular youth hangout, a  cinema theatre or a college. The  distinguishing features include handles without rear view mirrors, rear tyres with half cut mud guards and a dozen other names and quotes half which mean ‘its my dad’s road‘. Another easily available place for such well altered bikes is at the closest police check post where, students can be seen asking the inspector for returning their bike keys.”My dad always says to me that this is’nt the bike he bought me, it used to be much different.That is the way i like my bike to be identified” says Rajesh a student of Geetanjali college of engineering. The important factor determining the creativity of a guy is that how well he changes the color of his bike to make it look exactly opposite of how it used to look or how the other bikes still look.

the thing with stickers 04

Black bike painted white! Credits:rajesh

Apart from classifying vehicles as small ones and big ones, slower and faster ones, cheaper and expensive ones, they are also classified as modified ones and normal ones, as the most flamboyant population of the happening city considers this classification as a necessity.

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