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World Cup Mania. Credits : La Fing Time will come to a still. Everyone’s looking anxious, excited and a little nervous praying for a win. It’s March 30th and the time 2.30 p.m. The stadium is full with thousands screaming, screens turned on buzzing with commercials, radios tuned in not to miss a single second of the event. Everything is ready, everyone has taken their positions and places to witness what has always been not only a game, because when it’s India and Pakistan playing on the field it’s more than just a game. “In 1992 a young... Read→

Sultan Ul-Uloom College for Pharmacy. Credits : Blending Words “Hey, which college are you from?” Now, isn’t this one of the questions asked when you meet someone? Well, as it is pretty obvious, your college is very important. For some people, it even becomes a matter of prestige! But college days are perhaps the most vital days in a student’s life; a phase that helps in shaping a student’s personality and career. College is definitely a big step for any person. It’s surprising how we get accustomed to it. Waiting... Read→

Lays Flavour World Cup....one of the many gimmicks for the Men's World Cup. Credits: Ivory Tower Every March 8th the world celebrates International Women’s Day. One calendar day set aside exclusively to celebrate the women in our life. On this day the nagging mother, the moody girlfriend, the bossy older sister and the whiny younger one are all recognized for the goddesses they truly are. Also during this time of year is the Cricket World Cup, held every four years; about two months of testosterone-high extravaganza for sports-buffs and marketers... Read→

Holi Hai!

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Adding Colours to Life. Credits: La Fing With the commencing of spring comes the festival of colors. It’s time to paint the country again, with ‘gulal’ and ‘aabir’. A festival that brings about abundance of love and life, music and dance, play and fun all mixed together in the beautiful bright colors. A fun filled boisterous festival that brings everyone together and creates a reason to celebrate. A spring festival of fertility and harvest, it glorifies good harvest and fertility of land. The new crop refills the stores in every household... Read→


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chilling with tender coconuts credits:krystalclear “Sizzlers”… does it remind you of a hot favourite dish in a cool restaurant of your choice?? No, not at all..and yes  here the reference is to the ’scorching sun’ under  whose ignited rays this article is being written. The journey to any engineering college in the outskirts clocks  to a good one hour run. Starting at 8 o’ clock in the summer morn’ with a fresh cool mind, all geared up to tackle the coming exams ?? But definitely its not gonna... Read→

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