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Bidding Adieu

By La Fing On April - 16 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS
Funky Fun with Friends. Credits : La Fing

Funky Fun with Friends. Credits : La Fing

Remember your first day in college? Your first day in college was a long awaited one since you were a child you wanted to be there. But it was difficult to adjust in college for a few days, new place, and new faces. You were not aware of anything that was going on there, a new environment wherein you had to adjust.

Poonam Jain, a final year student from St. Francis College for Women, says, “Every day was a new day, a new learning. This place has transformed me and helped me grow as an individual. It just doesn’t seem like an end, seems like it had just started. By the time we learnt the way of living here, we realize, it’s time, it came to an end!”

College has finally come to an end, and we’ve accumulate quite a bit over the past three years. While we can take some of it along with us, much of it no longer serves a purpose, but will still remain in our memories forever.

The place we always wanted to be - Cafeteria. Credits : La Fing

The place we always wanted to be - Cafeteria. Credits : La Fing

“College days were the best days. When we used to think with school days getting over, fun also came to an end, but it wasn’t like that. These were the days where I enjoyed, studied, did a lot of masti and got a little serious towards life. Already was missing my school days. It’s been a year since I completed my graduation and I miss my college days in all the ways,” says Sambhav Munoth a graduate from Bhavans Vivekanada College who’s currently working.

Deepshika Joshi, a graduate from Bhavans Vivekananda College and is currently working, adds, “Coming to college was supposed to endless freedom, hardly any studies, and loads of friends but after joining college I realized it also meant the number of bunks, making sure that our parents did not receive the shortage of attendance letters, and so on. Now, that we have started working, it’s not surprising that we miss the college days when the most difficult thing was to come up with innovative illness ideas and meeting the attendance cut offs.”

There are a few things that we all should do and most of us must have done before we leave college. After all the midterm madness, the long classroom hours, those never ending lectures it’s time for some fun.

“For me, college days will be amongst the most memorable moments of my life, the times when I bunked classes, went out with friends, gave proxy attendance for friends, troubled people and above all enjoyed to the fullest,” says Samia Zahoor, a first year student from Sultan Ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy.

Memories to be treasured. Credits : Poonam Jain

Memories to be treasured. Credits : Poonam Jain

College is a place where everybody has their share of experiences – some are serious, some are fun and then those others. College is the perfect place to meet new friends and learn new skills. A place to build a strong network making networks more valuable than degrees.

“College was the place where people from around the city who were once unknown to me became my great friends,” says Ankith kothari from MNM Jain Engineering College, Chennai. He further says, “Then one fine day all of this came to an end, I had mixed feelings, happy that I had successfully completed my four years of engineering and sad that most of us will be scattered away with no certainty whether we will meet up again. The last day in college started off great with all of us as usual mocking at each other, clicking pictures, howling and whistling. It was when our class advisor came and spoke about her journey mentoring us. That is when all of us got emotional. We thanked our advisor and our fellow mates who were with us for the last four years. I just feel it is not the end but the beginning of a new journey, a new era, for which we have been trained right from our kindergarten till the end of our college. ”

From giving people nicknames, to running to catch the last benches to avoid the lecture, from those never-ending project reviews and submissions to the long awaited campus interviews. From bunking every chance you get to getting notes photocopied in the end, from sitting in the parking area with friends, to going on long drives. From not missing a single chance to visit the canteen, to stay away from the subject departments, from bunking all the boring classes to giving proxies. From cultural rehearsals to classroom practices, short term crushes to classroom blushes. A place where we had it all.

Bidding Adieu. Credits : Anusha

Bidding Adieu. Credits : Anusha

“It was a different morning, on the last working day of my college, because the thought of getting up for college brought a smile on my face. The bike ride to college was simply special, because it was probably my last bike ride with my best friend Ankit as a student. Seeing my friends getting emotional and cry as it was our last working day, made me laugh but down in my heart, even I felt the pain. I had an extra smile and watery eyes when we took pictures. Good byes, hugs with all my close ones felt like receiving salvation.” Says Anuj Bardia, from MNM Jain Engineering College, Chennai. He adds, “I am sure texting would never be so entertaining during work, the way it was during classes, bunking office could never make me as happy as when I bunked college, jumping the college wall. Yes, I’m happy that I am an engineer now but sad that I am not a student anymore. I will miss my college, my friends, and my college life. In future, the engineer I have become might not rock, but the making of the engineer will truly rock. Cheers guys!”

Before you leave to make it big in the real world, don’t forget those who helped you reach this point. Take the time to thank those professors who found the time to make a difference in your college career. Visit that department one last time or write a thank-you note to the teacher, and let them know that you appreciated it. Show them that you care; it will go a long way.

Sonia Chimnani, a final year student from Bhavans Vivekananda College says, “When we were in first year, we wanted to be in final year. Now in final year, we all want to be in the same first year again. Life is strange! Finally it’s time to say goodbye. It couldn’t have ended any better. Still I wish it never had to end. I’m really gona miss these days. I’m going to miss my college days!”

Thank You Teachers. Credits : Poonam Jain

Thank You Teachers. Credits : Poonam Jain

As you bid adieu to your Alma matter, you leave with moist eyes and a heavy heart that does not want to part! Memories of the past three years spent in shall hold close to your hearts till you breathe your last!

Priyanka Rathore a final year student from St. Francis College for Women says, “Finally the day which I had feared the most had arrived – last day of my college life. The biggest fear in my mind was that my life was about to change and I was not sure whether I will be able to cope with it. I was apprehensive that will my friends and will I be the same again as we were in college. Will we ‘gup-shup’ the same again in future. We all will lead different paths and I wonder whether our paths will cross again at some point in future. Even if our paths cross, will we be able to do the same masti as we did in college. I have to accept that there will only be memories.”

A message to fellow youngsters:-

Youth is the time for limitless challenges;
Nevertheless, it’s the time to discover your innate potential;
Dive into your struggle headlong;
And emerge victorious in each endeavor;
Embracing the don of endurance;
Become the suns of your families, workplace and the society!

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