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A Cool Shirt on a hot summer day! Credits : Ankit Madaan

A Cool Shirt on a hot summer day! Credits : Ankit Madaan

So, summers are here! It’s the time of the year when lemonade replaces most of the water bottles! Now, when the season changes, there’s one question that comes up in our mind, “What should I wear now?” Well, read on to find the answer!

On the turn of a new season, most of us don’t approve of what our wardrobe has. Everywhere you see filmstars and models, wearing beautiful things which are usually not worth the price tag they come with. You look into your closet and everything looks like you’ve worn it a dozen times. What do you do? Revamp! Summer means bright, sunny, tanning, and of course, being cool when it’s all hot around you. It’s that time of the year when you get out of your thick leather and fur jackets and get into those short, easy and cooler clothes. This summer has a lot to offer in terms of fashion, be it for men, women, or teenagers!

Get funky with flip-flops! Credits : Blending Words

Get funky with flip-flops! Credits : Blending Words

Ladies, heading out to party on a summer night? Get your hands on a toga dress; long or short, the choice is yours. Pair it up with a pair of flats, stilettos or even wedges, and you be will a complete head turner without putting in much effort, the dress does all the talking. Going pink and cute is ‘in’ this season so don’t be afraid to get that pink frock with some bow or even hearts on it, flaunt a little love and go girly! Put away dark, depressing shades and bring in the bright in the fruity ones. Lemon, raspberry, papaya; all these soft shades are ‘in’ so make sure you get some of these! One of the trends that haven’t faded with the winters is animal prints. They’re still popular, so get bold, get those funky prints! Semi-formal is the way to go this party season.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Short skirts, shorts, capris, they’re all in! Prints are in, so don’t be afraid to combine and experiment with them, and create a new and confident look. When it comes to accessories, go bold! Every girl has an accessory in her wardrobe which has a bold, not-to-be-missed look to it. Don’t be afraid to wear it this season, whether it’s a chunky necklace, a bright bag, or funky heels. Another unavoidable accessory are sunglasses! One cannot do without them. They are available in different colours, styles, and shapes. With variety available, you can create different looks depending upon the occassion.

Ashruti Shah, a Fashion Designing student at NIFT, says, “Asymmetrical short haircuts, aviators, shorts in funky colours, loose and sheer shirts, flip flops, cotton frocks etc. are all the right choice this summer! These days even harems with short tops are new and popular.”

Crocs! Credits : Ankit Madaan

Crocs! Credits : Ankit Madaan

Zainab Malik, from St. Francis College says, “Well, the word ’summer’ sounds so cool and easy to pronounce, but its effects are not so cool and easy! While its summer, the most important thing is to keep the colours in mind. Bright, sober and light colours work well during the season. Go with green, yellow, orange, pink and white. I basically avoid dark colours.”

Afshan Ahmed, a student at Hamstech Institute of Fashion Designing, says, “More of the prints, floral skirts teamed up with tank tops will rock and then you have linen finely stitched pants. Jeans are a big no for me this summer.”
Deepika Phakke, Placement Ambassador at BMS III, St Francis College says, “White is THE colour of the season, for it brings not just mental peace in this scorching sun, but is also simple, comfortable and hip. Could be as simple as wearing white tee shirts or white cropped pants, accessorised appropriately so as to not miss out on the fashion factor. Summer collections at Splash, Wardrobe, Globus etc. have never disappointed me! So you don’t really have to watch out what you wear this summer because ‘keeping it simple’ is the mantra this season!”

Kurti and Jeans, one of the most comfortable and popular trends. Credits : Blending Words

Kurti and Jeans, one of the most comfortable and popular trends. Credits : Blending Words

Kainath Saima, a homemaker, says, “Simplicity is a sign of elegance, but by nature every woman wants to keep in step with fashion. Since summer is the season of flowers, floral prints will add some cheer to the wearer. One can wear bright colours in ganji and pair it with shorts and flip flops for casual wear and short skirts are best for parties. People who don’t wear western clothes should go with soft cotton or linen suits.”

Now, coming to guys, bright shades, checks, and the evergreen t-shirts are in. Different types of caps are available, so pick them depending upon what suits your style. Dull colours, millitary shades, browns are all out. Experiment with colours, but make sure you don’t overdo it and end up looking funny. For college students, shoes can take a backseat for a while and slippers can come in. Many brands have introduces new kind of footwear exclusively for men.

Ankit Madaan, a Journalism student from TIAS, Indraprastha University, New Delhi, says, “Well, I’m planning to wear some light shades of pink shirts or sky blue tees because pink is in, and blue makes me feel cool! As it is, the world cup fever is on as well, so ‘bleeding blue’ will be my mantra for kicking the starting stone for summers! It’s a good idea to equip your closet with a few casual t-shirts, as well as a few formal shirts. Ensure that the items are made out of light, breathable materials-such as cotton or linen. Also, wear shirts that flatter your skin tone. Crocs are my all time favourite summer slippers! Try clubbing your clothes with different colours of crocs! Team up suitably, and there you are, all set for a summer splash!”

Musharaf Hussain, graduating from St. Mary’s and Business Development Manager-e2labs, says, “When it comes to summer I only prefer light colours in clothing like white, cream, light blue, dusty brown in cotton or linen which also give you a elegant and royal look and shades are always on when I’m out. When it comes to a haircut, I would suggest it to be short and spikey rather than long hair. Footwear in leather would be irritating and uncomfortable, so it is better to go with converse, or anything which protects your feet from the heat and is comfortable at the same time.”

Go Casual. Credits : Akram Hussain

Go Casual. Credits : Akram Hussain

Many colleges have restrictions when it comes to clothing. So here are opinions of some college students as to what they plan to wear this summer.

Safa Faheem, a student of Shadan College, says, “Summer reminds me that I desperately need to shop! Come summers, white is the way to go! Layered stuff, colours, scarves, stoles, shoes, canvases, tight clothes and leather items, all need to be ditched this season! I’m going to go for colours that are soothing and cooling, like yellow and light blue. Flip flops are in and very comfortable. Accessories should be limited, but goggles are highly important, can’t do without them in summer! Metallic shades and smokey make up is a total no. Shorts, capris, sleeveless and even micro sleeved tops are good but make sure what you’re wearing is loose and airy. Button down shirts are my personal favourite.”

White is the way to go, soft and cool! Credits : Blending Words

White is the way to go, soft and cool! Credits : Blending Words

Harsha Khandelwal, a student of St. Francis College for Women, says, “Personally I like the colours white and orange, and they’re in too. A plain tee or a light coloured one on jeans teamed up with a traditional dupatta is very casual, yet cool.”
Mehreen Saman, a student of Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy, says, “I’ll go for casuals, wearing cool soothing colours like white, blue, and other light colours. If something Indian, I’ll go for cotton or linen.”

Gyandeep Kaur, pursuing BBA from Avalon Aviation says, “According to me, fashion not only makes a woman look trendy, but also improves her self confidence. I check out almost everywhere to get for the kind of stuff. Places like malls, exhibitions and of course at markets like Charminar, Sultanbazaar and Sindhi colony too because I don’t want to miss all the funky things out there!”

Nasra Fatima, a student of Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy, says, “Well at least at the college I go to, most girls dress casual. I would just think simple and casual with a touch of classy, maybe a cute white flowy top and some sandals or maybe some cute flats.”

With so many new trends, and a little bit of creativity, one can make a style statement for sure this summer. So, open your wardrobe, or go shopping if you need to! Remember, some of the most stylish people around, are wearing some version of the same thing all the time. True style has nothing to do with clothes and everything to do with how you wear them.

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