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Welcome to Fakeville! 01

If ‘Farmville’ and ‘Fishville’ are making rounds on ‘Facebook’ of the virtual world, ‘Fakeville’ is making rounds in most places of the real world. We’ve been taught enough about adulteration and also, camouflage of products in the market in our primary classes back at school. But we might not have found enough examples of these then… it is now that we find plentiful of them all around. Welcome to ‘Fakeville’ Fakeville – the place where a great many articles and products ape and dupe the originals to boost their... Read→

‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players‘ is from a well known ballad by Shakespeare. The great dramatist categorizes in a mere few lines the different phases of a man’s life, and life takes a sharp turn where the ambitious, but carefree youth is transformed into a responsible individual. At this point of time, be it man or woman, the person often recalls the reminiscences of the past…cherishes some and sometimes may even repent for what the person could have potentially become instead of what he or she... Read→

‘School of Sports’ at BIET 01

“Sound Mind in a Sound Body” is a famous quote by Swami Vivekananda. If things other than academics and high scores are not so important in today’s ‘race-ahead’ world of college education, it sure is a tad misconception at BIET! There are quite a few things considered as equally important, if not more, on its campus. Right after a dusty welcome on the offer from the super-dusty roads similar to the entrance of an artillery base of the game ‘Call of Duty’ leading to its campus, can one find a gate (gate is just the way they refer to... Read→

Starved of Fresh Air 04

Somewhere in the west of  Latin America, the curly haired shepherd boys engrossed in midday frolic have their bodies ‘cleanly’ covered-up by ‘mud’ in the wet, sandy lands… making them look all the more attractive while the sheep sunk happily in the grasses nearby, that were set to graze on. If soaking up in mud seemed frolic there, it’s abhorrence for people, who are forcibly soaked up with the mix of dust and other noxious emissions in the cities here in Hyderabad. Each morning, just as the bright sun ascends up the sky, every street... Read→

Doomsday 2012-Apocalyptic Tale Or Apocryphal Story?01

“Alas! The world ends on the 21st of December 2012.” ; “Repent! For, the end is so near!” are among the few quotes that speak of a dark mystery. But yet, it also makes people across the globe ponder, “Is this Doomsday a myth or a certainty?” This is what makes it the most mystique subject spoken of these days. Similar statements of this nature are an anathema for those, who take them for real as doomsday defines the end of all creation (no matter how logically or tragically!). While the doomsday phenomenon is rebutted as baseless and... Read→

Republic Day Celebrations at ‘Bharat’  01

We are indebted to our gallant forefathers, who defied the ruthless might of the British oppressors and sacrificed everything during the freedom struggle. We salute all of them – the sung and the unsung heroes – with utmost reverence and gratitude. Those great souls not just thought of the un-thinkable and achieved the un-achievable. Yes, they contributed a lot more in the aftermath of that epic victory! Not just achieving sovereignty to the nation, those visionaries ensured that we had a unique ‘constitution’, which promised all rights... Read→

Trendy, down to the feet 01

It’s every youth’s desire to look more attractive and stylish by each passing day. For them, age is mere numbers. If only, getting busier, knowledgeable and coming of age is all the very important, “Style and Substance go hand in hand” they say. More so, it’s nothing new or wrong to become a lavish spendthrift on apparel or accessories in a bid to look better and feel confident. In the sense, every girl would like to receive the stares of the Adonis or the latter to make an impression on the former. So, all they need is alluring apparel,... Read→

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