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Filling the application forms. Credits : La Fing After a stressful school year, there is no doubt that as a high school student you need a break. However, riding the waves during the day and hanging out with your friends at night may seem like the perfect way to spend your vacation, but not when you may have to answer the following question on a college application: “Describe what you did this past summer and the summer before that.” After completing school, there is always the anticipation of joining college and enjoying life with greater freedom.... Read→

It's time to concentrate - Exam Time. Credits : La Fing It’s that time of the year when every student wants to get done with the burden, attend college and make sure that their name is not there in the shortage list. They wish to get their hall tickets and start preparing for their exams. People say, “Exams are a necessary evil”. They are ‘necessary’ since until now no other alternative method has been adopted universally and ‘Evil’ because most people shiver by the name. Vidhi Jain, a second year student from Picasa College says,... Read→

Bidding Adieu

By La Fing On April - 16 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Funky Fun with Friends. Credits : La Fing Remember your first day in college? Your first day in college was a long awaited one since you were a child you wanted to be there. But it was difficult to adjust in college for a few days, new place, and new faces. You were not aware of anything that was going on there, a new environment wherein you had to adjust. Poonam Jain, a final year student from St. Francis College for Women, says, “Every day was a new day, a new learning. This place has transformed me and helped me grow as an individual. It just... Read→

World Cup Mania. Credits : La Fing Time will come to a still. Everyone’s looking anxious, excited and a little nervous praying for a win. It’s March 30th and the time 2.30 p.m. The stadium is full with thousands screaming, screens turned on buzzing with commercials, radios tuned in not to miss a single second of the event. Everything is ready, everyone has taken their positions and places to witness what has always been not only a game, because when it’s India and Pakistan playing on the field it’s more than just a game. “In 1992 a young... Read→

Holi Hai!

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Adding Colours to Life. Credits: La Fing With the commencing of spring comes the festival of colors. It’s time to paint the country again, with ‘gulal’ and ‘aabir’. A festival that brings about abundance of love and life, music and dance, play and fun all mixed together in the beautiful bright colors. A fun filled boisterous festival that brings everyone together and creates a reason to celebrate. A spring festival of fertility and harvest, it glorifies good harvest and fertility of land. The new crop refills the stores in every household... Read→

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