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X-men Origins, Terminator Salvation, Transformers – Revenge of the fallen, Bolt, Ice Age 3, New york, Kambhakht Ishq, Pista, Kiss and many more. Go to a multiplex and the choice one has is limitless. There are so many movies to watch and so less time left in the holidays. One must have already watched a couple of movies in this long list and now must be feeling the urge to watch a couple more. Young guys go to the ticket counter and ask for the tickets to the latest flick, its all right till then but when the wallet is out, there is nothing... Read→


“To Alcohol! The cause of and the solution to Life’s all problems” – Homer J Simpson (Nuclear plant worker, father of three and an alcoholic by choice) Students! Today we will study about alcohol said the lecturer and all the guys were rapt with attention. The word alcohol was like the elixir of life in that boring class, which had almost killed all the students. All daydreamers had started having  visions of themselves holding a glass of amber liquid and three or four hot chicks surrounding them sitting on the armrests... Read→

beating the heat MVSR

Summer holidays for students are synonymous with parties, movies and lazy summer afternoon siestas. While most of us do give in to these little pleasures that we so yearn for during our semester months, there is a group of students in MVSREC, who believe that summer is just a waste of time. They rather do a lot of productive work for college than spend time at home watching friends or soap opera reruns. We are talking about the dynamic student cabinet of the MVSR campus connect or better known as the MCC. Even as the entire college has just begun... Read→

Ragging MVSR

A fresh under-graduate student, just out of the crowded clasrooms of Intermediate in corporate institutions, may be excited to join an Engineering college and start a new chapter of his or her life, but for one niggling recurring thought – Ragging. For all the anti-ragging measures taken by the college mangement and all the claims made by the police and the government, the truth is that ragging does exist. VidYouth investigates to what extent ragging takes place in colleges in and around Hyderabad. For all of you, who don’t still know... Read→

MVSR Campus Connect

By Major Payne On December - 17 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Change is constant.This is an inherent truth,but living in India and studying in an engineering college has taught most of us at least one thing over the years and that is  that change is impossible.We all belong to a generation of people with the “Chalta Hai ” attitude  that has been hardwired into our cerebral hemispheres.We follow what  other people do.Yet there is an elite group that dares do something different and follow an offbeat path, not knowing where their journey will take them. There is such a group of  young upcoming... Read→

No. the title is not about students of Hyderabad committing suicide. It s about students, especially those in engineering colleges, and their torturous journeys to their colleges in the APSRTC buses. Living in Hyderabad has really taught me many things, and one of them is not to be surprised when you see students and people hanging onto each other on the footboard, while the driver zooms at the top speed singing along to popular Telugu songs blaring down from the radio. It is perfectly natural and totally cool. Its not that every day I think about... Read→

Some times in our lives we get attached to certain people, sometimes to certain things or it may be certain places. This got me thinking about, what in our small but significant college life is the dearest to us. What is the thing that attracts us the most towards it? What is it that makes the routine grinding that we as students undergo a little less unbearable? What is it that brings us closer to our friends? So many questions! So thinking what means  the most to me in my college , frankly it is not easy because I don’t think much on the first... Read→

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