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The New York Times calls him ‘The biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history’ and the International Herald Tribune says ‘…Bhagat has touched a nerve with young Indian readers and acquired almost cult status.’ Chetan Bhagat, since the debut of his first novel in 2004, has become a name to reckon with in India, not only as a novelist but also as a youth icon. With his fourth book, 2 States – The Story of My Marriage just released, his popularity is continuing to shoot up. “Chetan Bhagat has made it really big... Read→


“Every time I open a book, a new world opens up to me. I feel like I am transported into the world of the characters and am watching the events unfold right before me. It doesn’t matter even if the book was written a hundred years ago or that people these days don’t talk like that. A good author can make you believe anything. It’s that kind of power that books hold”, says Divya, 19, talking about what she thinks about books and their impact on her. She adds that reading is an extremely important affair to her as it helps her become aware... Read→


The lecturers are adamant that the students carry them to every class, the students would do anything to get away from them and they, in this tussle, lie in the libraries and shops with layers of dust settled on them. What are being referred to here? What else, but the nemesis of every student and the survival secret of lecturers: THE TEXTBOOKS. Come July, and it’s that time of the year again when students are forced to give into the lecturers demands and throng to the bookshops for the best possible (used, cheapest) deals on their textbooks.... Read→


“I’m so happy that I can finally watch Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham on the big screen. My friends and I couldn’t watch many Bollywood movies in the vacation and it was such a disappointment. The fact that they’re releasing now, after the colleges have reopened doesn’t matter, as long as I can watch them. I missed going to the movies so much and I can’t wait to start my movie-watching spree”, says Nidhi, a 19 year old, who shares the same excitement as many around her. The absence of movies from the theatres for... Read→

A New Beginning?

By Rouge Wave On June - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

With the summer vacation getting over for most of the colleges in the city, a new academic year has begun. And with the onset of it comes the eagerness to return to college, the excitement of meeting friends again, the zeal to bunk more often, the unsought baggage of complex and tougher subjects and the chaos of the first day.  A new year means a new beginning and new beginnings always lead to a whole new set of rules and restrictions in colleges, most of which, only get higher on the ‘strictness meter’. And that is precisely what one saw... Read→


When you walk into ‘Emerald Mithai Shop’ opposite Ramakrishna Math (Lower Tankbund), you are in for a surprise. This ‘small’ shop sends out a ‘big’ message. One look around and you’ll know why. Beside the famous Moti Choor Ladoos, Gulab Jamuns, Rasmalais and Jalebis, you see walls that are covered with paintings of nature, photos of kids participating in eco-projects, certificates of awards, stacks of files, folders and paper bags. A little unusual, isn’t it? But when you meet the owner, Mr. Vijayaram (who is also an artist),... Read→


“I think everyone will, without a doubt, have a sucky boss in the future and unfortunately, the boss is always right and so is the senior. You have to put up with the seniors to learn to manage a really rough boss. All the ragging shapes us pretty well to put up with bad bosses in the future”, says Bharat, a 3rd year B.Com student who likes to call it, ‘The Theory of Surviving Ragging’. The views on ragging differ from one person to the other, and so do the reactions. While some people enjoy it and see the lighter side of it, the others... Read→


Chances are that if you have heard the name of Badruka College of Commerce, you’ve probably heard it associated with someone you know (parents, relatives or family friends) having had studied in it. “Back in those days, Badruka was one of the very few commerce colleges in the city and had a huge crowd of students. We had very experienced lecturers who should be credited largely for shaping us into successful individuals. It was a very popular college then and I guess it still is because my niece is now studying there nearly 40 years later.”... Read→

The Taliban Look. Credit: Rouge Wave With temperatures threatening to rise with each passing day and cross the 45 degrees Celsius mark, things are heating up in the city, quite literally too. The running of fans and the coolers all day long don’t seem to be bringing much of a respite and ACs are being bought like never before, the monstrous electricity bills not deterring people at all. People across the city, young and old, are doing everything within their power to reduce the effects of the blistering summer. But even the sweltering heat isn’t... Read→


Connect the following: Saving up pocket money to buy them, non-stop discussions on them, fantasizing about saving the world from the clutches of evil, collecting their action figures, re-reading them until the pages have dog ears, marks and creases and for some, being downright obsessed with them. The answer to it is that these are the qualities found in Comics’ fans all across the world. We most likely started reading them because a kid in school had brought them or because an elder sibling thought they were the coolest things and we wanted... Read→

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