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“The forbidden fruit is sweet. But the ones you order here are better. So come along with the apple of your eye and have the time of your life. Deep down you know that love is the fruit of marriage. You place the order and you learn patience might be bitter but the fruits are delicious. Take a sip and leave the world behind. You know it is only the tasty fruits that attract the wasps. The fruits refresh you and you are your sunny self again. What you give to others bears fruit for yourself. You walk out with a smile and a song. The philosophy... Read→

Is farmville fast turning into farmkille 01

It’s 2 am in the night at a hyderabadi suburb and an alarm goes off to wake up Pranay Reddy, a bespectacled boy studying B.tech at Malla Reddy engineering college. He immediately wakes up, rushes to his desktop and starts harvesting crops to sell them at the market! He again ploughs his field and sows seeds of a variety of crops before going back to bed, all with a few clicks of the mouse. This is not a trailer of the next James Cameron movie, this is an extract from the life of every other ‘Farmville’ addict. If one doesn’t know what... Read→

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