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Filling the application forms. Credits : La Fing After a stressful school year, there is no doubt that as a high school student you need a break. However, riding the waves during the day and hanging out with your friends at night may seem like the perfect way to spend your vacation, but not when you may have to answer the following question on a college application: “Describe what you did this past summer and the summer before that.” After completing school, there is always the anticipation of joining college and enjoying life with greater freedom.... Read→

It's time to concentrate - Exam Time. Credits : La Fing It’s that time of the year when every student wants to get done with the burden, attend college and make sure that their name is not there in the shortage list. They wish to get their hall tickets and start preparing for their exams. People say, “Exams are a necessary evil”. They are ‘necessary’ since until now no other alternative method has been adopted universally and ‘Evil’ because most people shiver by the name. Vidhi Jain, a second year student from Picasa College says,... Read→

As soon as the engineering students step into the college and start taking the feel of the college life they are flooded with questions and immense pressure. Recalling the first day in CM Engineering college  Meera Nair says, “I still remember the first day of my college where in all the classes there was one common question asked by all the lecturers who entered and that was ‘WHAT’S AFTER B-TECH?’ and I was left with nothing except of saying that I want to become an Engineer and do job in a software company.” Similarly, majority of the... Read→

What is Co-education ? Co-Ed Schools credits: Prakrit Desai Co-education is a system of educating boys and girls together. In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece. Today, this system of education is there in almost all the countries of the world. It is economical. It generates a spirit of comradeship between boys and girls. They learn to respect one another. Though a few conservative people are against this system, their views do not hold ground. In ancient India also, there was no segregation between boys and girls in the Aryan... Read→

Education seems to play a key role influencing student migration in the developing countries. Advertisement in newspapers, credit-sunshine recruiter However, when one nation becomes a substantial net exporter of academic talent, a “brain drain” condition is said to occur. High level educated individuals from poor countries to the rich ones causing the so called “Brain Drain”. Unemployment is the main reason for it because students do not finds jobs soon after their studies and money could be the most important criteria. After completing... Read→

Ragging the Social and Pyscological Evil of college goers. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

Life of an engineering student starts with one simple question – whether or not to take engineering as a studying option. The only problem which persists along the due course of study is that during all the ruckus and other important things, students forget the sole essence of studying engineering. Mrs. Sheetal Tara, mother of two college going kids shares her part of agony, “Before the admissions there were issues with admissions, counselling, and the availability of seats in the so-called reputed colleges, but once the kids get admissions... Read→

Pappu Pass Ho Gaya? credits:Charan Panchwati

Change! The only thing constant in this world is change. Ever since the big bang, the universe is evolving. And so are the humans. From starting the fire to inventing cryogenic rocket fuel cells, man’s desire for creating a better world around him has kept him on the apex of the ecological pyramid. And it was the will for change that made man evolve, switching from letter to email and moving from telegrams to cell phone. The human race has come a long way absorbing new colors and appreciating new flavors around, and as it moved, there were many... Read→

There is nothing so great about an educated man if you ask him something related to the education he is perceived to be in. The clock ticks and students follow their way to their colleges. After spending tiresome long hours in institutes, most of them are found rushing out with their daily curriculum in their respective schedules so as to compete with rest of the world. “In some of the cases I do accept that mugging up is of real importance, but not always. This is misinterpreted by many students, who start mugging up without even trying to... Read→

Workshop for Faculty and Students at MRIET 01

“A fact is a simple statement that everyone believes. It is innocent, unless found guilty. A hypothesis is a novel suggestion that no one wants to believe. It is guilty, until found effective.” said Edward Teller. The statement depicts the importance of science. Science is everywhere around us. From the pen to the plane, everything is a scientific advancement. It becomes necessary for young graduates to keep note of the advancements in sciences, which actually cheers one’s potential to find new. Science and technology plays a predominant role... Read→

CAT caught in a Mouse

Has CAT become a game of luck? Will IIMs no longer have the cream? For the first time CAT was conducted online where the IIMs had chosen the Prometric ETS to conduct the computer based exam. This change in the pattern, technically called as non adaptive test where the students have to be aware of the basic computer skills which by practice would make the students comfortable to reading, comprehending and answering the questions for 3 hours. CAT 2009 seems to be no tough deal for Hyderabad students. Officials of the city-based coaching classes claim... Read→

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