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MNR Ragging woes

By reporter On April - 28 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS
MNR Ragging woes 01

All of us come across numerous ragging incidents in colleges, especially in the medical colleges. It may be verbal abuse, sexual harassment, physical or mental torture and might also end up costing the student’s life. Ragging is not new to the students of medical colleges like MNR. In the name of ragging, students in MNR are forced to do sit-ups, their mobiles are taken away to kill their privacy, their tiffin boxes are eaten by the seniors, they are made to bunk classes and asked to dance in a vulgar fashion. They are also compelled to purchase... Read→

A Cool Shirt on a hot summer day! Credits : Ankit Madaan So, summers are here! It’s the time of the year when lemonade replaces most of the water bottles! Now, when the season changes, there’s one question that comes up in our mind, “What should I wear now?” Well, read on to find the answer! On the turn of a new season, most of us don’t approve of what our wardrobe has. Everywhere you see filmstars and models, wearing beautiful things which are usually not worth the price tag they come with. You look into your closet... Read→

Party Invite. Credits; Poker Face It was not what could be called an ideal day for partying. The sun was hot outside; the room was sultry inside… But who cares!! It was a day to remember throughout their life for the juniors. After all it was their fresher’s party!! The second years in Sri Devi Women’s Engineering College came together to host the fresher’s party for the first years, welcoming them into their family. ‘‘After a lot of arguments and discussions with the Principal, we finally agreed on separate parties for each... Read→

On the eve of Annual day Credits:Rabble Rouser Beginning from school, college and university or almost all educational institutions have incorporated the Annual Day function as a compulsory celebration in their curriculum.  These institutes choose this an opportunity to exhibit the the talents in their possession, catering to different walks of life  and encouraging them to be an asset to the nation. The beam of laughter, the tears of sorrow, the hard work, appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown begins for the most awaited day. On... Read→

Students Dozing!! The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, interlude, a day for resting! It is the day when we usually indulge in our favorite pastimes…we cherish this day. But, all thanks to the rather ridiculous ‘BANDHS’ declared by the parties demanding a separate TELANGANA state ,many of the engineering colleges have declared even Sundays as working days,leave alone giving the second Saturdays as holidays which is the usual practice. After having to wake up everyday,early in the mornings in these cold... Read→

BLITZCREIG HAND DRAWN POSTER; Credits:: Stupendous Calvin College Fests and Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology ( MJCET ) go hand in hand.  The Biennial ADSOPHOS is a perfect example for the craze created by the fest at MJCET. The year 2010 too had its own bag full of events up for grabs. A reputed college, a picturesque campus and loads of energetic students make up the fest at the college we proudly call ” MJ” .  The two day event comprised of a mosaic of events put together. The various engineering departments organised... Read→

Masti all de way Credits: Marianne Tulia Farewells are always a hard affair for the graduating students who are obliged to leave their formal education and step into the real world. The separation from friends and teachers are a part of the parcel and to take up the responsibilities of the adult world, a duty. Varuna Jagganne shares her thoughts about the experiences as a student of O.U.C.W “Initially when I joined the college, I had a negative reaction to it but now I can’t believe that I spent three years here. I’m quite sad about leaving... Read→

hi5 hangouts at mrcet_01

College days are when the party is mostly outside the college. More so , when it comes to the Malla Reddy Group of Institutions!Keeping with that trend, students at MRCET campus make merry in some places more often than the others , the hangouts as people call them. So here they are …..the high-five hangouts at MRCET campus. MRCET  Canteen:  Can you imagine life at a college without the canteen? The answer is no. Who wouldn’t want to be making spicy conversations with friends while relishing hot and spicy manchuria parallely? The MRCET... Read→

When asked about the fashion arena of people, nearly 70% of the teens would use their medulla oblongata for thinking about the actresses and models who are rated as top 10 hottest and sexiest females as per the international countdown…  We are in the twenty first century – a time where people are most concerned about what Mallika Sherawat , Udita Goswami  or John Abraham would be wearing (or would be doing….whatsoever ) in their next film.. A Beautiful Rangoli At The Entrance Credits: Engel Tatiana As the youngsters of India are forgetting... Read→

Pharmacy Building Credit: Receptive Saturn

Sree Dattha Institutions has commendable credentials in the field of Education by producing more than 1000 quality professionals every year under the auspices of Mr. G. Panduranga Reddy, Founder Secretary with his dynamism, cosmopolitan thinking, and probably the only possible chairman who had taken great deal of risk in changing the college from Narayanpet to Ibrahimpatnam (Hyderabad), previously known as Narayanpet Institutions of Technology and Science (NITS) for the sake of students’ well being. His success can be attributed to the fact... Read→

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