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MNR Ragging woes

By reporter On April - 28 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS
MNR Ragging woes 01

All of us come across numerous ragging incidents in colleges, especially in the medical colleges. It may be verbal abuse, sexual harassment, physical or mental torture and might also end up costing the student’s life. Ragging is not new to the students of medical colleges like MNR. In the name of ragging, students in MNR are forced to do sit-ups, their mobiles are taken away to kill their privacy, their tiffin boxes are eaten by the seniors, they are made to bunk classes and asked to dance in a vulgar fashion. They are also compelled to purchase... Read→

Kurtis-Tops-T's nothing should be banned for college goers. Credits: Sourav Das

Derailed were the fantasies of the students of CMEC when there came a new rule of  “No T-shirts” in the college. Banning T-shirts seems to be the most frivolous rule ever. “After spending years in school wearing uniforms, the non-uniform rule in college is an opportunity to assert our independence. Atleast college life shouldn’t impose any restrictions on clothes”, says a disappointed Atisha Mathur, a student from IT. The rule of not wearing T-shirts is happening to be the most unwillingly accepted rule where every other student is just... Read→

Campur Drive @Sri indu 01

The campus of Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology was screaming with huge banners, cut outs and everyone craned for a view.  The huge banner welcoming the delegates for campus drive was towering above all.  Companies like Gen Pact, Mahindra Satyam, GE Money, Dell and Bloom Soft Technologies were to grace Sri Indu campus.  The campus was spruced up and shamianas were put up as large a number of students were expected to turn up.  The ‘Campus’ Drive was on for two days i.e. on 25th and 26th of March 2010.  All the 4th year students... Read→

In memory of Phani and Pavan

It may have been yet another accident for many in the city but it changed the life of every person associated with Narra Phani Girish, a 3rd year CSE student of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology  and A. Pavan Kumar, a 2nd year CSE student from the same college when both of them met with a fatal accident on their way to college from ECIL on 26th February, 2010. This ghastly incident took place at Rampally Cross Roads near Ghatkesar when the bike they were traveling on directly hit a DCM van coming in the opposite direction. It was Phani... Read→

Education in Telangana 01

It was a pleasant Tuesday morning when students headed to the college, geared up for work after a long spell of “holidays”. Soon, the lecturers were giving enthusiastic lectures to the students, trying to inspire them to be more creative and students in turn, were absorbing whatever they could from the lectures. The aftereffects of leisure were evident from the hunger for work. The students were not even drowsy with the lectures when, suddenly, the whole college was startled by a group of people screaming at the top of their lungs.... Read→

bus party

A new college, professional atmosphere and an entirely new environment gives a warm sense of greeting a fresher. Leaving behind the hangovers of inter-college and the happiness of having secured a seat in an engineering college gives one a real high. Each and every student looks forward eagerly, with a dash of nervous anticipation for the very first day at college. After a very long vacation and lazy mornings stretched to good afternoons, one is forced to wake up to the ‘rooster’s call’!.The excitement of the first day to college... Read→

Human Chain at CMRCET 01

The classes were going on as usual, but students were expecting some sought of band so that they can enjoy, as the whole week had bands. Students  in the college were listening to the lectures and jotting down the running notes, suddenly they could hear some sounds to be more clear some slogans supporting Telangana agitation. But all thought it was just a feeling not true for the fact that the college was away from the city. They thought it was just some students shouting , even as supplementary exams  were taking place students were... Read→

Importance of softskills.IMG_03

After a turbulent situation with the ‘TELANGANA’ issue in the state, things now certainly seem to be under control. This for sure, has created an atmosphere for most of the professional colleges to conduct technical fests. The most important fact is that, all the fests which were scheduled, got indefinitely postponed leaving the organizers disappointed. “We had planned to organize a technical fest in our college, but, the case seemed worse due to the frequent bandhs. This almost constructed a tower of babble in our minds. We lost... Read→

Protest @ JBIET

By Aura Unleashed On February - 28 - 2010 1 COMMENT
Protest at JBIET

A beautiful and a pleasant morning took off on a crimson note on 5th February, 2009 in the college premises. Students gathered in numerous groups and soon made one large one and started hollering slogans like “We want justice!” Most of the JNTU affiliated college are quite acclimatized with the changed college timings after the long break they got because of the bandhs and strikes by the telangana activists. The second semester, which was supposed to start in a week or two after the exams end, did not start, because of the strikes that... Read→

Turmoil Fetching Emotions in CMEC -02

“Sh…Maintain Silence” is the phrase that echoes in almost all the classes of CM Engineering College these days with few students turning up due to frequent bandhs and the prolonged postponements of examinations.  It is rather disturbing to see that the future of students is being treated so lightly and thus  effecting the fate of  students in a repulsive manner. The Telangana agitation appears to have gone into the hands of people who seem to have no interest in settlement. “The students have always played a key role in spearheading the... Read→

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