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A Cool Shirt on a hot summer day! Credits : Ankit Madaan So, summers are here! It’s the time of the year when lemonade replaces most of the water bottles! Now, when the season changes, there’s one question that comes up in our mind, “What should I wear now?” Well, read on to find the answer! On the turn of a new season, most of us don’t approve of what our wardrobe has. Everywhere you see filmstars and models, wearing beautiful things which are usually not worth the price tag they come with. You look into your closet... Read→

There is one thing that most of the youth is crazy about these days, it is ‘hookah’. People are making business worth thousands in the city hangouts out of the craze earned by this ancient remodeled smoking device. To start with, hookah is probably one of the biggest hit trends among the teenagers in the city for the past few seasons. There are countless number of coffee shops and hookah parlours with teenagers pouring into them once they are opened. With such dedicated hookah smokers and well attended newcomers, one doesn’t expect... Read→

Travelling in RTC bus is no joke. credits : Libran Dranzer Pushing and pulling, hell lot of people, fights over petty issues, foot-boarding and common man’s cheapest means of transport is called R.T.C (Road transport corporation) BUS! A journey for a little while in this bus takes one to an entirely different world. Methods of dealing with co-passengers and conductors are simply not normal, they are something very peculiar. A bus, which although has a definite schedule never arrives on time and is most often crowded, very rarely empty and... Read→

10 pm after the family supper everyone goes back to sleep. Mom sets the bed for Rohan already in the room, shuts the door behind her wishing him good night. Late night at 12 am she wakes up for a glass of water and finds light flashing under Rohan’s blanket. She moves to him to discover that her son is busy deleting the messages in his inbox. Yes! This is what today’s youth are on. Music, chatting, calls, games and what not does a cell phone today offers. It’s true that students are expected to find new ways over the older ones. Well, the... Read→

With V’day approaching, all the guys and gals, both college and school goers, are getting geared up to set the perfect date for their special someone. While guys are busy planning out the perfect place for the date, the gals are spending hours in front of the mirror to get the right ‘look’. Hotels, gift shops and pubs too make a great business by organizing special dinners for couples, theme nights, etc in the name of love. Are the youngsters today in a hurry to get into relationships? Is this love? Or is it the love with being... Read→

Spandana V care 1st Anniversery celebrations 01

V care,  a voluntary organization which cares for the differently abled children, organized a wonderful 1st year anniversary program named SPANDANA  at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan.The Chief Guest was Mr. Krishna Ranga Rao, MLA of Bobbili. The other delegates for the occasion included Shri P.V. Rajeshwar Rao, Ex-MP and son of Late Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao, Actress Telangana Shakuntala, Mr Daivagna Sharma, renowned numerologist, Ms Nirmala, Shri Madhusudhan Rao, Director or Doordarshan, Shri Krishna Kumar, The foyer of Hari Hara Kala Bhavan was filled... Read→

Love! The most powerful emotion! Credits: Mystical Vigilante

Handsome boy meets pretty girl, they fight in the beginning, then gradually, eyes meet and romance blooms, they fall madly in love and decide to get married, and in the end, they finally overcome all obstacles like the rich girl’s disapproving father and the cute boy’s over-possessive mother and live happily ever after! The quintessential Bollywood romantic movie has managed to tug at our heartstrings time and again. Love, the most powerful and passionate of all emotions, has been the cornerstone of many Bollywood films since time immemorial.... Read→

Aviation 01

“The sky is the limit,” is a an old saying which we all know. “The sky is my play ground and the cockpit is my office,” is what the pilots said at the INDIA AVIATION 2010 held in Hyderabad from 3rd march to 7th march. It is a prestigious event which takes place once in every two years and the City of Nawabs has successfully hosted this event for the second time. It is a huge event, an international exhibition on civil aviation where people from all over the globe flew down to the city to exhibit and witness the vast world of Civil Aviation.... Read→

TT Mania in TKR 01

Table tennis called ‘TT’ by the guys and described as a terribly annoying game by most girls . “annoying mostly because of the fact that guys don’t ever give us a chance to play” says Rivya Rao. Technically table tennis is  just a miniature version of lawn tennis played indoors. It is a totally fun game in which two or four players hit a hollow little ball back n forth. The game is controlled by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), founded in 1926. Since 1988, table tennis has been an Olympic sport which includes... Read→

It's a Crazy World

If Chetan Bhagat were to pen (or rather, MS word) this article, he’d have probably done away with the introduction by shooting his Let-Me-Tell-You-What-This-Article-Is-Not-About disclaimers, which would go something like — “This article is not a Coming-of-Age story of a nubile enchantress, it’s NOT a story of (just) three idiots, it’s not the story of ‘The Two States’ and it’s not a story.” It’s rather about the life of ventriloquists and puppets of today’s world. It’s about a lot more... Read→

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