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With V’day approaching, all the guys and gals, both college and school goers, are getting geared up to set the perfect date for their special someone. While guys are busy planning out the perfect place for the date, the gals are spending hours in front of the mirror to get the right ‘look’. Hotels, gift shops and pubs too make a great business by organizing special dinners for couples, theme nights, etc in the name of love. Are the youngsters today in a hurry to get into relationships? Is this love? Or is it the love with being... Read→

Public display of affection 01

Valentine’s day has just gone by and certainly has left its after effects which compel so many people (especially the one’s who think it’s a pure waste of time) to “think” about certain things like, ‘Why do people have to show so much affection on this particular day?’ And ‘Why do they have to show their affection publicly? ’Aren’t there better places to do it?’ and so on and so forth. While there are some who think this day should be a national holiday to express their love and affection to their loved one /“ones” (did... Read→

Youngistan 01

A country with over three-quarters of its population being young, on 26th January, 2010, turned 60 years as a YOUNG and sovereign nation. But what if the youth of this nation itself were a country? What if the ‘fundas’ of the young took the place of our fundamentals rights, and what if it was ‘for the young, by the young and to the young?’ How younger would have THAT 60 year-old sovereign nation been? Right to Equality “There’s always a cold war between the ‘front-benchers’ and the ‘back-benchers’ in our class,” says Srikanth... Read→

Doomsday 2012-Apocalyptic Tale Or Apocryphal Story?01

“Alas! The world ends on the 21st of December 2012.” ; “Repent! For, the end is so near!” are among the few quotes that speak of a dark mystery. But yet, it also makes people across the globe ponder, “Is this Doomsday a myth or a certainty?” This is what makes it the most mystique subject spoken of these days. Similar statements of this nature are an anathema for those, who take them for real as doomsday defines the end of all creation (no matter how logically or tragically!). While the doomsday phenomenon is rebutted as baseless and... Read→

United states of India 01

“Students taking up political sciences and geography are hereby warned that their syllabus would be under constant up gradation and changes, owing to various non ending amendments due to the fasts and rallies carried by political parties across the nation for the formation of newer smaller states” would be an apt introduction to any Social Studies Text Book. The day is not far when India will be known as UNITED STATES OF INDIA because, the list of new regions in demand of a separate state is growing exponentially, unrest in the masses has... Read→

Watch out for 01

“I swear this is the coolest channel on this damned idiot box, this simply rocks,” is what Anup Raj, an engineering student has to say about the MTV channel, which is probably the only channel which the youth of today watch on a very regular basis. “It’s an absolute time pass and truly entertaining,” says Rohit, a 3rd year student, vouching for his favorite TV channel. It’s not just MTV, but also channels like channel [V], VH1 top the favorites list of most students. Basically, it’s the VJs and the hosts of the channels that really... Read→

Celebrations Galore!

By Candy Floss On October - 11 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Celebrations Galore 01

“I’m proud to be an Indian! Not only because it is a country of rich tradition, heritage and culture but also for the fact that it is a huge secular state giving equal importance to all religions and festivals! And the best part of it being that we, the students, are given loads of holidays for every festival,” gushes Smrithi, another regular college goer, who finds her college extremely boring, of Hi-tech College of Engineering and Technology. From Nag Panchami to Navratri to Navroz, from Eid–ul–fitr to Easter, from Raksha Bandhan to... Read→

Couple Curriculum

By Ink Fairy On July - 17 - 2009 2 COMMENTS
topic 1

God made Adam and then God made Eve. But what God didn’t know he created, was the word ‘couple’ and what the couple themselves didn’t know was this unwritten order or ‘curriculum’ they follow as the stay together over a life span. The story starts very simple there is a boy and there is a girl, boy meets girl they fall in love and become a couple. This is the ‘the end’ for simplicity and a story more complex than the complex numbers of math begins! The fun part is to find out why. Read on… The couple religiously follow... Read→

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