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Celebrations In The City Credits: Engel Tatiana “Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargaadipi Garyiyasi” goes a famous Sanskrit saying which derives itself from a strong emotion of pride which says “Mother and motherland are the most prominent of the known.” Sixty years back, a salute of twenty one guns and unfurling of the Indian National flag by Dr. Rajendra Prasad heralded the historic birth of ‘The Indian Republic’, on 26th January 1950 i.e. 894 days after the country became dominion following the withdrawal of ‘the British Rule’. Since... Read→

‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players‘ is from a well known ballad by Shakespeare. The great dramatist categorizes in a mere few lines the different phases of a man’s life, and life takes a sharp turn where the ambitious, but carefree youth is transformed into a responsible individual. At this point of time, be it man or woman, the person often recalls the reminiscences of the past…cherishes some and sometimes may even repent for what the person could have potentially become instead of what he or she... Read→

Home Tuitions Credits: incredibleinditer It’s summer time  and   for few it’s the most boring part of  their college life as they can’t meet their friends frequently , but for few it’s the time  for some productive use of summer.  Part time jobs ! which has become a boon these days. Many youngsters are considering  it as a best option to keep themselves busy in the summer . There are many ways in which a youngster  can earn . The  reasons  for doing part time jobs are also many . Some do it to get rid of boredom . A few  do it... Read→

Brand History : Story behind Logos of World’s biggest Brand 01

What are brands? This question always haunts people, who buy branded clothes, accessories etc in malls. So what is a brand exactly?  A brand is something, which  is a name used to identify a product , service etc . From the  watches to the laptops, food , dresses, cosmetics everything a Youngistani wants in today’s world should be branded. It has become a fashion and passion of youth to adopt branded products. What is the story behind the various logos of the world’s biggest brands that we use in our day to day life?  As said often, first... Read→

“In spite of the red signal at a traffic junction begging you to stay put until it turns green, you choose to ignore it and speed away on your bike. WHAM!! You almost collide into an elderly person crossing the road and while you’re in a hurry to make a quick getaway, you hear the person muttering something about ‘Lack of Civic Sense among the youth today’. Wait a moment! When did we last hear the word ‘civic sense’? We must have last heard it when the social studies teacher at our school, in her belief that we would be growing up to... Read→

CAT caught in a Mouse

Has CAT become a game of luck? Will IIMs no longer have the cream? For the first time CAT was conducted online where the IIMs had chosen the Prometric ETS to conduct the computer based exam. This change in the pattern, technically called as non adaptive test where the students have to be aware of the basic computer skills which by practice would make the students comfortable to reading, comprehending and answering the questions for 3 hours. CAT 2009 seems to be no tough deal for Hyderabad students. Officials of the city-based coaching classes claim... Read→

Best companion 01

‘Novels’ are the best companions one can ever have. In today’s world youth are getting attracted to all kinds of bad activities like drugs, alcohol etc, books attract specially a large number of youngsters; it enhances the imaginative skills, gives pleasure and brings out a lot of enthusiasm.  A novel is a humanist development which is a long narrative in literary prose which looks at various complexities of life as lived in everyday and that is shown through a story. There is some sort of predicament and social conventions. Novels where... Read→

Bored Youngster of Moral and Religious Teachings Credits : Shruti Singhal] Trinity Trinity. Credits : Dynamic Warrior Spiritualism & Religious Sentimentality vs Atheism One’s belief in the supreme power be it the Almighty Lord or a life giving form of universal energy sometimes even termed as Bio-plasmic energy and so on has always been the most sensitive issue of all times. To define a fine line between the religious and spiritual aspects of human nature and its faith is a tough task but in recent times it has been catching fire... Read→

Young Egret

As the modern era of mankind entered into the new millennium, it brought with it not just hate, disbelief, war and criticism but also a ray of hope and patience to find out what lies beyond the numerical superstition. It was a calm and bright morning in Baghlingampally, one of the busiest parts of the city where hundreds of people are seen commuting everyday. The area is a beautiful example of urban lifestyle and undeniably one of the safest parts of the city to live in. It was on this beautiful morning of the year 2000 that Mr.Ravi, the supervisor... Read→

Child Labour

By Calpurnia Jane On July - 14 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
child labour 02

Although it is illegal, the problem of Child Labour continues to pose a challenge to the progress of the nation. The government has been taking various proactive measures to tackle this problem, but it requires concrete efforts from all sections of the society to make a dent in the problem. From washing used plates in a restaurant,  selling flowers or balloons on a traffic signal, working on a construction site to working in a house as servant 24*7, the child labour can be seen doing whatever he is asked to. Hundreds of kids work daily on nominal... Read→

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