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Hyderabadi – This word in general refers to a person residing in Hyderabad or belonging to the same or both, depending on how the person wishes to be called. While some people find it cool to be addressed as a ‘Hyderabadi’, the others prefer not be called by that because of the “not-so-dignified” feeling it gives. Chicken Biryani in Irani hotels, the sparkling choodi bazaar, special Haleem, the Charminar and the ultra-famous Golconda fort, there are infinitely many tags that define Hyderabad. With a population of more than 4 million... Read→

Fashion Trends @ Mini India 01

“From the Kashmiri shawls to the Rajasthan bangles, From chikan kurtis of Lucknow to the Bengal cotton sarees and tote bags of Kolkata, one can surely inhale the environment of mini India at the Industrial Exhibition’’, says Ramya, a college  student. Numaish, the 70th Industrial exhibition had started in the month of  January, 2010 and was surely a sign of National Integrity beyond any scope of doubt. It has many things to offer for the people belonging to all the age groups. This year, the exhibition is no different,... Read→

Belleza 01

If one’s really thinking that shopping apparently comes to an end with the purchase of  a few dresses, give it a second thought. The perfect dress teamed up with right accessories, is all one needs to look gorgeous and trendy. It takes just a fat black belt teamed up with a daily white top and blue jeans, to give one a celeb look instantly. Yes, accessories defines one. They talk a lot about one’s nature. If paired up properly, it will reflect a vivacious look, but too many of all will make it a fashion disaster. For example,... Read→

A backdrop at the event. Credit: Ghost Rider

GVK ONE, Hyderabad’s largest urban entertainment centre was inaugurated  on 1st May 2009. Since then, it has come a long way with the setting up of almost all major stores like Polynation foodcourt, Inox multiplex, Funzone entertainment centre and iconic brands like Hard Rock Café, Esprit, Lerros, Calvin Klien. Larger part of stores of home grown brands like Mebaz have also opened up, thus, making it a fashion destination for the city of Hyderabad. GVK ONE is located at Road No 1 at Banjara hills. The Mall is surrounded by plush localities like... Read→

A True Stunner! Credit: Anudeep Athreya

‘Fashion’, ‘Trend’, ‘In Vogue’. Youth swear by these terms like its been in their blood since birth. These words represent the answers given by today’s youngsters if one asks them about anything new they do. A few follow the latest fashions blindly while a few others make a statement of their own. “Whatever it takes, I always like to be up-to- date with the latest stuff be it clothes, gizmos or anything for that matter. It gives you a unique personality and style”, declares Anudeep Athreya, an... Read→


After being the most interesting ‘fodder’ for media and an inseparable part of the deepest desires of several young women, the size zero fever finally seems to be done to death and healthier, more proportionate sizes are back in vogue. Size zero is passé and Gen-Y seems to echo the same. During its period of existence, the size zero fever managed to create quite a stir but still didn’t go down well with many. “I was not for this size zero thingy ‘coz I was never interested to get into my niece’s clothes”, quips Tannavi, a student... Read→


By Surreal Gaze On June - 21 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

“150 cc displacement; 10.6 KW power @ 8500 rpm; 0-60 kmph in 5 seconds; 5 Speed Constant Mesh Gear Box; Tubular Diamond Type Chassis”. Meet Bharat Kumar, a CBIT student and an avid biker at heart. One mention about his bike and you cannot help but marvel at the speed with which he rushes through its specifications. “My bike, Hero Honda Hunk is the best in the 150 cc segment as of today,” he adds with a glint in his eye, “…because muscles matter!”. Bharat is part of the increasing number of gen-next brigade, who value their bikes... Read→


When the ink becomes self expression and confidence springs through piercing, body art is the portrayal of something very powerful, an art out of emotion, affiliation or endurance. The ink is here, there and everywhere. Be it piercing or tattoos, its an expression of yourself. Why do people like tattoos inspite of the pain injected on your skin? Art can portray what you can see, what you want do and what you imagine. The Symbolism of sentiments, dreams, demi-gods, religion and innate emotions can be made possible through this art. When they are... Read→


Wondering what’s in vogue this season? Or what is it that might make you one among the most stylish people around the city!! Then bang is the way to go!!! Young girls today swear by bangs.. the new trend that’s catching up with teenage girls..This new hairstyle has become the most popular one among the hepp crowd! Bangs are great and each one can probably wear some variation of them. The day one gets it… everyone goes wooohhh… she’s got a bang! Bangs come in different styles and are very easy to maintain. “You just have... Read→


Pranav and Pavan are mounted on their bikes and rearing to go. In the earsplitting clamor of hoots and whistles from their college mates and friends, they set off on their mean machines! Their bikes glide smoothly over the ground with the ease of melted butter. The thrill and cheers are getting louder and louder by the moment. And suddenly what’s this!? They are no longer driving fast… in fact they are flying slow! With the front wheel raised above the ground, they perform biker stunts one after another with the ease of a seasoned acrobat.... Read→

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