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Kurtis-Tops-T's nothing should be banned for college goers. Credits: Sourav Das

Derailed were the fantasies of the students of CMEC when there came a new rule of  “No T-shirts” in the college. Banning T-shirts seems to be the most frivolous rule ever. “After spending years in school wearing uniforms, the non-uniform rule in college is an opportunity to assert our independence. Atleast college life shouldn’t impose any restrictions on clothes”, says a disappointed Atisha Mathur, a student from IT. The rule of not wearing T-shirts is happening to be the most unwillingly accepted rule where every other student is just... Read→

Behind the Scenes : Know Your Fest 01

Agitation, Bandh, Telangana Issue, Riots, Academic Delay, Procrastination of Exams, Delayed Results, Religious tussles. Yet college fests are back with novel forms and new concepts. Maximum number of Engineering fests in and around Hyderabad take place in the months of February-March; but exceptions always exist! A National/Regional level symposium consumes at least one or two months of hard work, time of students and faculty in-charges. Albeit working for so many hours, the awaited day passes away as the president vehicle in the traffic. Nevertheless,... Read→

Turmoil Fetching Emotions in CMEC -02

“Sh…Maintain Silence” is the phrase that echoes in almost all the classes of CM Engineering College these days with few students turning up due to frequent bandhs and the prolonged postponements of examinations.  It is rather disturbing to see that the future of students is being treated so lightly and thus  effecting the fate of  students in a repulsive manner. The Telangana agitation appears to have gone into the hands of people who seem to have no interest in settlement. “The students have always played a key role in spearheading the... Read→

Time of terror 01

All the final year students are now looking calm suddenly. Though juniors have joined the colleges, nobody is facing the wrath of ragging by their super seniors, the final year students. The reason – They are themselves terrorized by a bigger scare called the Project Seminars. The time is round the corner when all the funky-junky hip crowd of the college also starts to dress in formals; one can witness people, who had forced juniors to call them “Sirs” and “Madams”, now wishing their lecturers in corridor very decently. They say impression... Read→

Industrial tour DRDO 01

On 24 September 2009, students of final year Aeronautical engineering of CMEC undertook an industrial visit to a place, where our former President, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam dedicated more than 10 years of his life towards strengthening the Defence capabilities of the nation. The Defence Research and Development Laboratory – DRDL is situated at Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad. The program started at 9:00am when all the students were asked to gather at college premises to board a bus along with four faculties members; Mr.Veeranjayneyulu – Senior Faculty:... Read→

Career guidance by IMPEL 02

How many students are still planning to go abroad for higher studies? How many are still burning the midnight oil for the preparation of GRE, TOEFL or GMAT. Above all, how many are still unclear, unprepared and LOT confused about choosing a career path. All those, who fit in any of these read on… They say at IMPEL Overseas “Stop Dreaming, Start Searching”. On 11th of August 2009 at MRCET – Malla Reddy Engineering College, Kompally; a seminar was organized especially for the final year students of engineering stream across the Malla Reddy... Read→

Internal exam woes in colleges 01

The classes were calm and suddenly a wave of terror had hit the whole college building, the complete strength of the class was present and surprisingly, still there was a pin drop silence. Lecturers, for the first time in this semester were seen smiling, it was then told: “Let The Exams Begin!” JNTU, as always, has been coming up with new and unique ways to trouble the students; this time around, it was done so by changing the exam patterns and the allotment of marks. Rajiv, a 2nd year student of CMEC, quotes, “Earlier, our seniors... Read→

Mr. Shankar Rao, Principal - Dr. T S Prasad, Admn Offcr - Retd Col.Sitarama Rao, HOD - Mr. Veeraraju Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Like all our childhood ambitions to become a doctor, pilot or journalist, one always wishes atleast once to become a Scientist; but how many succeed in their dreams? Very few, right. Very few have the chance of talking to the scientists of nation, who play a pivotal role in building a stronger Nation. It was a dream come true for many of the CMEC students; to witness scientists from DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organization, and DRDL – Defence Research and Development Labs; to have come among them and to conduct technical workshops... Read→

CMEC Mech 01

The latest and youngest branch to be introduced in CMEC – Mechanical Engineering; was long anticipated to become a part of the college which already had ECE, IT, CSE and Aeronautical Engineering, better known as its far cousin. It was introduced in last years EAMCET counseling and had 60 seats available then, and has been increased to 120 seats this year. (Picture: CMEC – Mechanical Block. Credits: Dynamic Warrior) Surely after the recession has hit IT and CSE hard the hot favorites among the students have become the Mechanical and Electrical,... Read→


An inside look of CMEC – IT and CSE Branches. Everyone said IT and CSE are treated like the favorite kids until the recession took its tolls and later they started getting step-son like treatment from everyone the lecturers, the career analyst and of course parents. But surprisingly at CMEC in the time of global recession last year, the college had immense faith in the growth of the branch and raised the intake to 120 than 60 earlier, making a total of 180 for combined CSE and IT. (Picture: College Championship Trophy – CSE. Credits: Nisargh) Harsha,... Read→

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