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Behind the Scenes : Know Your Fest 01

Agitation, Bandh, Telangana Issue, Riots, Academic Delay, Procrastination of Exams, Delayed Results, Religious tussles. Yet college fests are back with novel forms and new concepts. Maximum number of Engineering fests in and around Hyderabad take place in the months of February-March; but exceptions always exist! A National/Regional level symposium consumes at least one or two months of hard work, time of students and faculty in-charges. Albeit working for so many hours, the awaited day passes away as the president vehicle in the traffic. Nevertheless,... Read→


The words ‘tour’ and  ’trip’ conjures in one’s mind- excitement and happiness. To top it a ‘college tour’, it virtually means enjoyment and loads of unlimited fun. The recent tour of CVR college in December spelt the same and more so for the 3rd year students. Eagerness to go with friends and to be one among the merry makers set the ball rolling for the excited students. Therein, arose a major stumbling block of getting permission of the respective parents. A herculean task indeed! But, knowing the tried... Read→


CVR College of Engineering (Accredited by NBA) was established in 2001 and its fifth batch of successful students has just graduated from the college. The Cherabuddi Education Society sponsors the college. The society aims at creating a state-of-the-art engineering institution in association with leading NRI professionals and well known academicians of Andhra Pradesh. The society aims to harness technical excellence and financial power of NRI’s in making CVR College of Engineering a pre-eminent technical institution. The college is the only one... Read→

Ragging at CVR

By Deccan Tifosi On May - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

‘Ragging’… Ahem ahem!!! The word most of them dread. Most of them???  Yep! The management, the seniors and the juniors of course. Why??? The management doesn’t want to be embroiled in a controversy, the seniors wouldn’t want to tarnish their name and if it’s too serious legal hassles hover around as well; the juniors get frightened just because they hear many cases happening. “Ragging, oh really, or just friendly interaction?”, as many students at CVR College of Engineering put forward. Call it whatever you want,... Read→

Amidst the sunshine and few drops of rain, an event of dhol, dance, drums, dhamaka, zeal and fervor, where individual talent bloomed, mind replenished, and soul encored with serenity. Dreams glittered to a new era in CVR, on a special moment of college life as these events turned into a remarkable one “The College Day Function”, held with a lot of glitz and glamour. Every performance mesmerized the audience and exalted them to a great deal of joy and merriment. The day began with the rendition of a prayer song and a welcome dance, followed... Read→

Ciencia ‘ 09

By Deccan Tifosi On February - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Ciencia is a national level technical symposium conducted by CVR college of Engineering. Ciencia,  which broadly means science in Spanish  questioned, challenged students on their mental might in the various facets of technologies, basics, skill, threw up many answers at the end of the two day extravaganza. The purpose and idea of this year’s fest was to innovate and improvise the emerging technologies for the better through knowledge. Ciencia ’09 began with the inaugural function, two distinguished personalities were invited as the Chief... Read→

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