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Evergreen Field of Electronics Prospers @ KMIT 01

Electronics as of today is being considered as one of the most extensive, dynamic and flourishing fields of Science and Technology. With the continuous advancements and technological innovations, it is under a constant flux, finding applications in all human endeavors. Despite many companies and businesses being hit by ‘Recession’, the Electronics industry has managed to keep itself at bay due to it’s growing range of products and consumer demand. Electronic Engineers have an edge over the other engineering students as the branch... Read→

The NBA Accreditation Stamp. Credit: www.trrinstitutions.com

With the advent of IT and its expanse, students find it lucrative to pursue their Bachelors in Engineering because of the glam that accompanies it and the relatively short time required for its completion. This has resulted in the increased demand for good educational institutions. Private technological institutes are burgeoning across the length and breadth of the country to meet the surge in the demand. The number of students taking up graduation in the domain of technology has increased manifold in the past 5 -6 years. But does it mean that all... Read→

Basic Engineering 01

The core courses of Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Mechanical Engineering (Mech) and the basic course Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) have given rise to many other branches. These are considered the basic and core branches of engineering history. These branches are indirectly responsible for a great history of every invention. Even the computer is an electronic device that is ruling the world today. All the inputs taken by the electronic machines are in the form of 0’s and 1’s. For electrical... Read→


Computer Science and IT are attractive avenues to many people because of the income potential it can bring! Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judging the problems and befit to the people from applying common sense. Engineers are problem solvers and  the search for faster, better quality, less expensive routes to use the forces and materials of nature to meet tough challenges. The software engineering’s discipline encompasses knowledge, tool and methods for defining software requirements,... Read→

CMEC Mech 01

The latest and youngest branch to be introduced in CMEC – Mechanical Engineering; was long anticipated to become a part of the college which already had ECE, IT, CSE and Aeronautical Engineering, better known as its far cousin. It was introduced in last years EAMCET counseling and had 60 seats available then, and has been increased to 120 seats this year. (Picture: CMEC – Mechanical Block. Credits: Dynamic Warrior) Surely after the recession has hit IT and CSE hard the hot favorites among the students have become the Mechanical and Electrical,... Read→

The ICE Department. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

ICE – Well, the discussion here is not about the solid form of water that we all know about, rather it is about one of the branches in G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science (GNITS). ICE is the abbreviation for Instrumentation and Control Engineering. All over India, there are only about fifteen colleges offering the course and GNITS is one among them. (Picture: The ICE Department. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony) Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE), is an industry oriented course, which was introduced in 2002 by JNTU. The present... Read→

The CSE-IT Block. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

‘Do you still want to become a Software Engineer?’, ‘Do you think you’ll get a job?’, ‘You better get into some other field. You can have a job guarantee.’ These are the most common things Information Technology students get to hear these days, during the recession hit times. Whereas a few years back, every engineering enthusiast was advised just the vice-versa. Thanks to globalization, the world was hit by the impending ‘Software Boom’ with thousands of IT companies and their recruitments going up everyday.... Read→


An inside look of CMEC – IT and CSE Branches. Everyone said IT and CSE are treated like the favorite kids until the recession took its tolls and later they started getting step-son like treatment from everyone the lecturers, the career analyst and of course parents. But surprisingly at CMEC in the time of global recession last year, the college had immense faith in the growth of the branch and raised the intake to 120 than 60 earlier, making a total of 180 for combined CSE and IT. (Picture: College Championship Trophy – CSE. Credits: Nisargh) Harsha,... Read→

Extremely Cool Engineers(ECE) at Bharat 01

Engineering is a field that has recently gained so much impetus that the self-claimed ‘I am an Engineering student’ itself says that one is ‘someone’ in a crowd of thousands. This is the general conception among many. Most of the insiders though feel that Engineering is like a local train, where one gets into it with people pushing from behind and eventually gets out of it in desperation. The future ‘Extremely Cool Engineers’ of ECE at Bharat Institute Of Engineering And Technology (BIET) beg to differ though. The Head of the... Read→


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Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences produces sixty Computer Science Engineers and sixty Information Technology graduates every year. The students of both these branches – Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT) are well known for their active participation in the college activities. The students of these branches are not really bothered about recession but are very confident and optimistic in every aspect. Aditya, a third year CSE student says, “The branch has its own importance because today’s world... Read→

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