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Internal exam woes in colleges 01

The classes were calm and suddenly a wave of terror had hit the whole college building, the complete strength of the class was present and surprisingly, still there was a pin drop silence. Lecturers, for the first time in this semester were seen smiling, it was then told: “Let The Exams Begin!” JNTU, as always, has been coming up with new and unique ways to trouble the students; this time around, it was done so by changing the exam patterns and the allotment of marks. Rajiv, a 2nd year student of CMEC, quotes, “Earlier, our seniors... Read→

Worried Student

A gigantic war between two different planets yet the prediction of who loses can be done easily. A prediction on when the dinosaurs will come back to life is also possible. The mafia war leaders also prepare 30 days in advance for wars. But the people who give a damn to the preparation which have an effect on career decisions and their own future also exist. They are Students. No student is completley sure what is important – “Subject or Marks”. The results of a survey on what’s what and what’s not are discussed here. The survey, conducted... Read→

Scores affect charts 01

Supposing that a celebrated orator, on a bright sunny morning, walks up to the podium and greets a “Good evening” to the crowd. How wise would it be to approve of him as a promising leader? Wouldn’t a low score, as a fair judge, bring about a negative slope in his hitherto ideal performance chart? That’s a faint idea of how scores can affect charts. The importance of scores and whether or not they precisely judge a person’s calibre has been a raging debate, but beneath the surface all along. (Picture – Overall Performance Graph –... Read→

Testing Times 01

Dark clouds loom in the sky, bringing forth a sense of foreboding into the minds of engineering students all over the city. It’s neither the monsoons nor the rainfalls, which is giving jitters to the students, especially for the 3rd and the 2nd years. The days of making fun, roaming around the college without caring a damn seem to be short-lived, as the student’s biggest enemy, i.e. the examinations have resurfaced yet again. Yes, the mid-term exams for all the 2nd and 3rd year B.Tech students of JNTU are about to commence from the 31st of... Read→

One day batting!

By Schon Jianna On August - 29 - 2009 1 COMMENT
Who the hell created exams! Credit:Schon jianna

“Life is beautiful in engineering, and then a time comes when all of us suffer from the same symptoms. All of us are tensed, mind goes completely blank, everything seems like Greek and Latin. No money for guessing. It is the semester exams. We enjoy all the while bunking classes, don’t open the books, don’t even bother what the syllabus is and sometimes don’t even know the subjects in that semester until the D-day arrives. We start the preparation just one day before the exam, so we call it ‘One Day Batting’, a term that every engineering... Read→

Weightage given to all the exams. Credit: Sinister Imp

All are yet in the mood of fun and to the students’ surprise exams are on already at Loyola Academy. As it is, the college has started a month ago and the students have to face the exams, which began on 04/08/09 and will end on 13/08/09. At Loyola it is semester system that they follow, which is 2 semesters per year for all the graduation courses and the mid-semester exams are of great importance for the internals (40% of the aggregate is of internals and the rest 60% is externals). Mid-semesters are an issue as it is of 25% weightage from... Read→

Exam Time. Credit: Inverted Frequency

“It’s back… the darned thing is back! Just when we had begun to enjoy the fact that we had just turned into super seniors, the doom spelling menace is back. People must have heard of Monday morning blues… at Loyola it is a prolonged one!” Wonder what Ankur is talking about? It’s the return of exams at Loyola Academy. The month of June arrived and kick started yet another academic year. The rituals of senior-super senior bonding, induction of the juniors and the consequent ‘interaction sessions’ characterized the beginning. Following... Read→


Come examination time and everyone gets lined up before the book stores for the big tome – All in One. The diverse colors on its surface makes everyone feel that it is interesting to go through. But when you lift it, it’s a heavy, fat, overweighed concept filled book, which is published for the complete semester or complete academic year for students. At primary schooling it is called “Guide”, later it gets promoted into the status of “Reference Books” in secondary schooling. In Inter or 11th and 12th standards,... Read→


They came, they stayed and they conquered. Or did they? Guess this is just another one of those questions that’ll never be truly answered. What are being referred to here are the final examinations conducted by Osmania University for the under-graduation courses offered by it: B.Com, B.A and B.Sc. The examination time table was issued to the students after a lot of speculation about the dates. The exams were finally scheduled to begin from the 21st of March with the first and third years having exams on the same day and the second years having... Read→

It is that time of the year students dread most, yesss “EXAMS”. The problem is, it comes twice every academic year (two semesters) and thankfully not more than twice for engineering students, well because there are trimester exams too, which means you are fretting thrice (phew! It is a lot more disturbing and lots of mental agitation one wouldn’t want to face). “External exams” or “Externals”, that’s the word on everybody’s lips now, people have already started mediating with their books (We presume that at least the so called... Read→

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