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Red the power of life 01

Blood donation is a noble, selfless service! It gives the donor a feeling of joy and contentment. Blood knows no caste, color, creed, religion or race, country, continent or sex. Also this is an expression of love for Mankind. When you donate blood you avert a tragedy that would have shattered someone’s life and created a dreadful vacuum in a family. Among all the charities this is the most valuable and gives immense satisfaction as it saves a life. On 13th October, a Blood donation camp was organized by the Indian Red Cross Society along with... Read→

Poster Show at GRIET 01

It has been a tradition since the past two years in GRIET to showcase the mini project work done during the summer break in a flexi poster form. This is done by all the branches of the college.  The objective behind it is to give a platform for students to explain their industrial experience and even come up with the working models. The department of computer science and IT have a road show, where in they present their programs on their laptops and exhibit their innovative work. On 18th of September, 2009, there was a poster show conducted by the... Read→

GRIET Canteen. Credit: Schon Jianna

Hot cuppas, steaming hot snacks, surprise birthday parties, happy bunking hours… all this and much more! They are the images, which flash in our minds at the very thought of college life because every college student spends more time in canteen than classes. Welcome to the world of incessant chatting, blaring mp3s and ek dum masth attitude ka ilaaka (fantastic hangout to exhibit attitude). “The best part of our canteen is that it is a separate building and consists of two floors. This gives a lot of scope for us to while away our time unnoticed... Read→

mech griet 01

“When I chose mechanical as my branch in the counseling, all my friends were like, ‘Are u crazy? It is so tough and girls cannot manage it, it is hectic’. Now being in the final year, I am happy and appreciate my decision of choosing Mechanical. Infact, I would suggest it as the best branch as it deals with all real life applications and because of the practical knowledge experience”, says a gratified Sindhura, who is a student of GRIET. The mechanical department in GRIET is known for its track record of securing high percentages... Read→

griet pic2

Having secured a rank above 5000 in EAMCET, a disappointed Sakshi was in the counseling hall thinking what was written in her destiny for the next four long years. The moment she entered the main hall, she noticed there was a seat in EEE in GRIET, a college standing 2nd under JNTU affiliated colleges. She did not hope to get in it as there were 3 more students ahead to choose their destiny like her. She finally was the lucky one to have got in GRIET. But was she really lucky? It is obvious the management takes great pride in its state-of-the-art... Read→


Garbage collection has turned out to be a menace in the city now. An open place, which happens to be a land owned by a common man has turned out to be a plot for dumping detritus. Miyapur, an area famous for its upcoming skyscrapers is also the prime target of GHMC to discard the household crap of the neighboring sphere. “The garbage collection has become a major cause of worry for us as the untimely removal of it from the place is causing dreadful diseases”, says Nagamani, a resident of the same domain. She also adds saying that, the change... Read→

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