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By Seargent Arbit On September - 19 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
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Opinions: one really cannot keep them bottled up for long. Whether or not people like something, they always find a way of telling the world. Whether it is our esteemed politicians opining on the socio-cultural impact of soaps today, which they undoubtedly feel is an issue relevant to the governance of the Indian democracy, or one’s next-door neighbour expressing his/her concerns over America’s latest ploy to subordinate the developing countries, opinions always find a way of being expressed. It doesn’t matter whether or not one... Read→


By Seargent Arbit On September - 4 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
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If one spoke of the most preferred choice of careers these days, then engineering would be sure to figure among the top five. And among the sundry branches that engineering offers, if one were to brood over the most sought after ones, CSE and ECE would definitely top the list – whether it’s a natural choice or simply a result of the ‘herd’ tendency, the fact of the matter remains that most budding engineers opt for CSE/ECE as the first choice. (Picture – IIIT. Credit: Seargent Arbit) This perception suffered a setback last... Read→

CS at IIIT01

The International Institute of Information Technology, or IIIT for short, is a deemed university which started out in 1998 as an endeavor to promote research in and popularize the field of Information Technology and has gone from being a “just-started” college to being one of the best that AIEEE offers. Though Electronics and Communication has been introduced in the recent years, CSE remains the flagship course offered by the institute. The Computer Science department offers both the regular 4-year B.Tech course as well the research-oriented... Read→

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D or E ? This has been a matter of contention for as long as dual degree courses have been in existence at IIIT. Dual degree course? What does that mean, one may ask. Well, to start from the beginning, as one says, IIIT has 2 departments – Computer Science and Electronics and Communication. Both these departments offer the regular 4-year B.Tech course as well an integrated dual degree course that gives a B.Tech degree in CSE as well as a MS degree in CSE at its completion. IIIT is the country’s only college, which allows research at... Read→

what's in a name01

‘A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet’, they say. Putting this hypothesis to test is IIIT’s administration, which decided to rename the college buildings and even some of the major roads, so that one can now find the Nilgiris, the Vindhyas and even the Rohtang Pass bang in the middle of IIIT! The decision to rename the buildings came after some of the faculty members felt that the college buildings did not have enough character. The previous names – Girls’ Hostel, IIIT Main and Guest House were apparently... Read→

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Come summer and in the city of Nizams, students really do feel like the king. No classes, no exams, basically nothing to bother apart from the chore of keeping oneself well fed . So after enjoying thus for a fortnight or so, on bending down, they notice a bump sticking out at the place where the flat tummy should be. It’s time to set things right – sad, but true. You need to loose weight! And this urge to keep fit is the reason why IIIT seems to be in a flurry of activity for the past few weeks, as people sweat it out in the Gym, or spend... Read→

We had another dazzling and scintillating edition of Felicity, the annual cultural and technical fest of  IIIT-Hyderabad to provide Hyderabad with the much needed spirit of competition and celebration which is what  Felicity provides and has been providing. The tagline for this year’s Felicity was “Celebration like Never before”  and celebration it was like never before this time! Felicity is the 3 day cult cum technical fest of IIIT-H, generally organised in the month of February with the dates  for this chapter being 20th... Read→

Placements at IIIT

By Natty Nawab On January - 19 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Campus Placements better known just as ‘Placements’ or ‘Campus’ can be thought of as the single most important aspect of the college life of Engineer. Academicians may tend to disagree with the fact, stating that acquisition of knowledge should be the main aim of a student and things like placement and others do automatically follow from there on and should be treated with secondary importance. While nobody disagrees with the funda of acquiring proper and in-depth knowledge but the basic rule of Engineering life is, doing everything at... Read→

IIIT Overtaken

By Natty Nawab On August - 26 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

After being in a college for quite some time, it becomes a foster home for you, a home away from home. A place which starts being more familiar than your home especially if you are a hostellite. Even while coming back from home at the end of vacations, its always home coming. It feels like finally you are going to reach your own territory after living in a place which has become sort of alien to you in all these years. Similarly people of my college also tend to have the same feelings about the college and the hostel, you see all the familiar people... Read→

Winds of Change

By Natty Nawab On July - 28 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

“Change is the law of nature”, anybody who has ever studied english even at a very elementary level must have heard the quote but the thing is, Is change a necessary evil or a way of modifying our lives for better? Winds of change are always blowing around, its just the moment when they catch up with you. IIIT , Hyderabad. A student of this college for the past few years, I have seen many a change occuring in my alma mater, some have been curious, some good and some downright pathetic. Some of the memorable changes can be the introduction... Read→

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