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Netizens Anthem 06 - Google India Screenshot

It’s not astonishing that ‘e’ is the most widely and frequently used letter in the English alphabet. Thanks to the internet, you can now e-mail an e-card to an e-friend or e-learn the e-commerce from an e-book! And if this doesn’t sound even remotely monotonous to one, then he/her must surely be one of those ‘Netizens’. The portmanteau ‘Netizen’ (Net (the internet) + Citizen) itself, today, is not an unfamiliar word to many, for the number of internet users (especially among the college-goers), it is burgeoning at an unprecedented... Read→

Is farmville fast turning into farmkille 01

It’s 2 am in the night at a hyderabadi suburb and an alarm goes off to wake up Pranay Reddy, a bespectacled boy studying B.tech at Malla Reddy engineering college. He immediately wakes up, rushes to his desktop and starts harvesting crops to sell them at the market! He again ploughs his field and sows seeds of a variety of crops before going back to bed, all with a few clicks of the mouse. This is not a trailer of the next James Cameron movie, this is an extract from the life of every other ‘Farmville’ addict. If one doesn’t know what... Read→

SMS to glory

By Pearl Rive On August - 28 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
SMS to glory 01

“Hey this lecture sucks na, shall we bunk?”, asks Deepa. Trapped in an incredibly boring lecture? All one needs is to do is whip out the trusty Palm or Nokia or Ericsson and tap out a message to one of the classmates across the room. Chances are one has already heard and used messaging. But how useful is it going to be? Is it that beneficial to the economic world? Or is it showing us a new way to pass notes behind the teacher’s back? The advent of Internet has taken over our lives; and it seems to be growing in huge leaps and bounds.... Read→

Torrents 1

Torrents is a phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm. Ever wondered how people around you talk about some random movie which very few have heard of or avid discussion of random characters such as ‘Orochimaru’ and ‘Itachi’? Confused! Well, the answer to this is ‘Torrents’. Be it the death of the legendary Michael Jackson or the much awaited release of Harry Potter and the Half – Blood Prince, the internet and more specifically torrents community have their own way of reacting to it. A search of the word ‘Torrent’ in Google... Read→

the mozilla community

July 11,  A.I.T.U.C hall, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, 5:00pm, people saw, what can be best described as a congregation of Mozilla geeks. Occasion: the official release of Firefox 3.5 by the Mozilla community at Hyderabad. The event kick started with the meeting of all the internet buddies, who mostly hadn’t met till then. Coming to the real event, a presentation on open source and Mozilla was given by Sireesh, a regional leader, Mozilla communities, Hyderabad, outlining all the features of the software and the potential in the idea of open source. Following... Read→


By Silent Screamer On June - 22 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

There are two kinds of world today. The real world and the world of internet. There is no one today, who says, “I am not a part of any social networking site”. Be it Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 or any other site you can think of, people are addicted to it initially. Going online, checking your scraps or walls, seeing if you got any comments on your photos, checking out if any hot guy or girl sent you a request and on the process of logging in and out goes. And also the process of making the owners of such sites richer. Even kids, as young... Read→

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