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Industrial tour SWEC 01

As the exams of 3-2 came to an end, all the third year students of Sridevi Engg College were very much excited about their upcoming tour.  All the students of CSE, IT and ECE were being taken to the tour together. The tour was scheduled from 19th of December to 28th of December. The tickets were booked and the complete itinerary was given soon after the exams came to an end. All the students got busy shopping and getting things ready for the tour in time. Places included in the itinerary were Chennai, Athirampally, Thekkady, Munnar, Allepey, Kanya... Read→


Computer Science and IT are attractive avenues to many people because of the income potential it can bring! Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judging the problems and befit to the people from applying common sense. Engineers are problem solvers and  the search for faster, better quality, less expensive routes to use the forces and materials of nature to meet tough challenges. The software engineering’s discipline encompasses knowledge, tool and methods for defining software requirements,... Read→

The new logic system at work 02

New year, new semester, newly painted classes and a new Head of the Department. Fresh flashes of cheer as well as disappointment seem to be visible in the eyes of students of IT department in SVIT with the change of their Head of the Department. We at VidYouth conducted a survey to find out what the students at SVIT feel about the new changes and how they take it. (Picture: Mr. SVS Sharma – A man well known to mute the students with his logical jibes. Credit: Morle’la Wheermy) Mr. SVS Sharma, has newly taken over as Head of the department... Read→

The CSE-IT Block. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

‘Do you still want to become a Software Engineer?’, ‘Do you think you’ll get a job?’, ‘You better get into some other field. You can have a job guarantee.’ These are the most common things Information Technology students get to hear these days, during the recession hit times. Whereas a few years back, every engineering enthusiast was advised just the vice-versa. Thanks to globalization, the world was hit by the impending ‘Software Boom’ with thousands of IT companies and their recruitments going up everyday.... Read→

ITing in BIET 01

There was once a time when people never thought they would come up with something like a computer, but today nobody can imagine their lives without computers. The IT industry brought great changes in the lives of many people, mostly Indians. Many of them started setting their goals to become a ‘Software Engineer’. There’s a saying which means, the more one will greed for it, the more one will loose it and thus happened with this industry. Today it’s in a loss due to recession and financial crisis in the world, but has this changed many minds?... Read→


An inside look of CMEC – IT and CSE Branches. Everyone said IT and CSE are treated like the favorite kids until the recession took its tolls and later they started getting step-son like treatment from everyone the lecturers, the career analyst and of course parents. But surprisingly at CMEC in the time of global recession last year, the college had immense faith in the growth of the branch and raised the intake to 120 than 60 earlier, making a total of 180 for combined CSE and IT. (Picture: College Championship Trophy – CSE. Credits: Nisargh) Harsha,... Read→


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Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences produces sixty Computer Science Engineers and sixty Information Technology graduates every year. The students of both these branches – Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT) are well known for their active participation in the college activities. The students of these branches are not really bothered about recession but are very confident and optimistic in every aspect. Aditya, a third year CSE student says, “The branch has its own importance because today’s world... Read→


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IT- CSE block. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Ever imagined the world with no language to speak? And the only way to communicate being signals 0 and 1? This is the world of the software engineers. A world of logical statements and loops. The master intellect for all the evolved and emerging technologies from the past to the present and future is accredited to the departments of Information Technology and Computer Sciences. Most of the students, who prefer for these subjects as their career mainly prefer it because of their easiness. ‘If one is not a person of numbers then one should prefer... Read→

A student working on her task. Credit : Retro Penguin

The new age of technology has created a tremendous demand for engineers and most employers are recruiting engineering graduates. Although it is a bad phase for this branch right now, it still is the most popular choice among most students. CVSR College of Engineering is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and is affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad. A course in Computer Science and Engineering offers multitude of opportunities for careers in industry or for higher learning, beyond introducing the students to one of the most rapidly evolving technologies in the... Read→

College; a place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed said Robert Ingersoll, which is completely true and so is today’s engineering scenario. Also the joke, which is popular among student circles is that today’s engineering scenario is like an Indian public toilet, where people outside are desperate to get in and the ones inside are dying to get out of the skirmish. Sri Indu synonymous with its towering building and good campus is a sure winner regarding good education and discipline. Computer Sciences and IT related fields... Read→

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